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Ayayay, maybe not a truck, but the car that was following Mom? (insert emoticon nervously biting nails)He acts very differently with his girlfriend, barking at her angrily for coming to a place like this. Chung has no intention of leaving, but Joon-jae isn’t having it and just hugs her and drags her off the dance floor, much to the others’ dismay.i have a feeling that they'll flashback to chi yeon arriving in dad's room where he hears him on the phone to joon jae telling him how he made the wrong choice. then chi yeon doesn't go to help him. almost every scene has been like this related to chi yeon, & it is one of the few things about this drama that irritates me. how is his character so weak? he's the only dad he's ever known for 10+ years & he genuinely treated him WELL (better than joon jae as a child!) but simply because he gets hurt by his dad's affection for joon jae - which hes never even brought up to him - he allows him to be hurt & killed?Shi-ah is too small-minded and self-absorbed to think about helping Joon-jae reunite with Mom. Her whole reaction post-finding out about Mom's identity has been about herself - her own mortification at her princessy attitude towards Mom, her angst that she didn't realise she let a chaebol heir slip through, her need to look good in front of Mom and earn brownie points etc. Not once has she thought about Joon-jae and his search for Mom even though she'd asked Nam-doo for info.

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In fairness to JJH the reason why she appears 'bland' in the last episodes is because she has not been given a lot to work with, whereas LMH's character has been given so many arcs that he had to act up a storm to deliver. There are nuances to JJH's acting that any other Korean actress don't possess. Hers is a quiet confidence that even if she doesn't have dramatic scenes she will never fade in the background,you are always aware of her either as a character or as somebody whose actions you can't predict. Case in point, who would've thought SC would go straight to the point and ask CH on his connection with MDY. As for the lack of chemistry what's actually lacking is skinship. Come on, I get it that JJH is married but their love story calls for the most passionate displays of romantic feelings ( just life and death,ya know) and all we get are awkward pats in the head and platonic embraces? Is HJJ a eunuch? Hehehehe still thumbs up to a great show and even greater eye candies with acting chops to match.YES!! Can we do a picket / protest / PETITION?? There's still time to change the ending right??? I mean - is this REALLY a RomCom or a Family Whodunit? Or WHAT??? My heart cannot go on like this ... I REALLY REALLY need SC to KICK MORE ASS right now - she has to team up with HJJ (& HJJ's hypnotizing skills need to come back!!)

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Does MDY remember Chi-yeon? I have a feeling something bad happened to him as well.. MDY stopped and made his "kill" face when he arrived, I mean he doesnt even remember stepmom's new name, right? What a gut wrenching blow this is for stepmom if Chi-yeon was killed(!?) by his own father(!?)...Dad gets voicemail, and starts to leave a message. Meanwhile, Dae-young gets to work clearing out all the wolfsbane from Stepmom’s parlor. Profile Drama: Less than Evil (English title) / Bad Detective (literal title) Revised romanization: Nabbeun Hyungsa Hangul: 나쁜 형사 Director: Kim Dae-Jin Writer: Heo Joon-Woo, Kang Yi-Hun Network: MBC Episodes: 32 Release Date: December 3, […] Scores and Tabs On this page you'll find a list of all the songs I've arranged. It's a long list, but you can do a page search (Ctrl+F) to find your song quickly me too, I love that music - heard it from one of the other episodes before but don't remember which one :/ can't wait for it to be released in the OST!

Thank you JB and GF for the recaps and comments, I am happy for LMH to have a character that show his acting chops - working with this director must be great for him.I am glad about the two way communication too but I just hope that the badies can't use the same connection.Oh the woes of a drama lover! As soon as I see a good thing my mind instantly jumps to what could go bad...Chi-hyun laughs and says he understands, and he guesses that they must be fairly close. He asks if they’re going to marry, and Chung just says they’re still planning “many things,” leaving him to believe that they will.

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Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 16 will feature more reunions and revelations. With the inevitable reunion between Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) and his mother Mo Yoo-Ran (Na Young-Hee) and the first meeting between Heo Chi Hyun (Lee Ji Hoon) and Ma Dae Young (Sung Dong Il), the upcoming episode will shed light on the events that happened in the past  Profile Title: 뉴하트 / New Heart Chinese title : 新心 / 医疗先锋 Genre: Medical, romance Episode : 23 Broadcast network: MBC Broadcast period: 2007-Dec-12 to 2008-Feb-28 Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time) […]

