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In Tonight, Tonight, Zig is walking along studying chemicals when Maya catches up to him and tells him to stop whatever he is doing. Zig points out that only Maya agreed to acting normal, and their kiss is hard to forget. He then agrees to be nice to Tori.  After the tournament Maya takes out her earrings and holds her head. Cam comes in and sits next to her saying congrats on her winning third place. She tells him that he probably wants the bracelet back and proceeds to take it off. However, he gently holds her hand and says that when they broke up, she was confused and then came back to him. He then asks her if she was still confused. Maya tells him that she always wanted him and they share a passionate kiss. Cam tells her that he'd never let her get away that easily and they embrace.

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In Get It Together, Maya is in gym when Grace walks up to her joking about gym. Grace mentions Maya's crush on and she tells him that this term gym is all about getting a good grade now and won't focus on gym. Mr Armstrong enters and tells the girls that they will be pairing up with the boys doing salsa dancing and tells Maya that she will pair up with Tristan. During class Maya and Tristan try to dance but can't stop arguing and they have a bad time dancing. When it's over an angry Tristan walks over to grab his towel and storms off. In Zombie (1), Zig is an extra in Eli's zombie movie along with Maya. He and Maya talk and he tells her he's glad to see her happy. Zig is then asked by Maya out on a date, but he asks her about Cam. He then watches as Maya flirts with Harry. He later texts Maya asking to talk, while she is at the party. Zig shows up at the party after Maya sends him a pic of her, Harry and Talia. In #OMFG,Maya is seen playing around by Zoë. Maya is then at the bus with Grace and Tiny while everyone gets on. Zig pops up asking if it will be weird if he came, they joke about. Maya forgives Zig as everyone sings the Degrassi school song getting on the bus.

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In The Kids Aren't Alright (2), Zig is in a fight with someone when Maya walks up to them worried and wants to know what's going on, Zig tells her that Damon's guys are after them. They get in an argument about Vince and Maya storms off. Later that day Maya is with Zig when Vince comes in to give Zig flowers the detective comes in to arrest Vince. During the play Maya watches Zig preform. A little while later Maya runs up to Zig to hug him and tell him he was Awesome. Maya tells him everything is going to be okay. Tiny comes in with a knife angry at Zig. Zig talks him down and takes the knife. At the end of the play Zig is on the phone and after Maya asks them if they are going to be okay and asks them if it was the right thing to do. She tells them it's going to be okay as long as they are. As she walks off, Tori and Tristan see her and ask what she is doing there. Tristan remarks that she is there to save them from humiliation. Maya says that the audition for the Indie band never happened and she would rather play with them, making them all smile. They come back where Maya tells Tristan how she doesn't know why Zoë hates her so much. Tristan says it's because that Miles obviously likes her, which she doesn't believe. Tristan says its obvious that Miles is into her and Maya says that if he did then why he would be "swapping spit" with Zoë all the time. He says it's clearly to make her jealous.

As they drive, Maya notices how Miles is barely driving 20-some miles per hour and points this out to him. Miles again insists he is, but Maya asks if he is freaked out because she is seeing a therapist and that she's "crazy" now. Miles tells her she isn't crazy, lamenting on how they are a little crazy, but she isn't. Maya then finally takes note that he's high. He tries to insist he isn't, but Maya begins to firmly tell him that he shouldn't be driving and to pull over. As he begins to increase in speed, Maya begins to yell at him to stop, but he doesn't listen and continues to speed, before he ends up taking down an opening car door parked on the side of the road. Shocked, he finally parks in place as he and Maya stare out in shock.  Tori asks for more details and Maya excitedly reveals she is auditioning for an Indie band that she checked out that has gigs and is completely real. Tori is happy for her, saying she will finally be able to show off her cello skills. Maya then asks what shirt she should wear for her audition that evening when she attends. Tori tells her to wear the "Foxy" shirt, but to be sure to expose her shoulder when doing so. This storyline makes me analyze how I learned about sex and consent, and it’s far from perfect. I had a fairly normal childhood, but my sex talk was basically my parents saying “wrap it up.” Outside of a generic “No Means No” campaign as a kid I was never introduced to the ins and outs of consent until the age of social media made discussing the issues more prevalent.  Given his upbringing, where exactly would someone like Tiny have learned about consent in detail, from his thug brother? The gangsters and druggies they’ve associated with? Do you think Zig’s mom is sitting him down to talk the birds and the bees when she’s forever stressed out about their family’s struggling business? The relationship between Zig Novak and Tori Santamaria is known as Zori (Zig/Tori). Their relationship began when Zig Novak and Tori Santamaria met in Junior High and started dating a month before coming to Degrassi. When Tori and Zig were in junior high, they started their relationship about a month. The two have a stable relationship so far for the first semester of their freshmen year. Zig.