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Jeon Ji-hyun's acting is... Dull? I know some people don't love her like I do but people usually state the reason as being because of her OTTness, which is the exact opposite of dull if you ask me! I can see her romantic chemistry being dull, though. But not her acting in general. SIGH ... ok, I will sacrifice Dirty Love / Romantic Love/ Romantic moments ... ANYTHING! So that our OTP will have a HAPPY ENDING - I am praying to the Drama Gods and appealing to Writer Nim ...! I don't know how I am going to bear it if this drama goes the SCARRED HEART route ...If not because I have lasted up to episode 15, I would have given up on this drama because it is just getting more and more frustrating. I thought after the episode 10 revelation, a lot would be progressing only to find a lot of loose pieces.Lol I forgot about that.....I was uselessly worried about cheong she is very tough she'll kick him hard but .....but still nam doo is aware of all those things wonder what he'll do he is very smart he knows his way....

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Remember Dam Ryung got married once but left to find Se Hwa on the first night of marriage? I think Cha Si Ah's past life was the jilted wife! And perhaps Tae Oh met her in his past life and consoled her as well XDJoon-jae opens a locked safe in his closet and pulls out a journal, while outside, Nam-doo notes that it was after “that incident” that Joon-jae became strange. He started driving to the sea all the time, but when asked why, he’d reply that he doesn’t know. We see Joon-jae driving out to the seashore and looking out at the water, which his friends puzzle over. The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 13 Eng Sub. 3,583 likes · 9 talking about this. The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 12 Eng Sub, The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 12, The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep.. Joon-jae hears Chung think to herself that she’ll die on land without him, that her heart will stop beating and harden without his love, and he asks, terrified, “Why would you die?!” She’s more concerned with how he heard her thoughts, and demands to know how long he’s been able to hear her true voice.

No popsicle, I don't think you're asking for much. I think that its a recognition of the fact that Korean dramas have already come so far in creating beautiful love stories with depth and detail that expectations are high; and rightfully so. I wanna see the Kdrama industry surpass and just excel upon and master their art of making laypeople like us into goo and mush through their moving, well-rounded storytelling. And, why Nam-doo and Chi-yeon wanted Dam-ryeong's death in Jeoseon? I hope the show actually has given us hints and clues here and there about this, only that we haven't noticed... because so far, without any explanation or revelation of any back story yet, Nam-doo and Cho-yeon being the bad guy in the past feels out of nowhere.Gosh I was just re-watching "I hear your voice" two weeks ago! Lots of love to HEo joon Jae and park so ha. And to the two amazing actresses in both shows.

Chung thinks to herself, You’ve grown more handsome, Heo Joon-jae. I’m glad that you’re looking well. She doesn’t have an answer to his question, and thinks, I’m the person you said you would love for longer than all of your time.all the previous flashbacks were from DR's point of view so he coudnt have known that he had another enemy aside from Lord Yang until Lord Yang had his flashbacks. Sea Anemone 1 Posts. Re:Azada map coordinates: by delighted on Jan 15, 10 2:41 PM I am having a lot of trouble trying to get the coordinates and yes I do follow the minus sign if there is one but it makes no difference at all. I'm paying close attention to the minus signs etc and still ger nowhere..I've replayed the game six times and it.

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  1. She sees through his act though, and points out, “You talk like that, but want me to stay by your side, don’t you? Even if you tell me to give up, you want me to say, ‘No, I won’t give up,’ don’t you?” He immediately thinks of his father, and Chung declares, “No, I won’t give up. I’m going to stay by your side no matter what you say.”
  2. But but it was positively hinted already that Psycho step mom may have killed her adoptive parents... by now, i woudnt put it past her.
  3. Jin-joo gasps and then runs into her room to spread this juicy gossip as quickly as humanly possible, and Stepmom leaves the house in a huff.
  4. All of a sudden, Joon-jae’s mood plummets and he starts to cry, repeating over and over, “I miss you.”
  5. I knew it...that someone will notice and say something about that passionate kiss ( i replayed it over and over just to make sure that what i saw was really a french kiss ) and just know that it will be on a topic for discussion. I'm glad that it was not a typical kiss since they are both matured enough to do that. ( i wonder what Suzy would say about it lol )

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Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's. It's funny the way you say that JJH is overpowering LMH in acting but all knetz can talk about is how great LMH has been for the past 6-8 episodes. In fact, he is getting praised for acting double roles and having the acting skills to construct and create two very different characters in one drama. I love JJH and LMH equally. Hate to see that LMH never receives credit where it is due.The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 2 Eng Sub Theinformantspy.com – Watch Online Korean Drama – The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 2 Eng Sub. Status:  Drama: The Legend of The Blue Sea (literal […]

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They’re both floored, and father and son relocate to a table where they continue to stare at each other in heated silence. Very different versions of Joon-jae’s childhood flash through their heads as they sit there: Dad remembers being chummy with Little Joon-jae and going to the neighborhood sauna together, while Joon-jae remembers being sick in bed and crying for his father, who took his new family out for dinner without him, thanks to Stepmom’s lies. Legend of the Blue Sea - Capítulos Completos [Terminado] Título: 푸른 바다의 전설 / Puleun Badaui Jeonseol Título en inglés: Legend of the Blue Sea Título en español: La Leyenda del Mar azul Tam..

She looks over at him and says that family is supposed to look alike and be warm and sweet, recalling what she learned about the word, and asks why Chi-hyun and Joon-jae aren’t those things. That puts him on the spot, but Chi-hyun doesn’t have a chance to answer because Chairman Heo walks up.One of those numbers gets through to Joon-jae, who takes a call while in the middle of planning his con with his team. Chi-hyun asks for Manager Nam before guessing, “Are you Joon-jae?” Ah, he must be working through Ajusshi’s phone log and calling everyone on it.Staying at home with a newborn is probably more work than getting dressed up and going out. I figured that she just didn't want to attend because she knows.

At lunchtime, one prosecutor invites Joon-jae to eat with him, while the other remains behind. Joon-jae wonders why they don’t all go together, and the prosecutor asks what the most important thing is for a prosecutor.Chung arrives to an empty house and looks around wistfully, thinking how happy she was here: No matter how cold it was outside, it was a warm place I could come back to. A place to talk with you, and laugh, and eat, and play. A place where I could see you anytime, where I could love you whole-heartedly. But I don’t think I can be here, next to you.- Joon-jae's first conversation with his dad - Joon jae opening up to Shim Chung and her telling him she can keep all his secrets and forget them. Min Ho really displayed those emotions powerfully - Their first genuine kiss! - Joon jae cooking then secretly admiring her photograph - Joon jae and shim Chung working together, which is a nice throwback to first ep when they went shopping together too and now Shim Chung is so well adjusted - most importantly, the intriguing connection between past and present Remember in last episode's epilogue where Dam Ryung asked Se Hwa not to erase his memories? Also that other episode (the hospital scene) where the mother told Chung that she'd rather remember her moments with her daughter even though they were painful? I think it has to do with your choice and the mermaid's intent.


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She says she’s scared he’ll die because of her, but he replies that even if that were to happen, her heart must go on beating: “You should know by now, that even if I’m not next to you, I’ll still continue loving you.” In my honest opinion, JJH doesn't think that her character in LOBS is great enough for her that she didn't deserve the award. So she decided not to come and then she didn't get the awards.Just from ones I've rewatched recently, both Dong Yi and Faith have 3rd act enemies. Some might even say Faith has a fake 3rd act in the uncle since he has so little power, with the dignitary and his personal stake being the true 3rd act.1. interesting that ma dae-young's first instinct was to whip out a knife, even with his memories erased.Yoo-na explains how in her dream, she could communicate with the mermaids in the sea and warned the fishermen not to go out to sea when bad weather was on the way. Chung asks what happened next, and Yoo-na just says that in her dreams everything seemed happy and good, and that whenever she wakes from that dream, she feels happy all day.

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The doctors rush in to try and resuscitate Manager Nam, and he has visions of himself with Dam-ryung in Joseon, and then with young Joon-jae here in this lifetime, along with Dam-ryung’s promise that they would meet again as good friends. Joon-jae asks if that’s important right now, but she insists that it’s very important to her, and waits with bated breath for the answer. He tells her that he wasn’t afraid and he didn’t dislike her, and just thought it was par for the course because she was always weird. Ha.

and one more thing, if you have a bias towards ywcfts & KSH, chances are you are not going to give this drama a fair chance anyways, what is the point of watching this if you don't like the leads or the story? move on to something elseSnow starts to fall, and Chung looks over to the nearby courtyard where she’d once waited for him. She rears back when a passing motorcycle nearly splashes her with puddle water, then sinks into a crouch dejectedly. Should I not have come back? she wonders. Soviet-era IDA 59 Sub Rescue Rebreather mini-review and story of the ill-fated Komsomolets nuclear sub. Abandoned Ships Abandoned Places International Travel Insurance Best Scuba Diving Sea Diving Cave Diving Diving Suit Diver Down Deep Blue Sea. Top 100: Best Dive Sites for Wreck Diving

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I’m so fascinated by the doppelganger mythology in Legend of the Blue Sea, and the more we learn about the connection between our two heroes, the more questions I have about the magic that binds them. What I wouldn’t give to spend an hour on Dam-ryung’s story, just to grill him for what he knows! Up until recently, I had assumed that time flowed from past to present linearly, but it’s starting to look more and more like that’s just half the story.Is it just me, or during that last scene I was just waiting for Ma Dae Young to show up on a truck of doom and just plow Joon Jae down? I honestly was so paranoid and couldn't concentrate on the scene. Like Ma Dae Young would plow down Joon Jae with crazy hair Chi Hyun hooting in the back and Stepmom plowing down Mom(who was really badass in this episode). The simplest answer is ocean currents/ the movement of water. The bracelet wasn't on the boat, it fell off Chung's arm and just wondered the ocean for 400yrs.I knew Joon-jae wouldn’t tell Chung the whole truth about Dam-ryung and Se-hwa’s tragic end, and despite not liking that he keeps keeping secrets from her, I thought his imagined ending for them was done so well. It spoke of his hope for their own happy ending, but felt so bittersweet because we knew it wasn’t real. I’ll admit that I’m really disappointed in Joon-jae and Dam-ryung’s connection only going this far, because I feel like the show lost a really cool opportunity to have them change each other’s fates—what good is having two concurrent timelines and a shared consciousness if he couldn’t even prevent them from the fate recorded in history books? Maybe I’m just not over their deaths, but I also wanted more from this intertwined past-present deal than what we got.

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  1. Joon-jae notices that the company address and all its subsidiaries are listed as the man’s home, and that their finances were in shabby condition. Then he looks over the casefile and list of transactions and pokes holes in the man’s defenses, one by one, getting to the heart of the man’s fraud at one swift glance.
  2. Maybe I'm just sucker for happy ending (and still trying to wrap my head with Goblin's ending) but after almost got killed, separated for so many years, a happy ending is well deserved ending. Poetic pretentious message be damned.
  3. I think for the most part of reading this drama recaps, both GF and JB have been extremely kind towards this drama.
  4. Joseon. Dam-ryung wakes up at his desk with a start, having just seen Joon-jae’s conversation with Shi-ah in his dreams. He paces and thinks to himself that he has nineteen days remaining before he supposedly dies, and needs to find a way to make Joon-jae believe in his existence.

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What makes me think it sounds stupid is because after everything she learned, that having the memories of someone you love, even though it's painful, is still far better than not having them at all... she still erased Joon-jae's memories anyway. Why did she refuse to erase Joon-jae's memories when Dad died then? If she had seen Joon-jae extremely miserable after that, then I would have understood why she made that choice. But he looked completely fine.I'm not sympathetic to the dad (other than he's being poisoned via med switch of course). You have to be a mighty dumb ass to overlook that your new wife is a 2 faced shrew who's going all wicked stepmother to your son while fussing and laying it on thick in front of you. For that matter, why he split from the first wife is still a mystery but he was probably seduced by the new wife and his marriage wrecked. I think the whole stepmom/Chi Hyun/Ma Dae Young thing will be more or less resolved next episode leaving the characters thinking the threats are behind them only for Nam Doo to be revealed as the real big bad of the show. He'll probably try and harm or sell (?) Cheong by threatening Joon Jae. And if he knows she can erase memories he'll know to avoid it this time.But I know what you're saying too. I don't watch this drama but I rely on the recaps here. I'll watch some of the snippets like the saeguk portion and our merman cameo. Try as hard as I want to like this drama, I find it's not drawing me into the plot. Something about the leads are off and I put it down to their lack of chemistry. Of course majority of the commenters here will disagree. As they approach the room, Joon-jae asks to go inside alone, and steps through the rows of ceramics and other objects found at the dig. As he nears a scroll that’s been hung up on the wall, lightning strikes overhead and all the lights suddenly go out.

Maybe it's the red moon or bad omen thingy that his sense of righteousness has been greatly clouded but I hope it will pass because I like his interaction with SC. I think he enjoys spending time with her because she carries no baggages and expectations about his identity and position. She has no grudges, no complaints and no hidden agendas. I think any kdrama addict worth their stripes was shaking in their boots at the last scene...cos of the likelihood of a Truck of Doom....“Is this what you wanted?” he asks. “To be forgotten completely from the world, and even for me to lose you?” He reminds her that he’d asked her not to erase his memory.

Things I'm happy about: 1) Mermaid is learning (I get an extra kick that she gets her life lessons from dramas). 2) Her innocence and honesty clearly affects people around her: 'aren't you supposed to be warm and friendly if you are family?' 'con artists still lie'. 3) Lee Min Ho's acting range is on full display, from bumbling to angsty to love-you-forever. For those that thought JJH overshadowed Lee Min Ho, I would disagree. He'd going a good job. Reminds me of why I loved him in Faith. 4) Previously the show did seem similar to My Love From the Star = girl meets alien, guy meets mermaid. However, this episode firmly marked something new for me. Before we had scenes from Joseon book-ended onto each episode... now, with the time-travelling/bending element both are colliding and affecting each other. 5) I for one don't need hot kisses (yet). In fact I thought it was much more romantic that HJJ opened up his heart to her and confided his daddy troubles. That spoke louder than a forgettable kiss. This is quite random but I just had an image of Chung and Joon-jae arguing and she starts crying and tells him to wait while she grabs a plastic bag. That would be hilarious!

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  1. ation to be with SH and to protect her transcends beyond time and space. I love how he is trying his hardest to tap into HJJ's subconciousness and to bring him to awareness. He is pleading HJJ to wake up and realize, to protect his love. There is no love deeper and stronger than his.
  2. 50+ videos Play all Mix - [Vietsub + Kara] Wind Flower - Lee Sun Hee | The Legend of The Blue Sea OST YouTube [Vietsub+kara] Because I Miss You - Beige - Duration: 3:19. Ổ Phim subteam 5,756,526.
  3. Chung said that loving was the easiest thing in the world for her, so I don't think that she would be embarrassed or find it awkward that they kissed. Just something else that highlights the differences between their characters.
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It's kinda like a weird slightly-wants-to-be-justified-but-really-can't-be version of Noble Idiocy really. All at the excuse of... of what? A poor writing decision to further one relationship development SLIGHTLY, at the detriment of the rest of the story line. With nowhere to go, Dae-young huddles to himself in a corner of an alley, and Stepmom comes to pick him up. He looks blankly at her when she tells him her current name, so she switches to her old one, Kang Ji-hyun—and that has a stronger pull on his memory, which flashes back to a childhood scene from the orphanage:

Exactly!!! My point cute HJJ especially when he was bragging about her ancestors!!! (seriously :D).... I feel that he actually got hurt while filming that scene coz the way he fell and I was like gwechana?(are you alright?) Gameboy Advance ROMs to Download for free on your PC, Mac and mobile devices. Play GBA games like Pokemon - Emerald Version, Pokemon - Fire Red Version [a1], Pokemon - Fire Red Version (V1.1) and Pokemon Jupiter - 6.04 (Ruby Hack) She takes a look around at the familiar surroundings, heading first to a jewelry shop where she sells her collection of pearls. Walking by a seafood restaurant, she crouches to look at the fish tank up front, next to another woman doing the same thing.CH and ND's connection to Lord Yang in the Joseon era is really occupying my every waking thought! Thats why it needs to be next week already... ugggghhhhThe most important development is that Joon-jae didn’t immediately freak out and send Chung back to the ocean upon hearing that she could die on land without his love. I thought for sure he’d start hatching a plan to send her back for her own good, but when he admitted to selfishly wanting her by his side and looking for excuses to believe his ending would be different, it gave me hope that he’d really make it happen by sheer force of will. You can do eeeeet, Heo Joon-jae!

Yoo-na gets it and pats Chung on the shoulder, saying that you can’t tell fake from real just by judging the outside. Chung smiles at her gratefully, while Fashionista wonders why they’re being so earnest about her joke.I thought I was the only who noticed the tongue. Jeez that was surprising but thank goodness it was a good kiss@SBS if you could air that wall kiss in Jealousy Incarnate you could've let LMH and JJH have at least some lip movement in this one. They looked like they straight up fell asleep with their faces attached.

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  1. Yeah!there's still the possibility..... But let it turn into a GO JUN PYO style....kissing SC on the road and the tragic accident will not take place.... ;) ;) ;)
  2. I think Chung's losing it in the degaussing department. Which says to me that if her concentration is broken, her memory wipe won't stick.
  3. Exactly! I too am crossing my fingers on this !!! Plus if he had actually died I think they would have shown it in this episode itself.. At least the ajhussi's wife would have called and informed HJJ had he passed away.... (She acted that tense scene particularly well BTW)... But its already the next day and HJJ is yet to hear anything about him...
  4. isters a drug ... Nam Do is quite smart ... but maybe he might be done in by his own greed ... Maybe SC has to pretend to work with him again ...

Dae-young drives Chi-hyun away from the hospital and tells him that he was lucky the doctors were in between shifts, otherwise someone would’ve found him in the room right away. Kissasian.com gives you free access to some of ABS-CBN's top rated television shows and movies Jamie, if she didn't erase HJJ memories of her the second time, the tragedy will happened again. When KDR and SH going to be apart the second time, SH did not remove his memories. And the tragedy happened.My friend just pointed out a (good) thing though which makes me feel a little better (even if we didn't get to see any of it on screen). That Cheongie can return memories. She did it with Nam Doo when he first found out and she wanted to check what HJJ would think of her if he found out, so she gave them back, did the whole thing again, asked, and then erased them AGAIN... At least, that IS what happened right? I didn't just watch the scene completely wrong? To be fair it was a bit like watching myself lucid dream, where I rewind the dream and redo something because I wanted to change the outcome... so it WAS a little confusing... SO SHE CAN GIVE THEM BACK RIGHT? RIGHT?!

I know this has been said, but JJH is just adorable in this role. I loved how she let it all lose on the dance floor. She gives no f*cks about how silly (or beautiful) she looks.Chung assures her that she has a boyfriend, and Fashionista asks which stage they’re in. Chung cuts her off to finish her explanation of the romantic-hot-dirty love stages, and says she thinks she’s progressing from romantic to hot, with her eye on trying out dirty at some point in the future. Fashionista is gobsmacked at how well Chung suits her (since Chung is parroting back her own words at her, heh), and asks if they’re soulmates. yeah, I didn't get what was the whole point of erasing everyone's memories? The final episode was a letdown for meThis question of why she erased memories seems to have frustrated a lot of viewers, but oddly enough I get it. Shim Cheong had just sustained a near fatal injury and needed to return to the sea to recover. 1) she would have no way to explain to her new family where she was going - let's not forget the mermaid thing is stilll a secret except to Nam Doo - and 2) she honestly did not know whether she would survive let alone return. So from her perspective she was trying to protect them especially HJJ from the feeling of loss. Right? The scene started and I thought: of course it just had to be a crosswalk. And then they're walking and I'm shaking my fists, going "Walk faster! Faster! Look, he's already at the middle, walk faster!!"

He sighs that it’ll be tough to feed her on his government salary, and she assures him teasingly not to worry, since she has her tears. I am loving the character growth in Joon-jae and Chung but especially Joon-jae. He is still adorably awkward when it comes to facing his emotions and feelings but that's just the added cherry on top. I felt so bad for his Dad but I understand why Joon-jae is angry. He feels like his Dad completely abandoned him and honestly I feel like it's that evil stepmother has a lot to do with it. Nam-doo notes that this crying habit is new, and that he won’t even remember when asked later. He asks who Joon-jae’s always so sad about missing whenever he gets drunk, but Joon-jae just keeps crying to himself. I'm bothered that she never shed a pink pearl tear! Maybe it'll have to wait for her to give birth then?Actors were on-point. Not too cheesy but talented with comedic timing! Well done, cast and crew! The OST is great, too!

But, I like that we have a very strong and reasonable motivation for Joon-jae to fight with the trio murderer now. Before, I kept thinking that all we need to do was to let Stepmom has all the inheritance (after saving Dad, of course) to save Joon-jae from trouble. He doesn't want it anyway. But now, I'm rooting for Joon-jae to avenge Dad's murderer.Yes to everything you just said haha. The erasing of 19 episodes for everyone else for the sake of her and HJJ irks me sooooo much. Like you, I certainly hope that his fondness for Sim Chung might help him. He has been nurturing good values for years so I hope he could overcome his recent slip into darkness...

I think that either JJH or LMH would have objected to a hot kiss. In such a case the director should have requested the camera man shoot from angles (Top/far-off/backside etc) that would least expose their unwillingness.This is assuming anyone survives the totally on fire the last time we saw them boats--if he dies, past Ma Dae Young might have felt his death was unfair and still wants revenge for dying at sea without getting his precious mermaid to boot. Nam Doo might be the link for Ma Dae Young, the police detective too. Time will tell.Thanks, affie. That helps me understand this better, I must have missed him sharing much of his interest in Dam Ryung with Shi Ah but you're so right- she'd jump on the tiniest clue to get JJ's attention.Joon-jae and Chung make the scenic drive out along the coast, smiling happily at each other, and he narrates, “At last, our dream came true. In an insignificant village with no particular news and nothing much to it, we’re living quite insignificantly.”

Then when Detective Hong stands up, Joon-jae drunkenly grabs his hand and tells him not to leave, slurring, “Tonight, nobody goes home!” He slings an arm around his neck and refuses to let him go. Man, I love drunk Joon-jae. Stepmom arrives to crash Jin-joo’s gathering, and Jin-joo pretends to be surprised to see her here. She says that she didn’t invite her because she didn’t want Stepmom feeling uncomfortable, and when Stepmom asks why that would be, that’s Jin-joo’s cue to call out for “unni” to join them. The phase relation between atmospheric carbon dioxide and global temperature Article (PDF Available) in Global and Planetary Change 100:51-69 · January 2013 with 8,430 Reads How we measure 'reads

The Legend of the Blue Sea 2016 - SBS Eng Sub - Vime

I haven't been crushed by an ensuing for a loong time since the death of the guy who trained healer in HEALER.....oh man...this is soo sad Lee min ho is doing a good job ooo and jjh I'm totally convinced she's her characterI've always wanted JJ's mom to reunite with him through Chung and it's finally happened!! *squeals* I love how she remembered the tower legend (another great set-up from those early eps) and confirmed that it really was JJ's mom. And what better way than to tell him the news by just thinking it. It was beautiful. Best scene ever! Also, LMH rocks the whole pink look. Anticipating next week!!up till now, i'd been reserving full judgment and giving the show more than enough time to find its footing. 10 episodes in, i decided how i felt about the show and was ready to write a comment about it. i still like it well enough; but it's definitely a disappointment in that it didn't meet my expectations of what i thought it would be.He peeks out at her talking to the guys like it’s just an ordinary day, and wonders why she’s so unaffected and he’s the only one feeling awkward. Then he takes out his phone and makes moony eyes at the photo of Chung.Love this episode - hate the ridiculous father-like way Heo Joon Jae dragged Cheong out of the club. Like I can't be the only one who would break up with a guy if he ever treated me like I was some naughty teenager.

Plus, imagine the regret Joon-jae would have! He hadn't been talking with Dad for 10 years. The last conversation they had was a mess. He was so close to saving Dad, but failed anyway. He'd blame himself, even though he had already tried his best and it's not his fault Dad was killed. In The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 15, fans were treated to the highly anticipated reunion of Heo Joon Jae and his mother, Mo Yoo-Ran (Na Young-Hee), who happened to be serving as a house maid in Cha Si-Ah's (Shin Hye-Sun) home.. The scene which also launches The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 16 shows Mo Yoo-Ran waiting to cross the street with Shim Cheong (Jun Ji Hyun) when they come. Chung calls over her fashionista friend and Yoo-na, and thinks to herself that she wanted to see them one last time before leaving. She knows Yoo-na can hear her thoughts and motions for her not to say anything, then thanks the girl for being her first friend, saying that she occasionally felt like Chung’s unni. She calls Fashionista her teacher, telling her how smart she is: “It was a stroke of good luck that I met you.” Chung pulls them in for a three-way hug. Stepmom tells everyone pointedly that she’ll remember their faces, and that they ought to pray they’ll never need her help in the future. The ladies fidget uncomfortably, and after Stepmom leaves, Jin-joo erupts into incredulous exclamations at how the chairman must be crazy. Mom sits there silently, holding her upset reaction in.

The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 14 Eng Sub - Home

I am still having way too much fun enjoying the self jealousy bits. I hope they keep them light touches and don't overdo them too much. I'm glad that he thinks he now has YET ANOTHER guy to worry about. I wonder if there will be another cameo later where Random Cameo X Guy will approach and ask her to go have ramyun and Joon-jae comes out of wherever the writer sent him for the send up, just in time to hear the request, and goes bananas on the guy. She'll then of course explain, no, he's not the ramyun guy either. :Dshe is both OTT and underacting at the same time. Watch her in a more quite moment when she is supposed to emoting, watch her deeper moment, she is just stand there with no real emotion whotsever it's so dull...

Legend of the Blue Sea (TV Series 2016-2017) - IMD

What does Nam Doo mean by Chung owing him. He has a really big sense of entitlement. Also is Lee Min Ho the jealous type or is it a Korean men thing cause he seems to be good at being jealous like with Park Shinhye and the hair thing the only time I have seen him not jealous was in Personal Taste when his girlfriend met her ex even then he was a bit miffed about it. Anyway Chi hyun is the big evil in all of their lives there I call it.This episode was stressful to Me, going through a stressful few days and this episode was just the cherry on top of the stress cream but it was good regardless

Joon-jae’s mom tries Manager Nam’s wife on the phone and is relieved when she gets through. The wife confirms that Joon-jae ran away from home but says that he’s been visiting her husband in the hospital lately, and heads back upstairs to get her glasses so that she can give Mom his phone number.What if Stepmom and MDY targeted not only Chairman Heo, but also Joon-jae after he left home? Who took him in? Nam-doo. Maybe in Joseon, Namdoo and Chi-hyun were both (illegitimate?) sons of Lord Yang. Nam-doo is a conman, and he may have been fooling Joon-jae from the get-go. Wouldn't it make sense for Evil Stepmom to want to keep an eye on Joon-jae?“I love you, my son,” the message concludes. Joon-jae flinches back from the stretcher, saying in disbelief that it’s not time yet. He falls to his knees as the medics load the body into the ambulance and breaks down into big, gasping sobs. Joon-jae snaps at that and says he hasn’t even done anything for her yet, and everyone wants him to end things, thinking of Professor Jin’s advice to let her go. Joon-jae says that it may have been Chung’s greed that brought her all the way here in search of him, but it’s now his own greed that’s keeping him from sending her away.But Joon-jae is out in the living room with his team, while his phone rings in vain on his nightstand. Noooooooo! Why are phones always on vibrate in crucial situations?

[Vietsub + Kara] Wind Flower - Lee Sun Hee The Legend of

Hahaha! Is HJJ a EUNUCH??!! IKR?? Or maybe he's worried he will jinx things because SC did warn him that Dirty Love could lead to bad endings?? (As told to her by Homeless Fashionista Guru)Nam-doo holds his breath while serving Fashionista food, and she finds fault with every dish, but adds that she’ll eat it out of courtesy, since she doesn’t want to ruin the party mood.Nam-doo acts like it’s a tough request, but then adds that “CEO Kim” did mention in passing that he wanted a home-cooked meal since it’s been so long since he had one here. Jin-joo jumps at the opportunity and says that the “female Teacher Baek” (referring to the celebrity chef of home-cooked meals) lives at her house.

A hand grabs the bags, and in a nearby public restroom, a woman dries her wet hair on the hand-drying machine, dressed in a suit. It’s Chung, her human transformation complete, and she boards a tourist bus that takes her to Seoul. I think their underwater kissing was better but couldn't beat the hotness in The Man Living In Our House. Hmm even the kissing scenes in W were more exciting ....

The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 8 - Home Faceboo

@annana bannana: "But! I thought she understood the importance of keeping ones memories of loved ones, both good and bad. There was a bit of an Aha! moment for Cheong when she offered to erase the mother’s memory of her dead daughter way back in her first hospital stay."Siiiiggghhh ... I know right?? I'm greedy and I'm still wishing for MORE skinship & kisses! Haha!They finally reach the same intersection and Chung waves at him, and Mom and Joon-jae are still far enough away that they don’t recognize each other from that distance. Chung tells Mom that it’s her boyfriend before shouting across the street, “Heo Joon-jae!” Jin-joo kicks up a fuss when her appointment to use the department store’s VVIP lounge gets canceled in favor of a more important client, but her jaw drops when she sees Joon-jae and Chung arrive with their entourage. Joon-jae says to the clerk, “My honey doesn’t wear shoes that have touched the ground once before, so we’re back.”

'The Legend Of The Blue Sea' Episode 16 Spoilers: Which

Or is it that I feel like this ending made up for the unsatisfying ending I got from YFAS? There I felt that the ending could have been more "happy" but here, I am totally for them having a super normal life.Augh, you would stop there. What about my Mom-hug?! All in all, I’m glad that Joon-jae’s reunion with Mom was straightforward and sweet, because I was expecting all sorts of plot complications, or worse—for Shi-ah to take credit for the discovery, which would’ve really annoyed the crap out of me. Everyone else finding out around them turned out not to matter in the end, and I liked how Mom’s random friendship with Chung ended up being the only thing to bring her straight to Joon-jae. It’s especially sweet that Mom’s desire to be a mom to an orphaned Chung on her birthday was what brought her there, like a satisfying act of karma.

Ahhh, but i believe it's because you know they didn't end happily that made the alternative ending so much more bittersweet. So, in actuality, it's a build up on top of each other.You know, I was thinking the same thing about JJH's character not being as compelling, and wondering how LMH was overshadowing her. After all, it's not like he's a better actor than her (he's good, but JJH on a good day could outshine the sun). She gives up and trudges back to her ladder, when he asks if she’s really going to just hold hands and not try anything. She swears, so he pats the bed and opens up the covers for her, and says that he’s just checking to make sure her heart is beating okay. Uh-huh. As Joon-jae and his crew drive home, Nam-doo praises Chung’s acting skills and Joon-jae says proudly that Chung is very smart and quick on the uptake. Pfft, well they say love is blind?

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