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  1. Zig in Season 11. In Underneath It All, Zig begins at Degrassi Community School along with his fellow Junior High classmates, Tori and Tristan.On his first day, he encounters a new, artsy girl named Maya, who he invites to the Dot after school.Zig tells Maya that he broke up with Tori because he didn't want to start high school with a girlfriend
  2. Through out Zig's entire arc he has been involved with 4 character suicides/attempts. He told Cam to go away, and blamed himself for it. Zig found Zoe on the bus and stopped her from taking pills. He & Esme found Maya on the roof, and he called 911. Then lastly Zig tries to calm Esme down before Maya gets Ms. Grell to help her
  3. The next day Tristan enters the gym where Maya stands there, Tristan gets angry at Maya and is about to leave when Maya stops him. Maya asks him to tell her what the problem is so that Tristan can lead in the dance. Tristan tells her that she hates that Maya always thinks he know what's best. He talks about Grant and Miles and tells her the worst part about it was that he lost his best friend, Maya. She apologizes for everything tells him that her life isn't perfect and that she needs him. They hug and make up and get back to dancing. Later on Maya enters the house happy where Zig walks in and she thanks him for helping. Zig makes fun of dancing and she chases him around the room they have a sudden pause and start making out when the door opens and Maya's mum walks in. They awkwardly stare at each other.
  4. d and he was just doing Maya a favor by trying to force Cam to break up with her. S13 is where Zig was too far gone. I can't really comment on him being homeless and tied into selling drugs with a gang as I don't have much of an opinion on that plot
  5. In Thunderstruck, Zig is invited by both Zoë and Maya to attend a Degrassi dance - Maya just as friends, but Zoë being a little more interested, according to Grace. Sure enough, while playing a drinking game at Maya's house, Maya reveals that although she doesn't have feelings for Zig, she cannot stand to see Zoë take something else of hers. After unleashing a fury of blame on Zoë for all the things that have happened in the past year, Maya storms out. Zoë follows her, but they get stranded by the thunderstorm. 
  6. In Honey, she is seen in class listening to Madame Criquet about going to a fancy French restaurant. She and Tristan laugh and whisper to each other about how they're going to order their food in weird French accents. Then, Madame tells the class about the attire they need to wear and they aren't supposed to wear vulgar t-shirts. She primarily said to Winston and then he and Maya laugh about it. Then, Zoë makes fun of Maya for wearing sneakers and having flat feet; then, Maya makes fun of Zoë for wearing "hooker heels." Maya then appears to be angry when seeing Zoë and Miles kiss each other and feels embarrassed about her "flat feet". Tristan then convinces Maya to go on a fashion montage with him.
  7. That evening Maya is doing her homework when Zig come up. Maya opens the window to ask if Zig never got the messages that she sent him cancelling the date plans saying it was too much. But after words from Lola Zig buts in and tells Maya that it was Maya's fault as well for going off with Jonah. Maya can't believe what Zig is saying and while arguing Zig steps on Maya's project. And they use it as a metaphor for their relationship and Maya tells Zig to leave.

Degrassi was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award in the Best Drama Series category, alongside Pretty Little Liars, Shameless, Torchwood: Miracle Day, and winner Grey's Anatomy.[6][7][8] These awards, honour works that fairly and accurately represent the LGBT community and issues. At the 2012 Young Artist Awards, both Cristine Prosperi and A.J. Saudin won awards in the Lead Young Actress and Recurring Young Actor in the Best Performance in a TV Series categories respectively, both sharing with another in their category due to ties.[9] It also received a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award in the outstanding children's program category, alongside Good Luck Charlie, iCarly, Victorious, and winner Wizards of Waverly Place.[10] At the 1st Canadian Screen Awards Degrassi won the award for "Best Children’s or Youth Fiction Program or Series".[11] In addition, Charlotte Arnold and Jahmil French were both nominated for "Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program or Series" for their performances in "U Don't Know" Part Two and "Smash into You" respectively, also nominated were two performances from season 12,[12] and winner, and fellow Degrassi actress, Melinda Shankar for her performance in How to be Indie.[11] In #IWokeUpLikeThis, Maya's first scene is opened to her waking up. She tells her mother that she isn't feeling well, intending that she did not want to go to school. Her mom forces her to because she has already missed the first few days of her Senior Year.

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  1. g that it's difficult being four inches off the ground. She voices her desire to find a cute boy as Tristan is handed an invitation to Drew's campaign party; also her first 'senior party'. Further into the episode, Maya walks downstairs into her kitchen, reaching over to grab an apple, wearing an off the shoulder pink t-shirt, tight black short shorts and the same red boots she wore earlier in the episode. Maya is questioned by her mom about her outfit, clai
  2. In #Woke, Maya is explaining to her doctor what happened at the bench and asks if she was hallucinating. Her doctor says that it's hard to say. Maya says that the internet said that hallucinations can be a symptom of a brain tumor. Her doctor says that it's possible. Maya asks what they're going to do next and her doctor tells her to sit down and says that her weight has dropped quite a bit and asks what her appetite has been like. Maya says that it hasn't been great. Her doctor asks if she's been tired. Maya asks if she has cancer. Her doctor says that she thinks she's depressed. Maya, skeptical, says that it's not like last time where she feels anxious and sad. Her doctor says that depression comes in many forms and unlike cancer needs intense treatment to fix. Maya asks if there's a magic pill she can take. Her doctor says that she recommends therapy. Maya says that she already did that and it didn't work. Her doctor tells her that depression is a lifelong battle, but now that they know what's wrong, they can fix it.
  3. In the music room, Maya gets a notification from Saad that shows all the pictures he took of her in the bus. Maya is amazed, and asks if he could meet her after school with his camera. In the hospital, Maya and Saad are walking into Tristan's room. Maya tells Saad that that's Tristan. Saad says that he looks peaceful. Maya says that she wants to look like that. Maya tells Saad that ever since the bus crash, she's felt numb, but the photos he took of her makes her feel something and she wants to keep feeling it. Saad says that they should do it before a nurse comes. Maya is in her bedroom later on when Grace calls her. Grace asks if they could talk. Maya apologizes for being so busy that she couldn't help Grace with the play. Grace tells Maya that she's off the hook. Maya asks what she means. Grace says that they replaced Maya with Miles and says that if Maya still wants to do something, they could find her another job for it. Maya says that it's fine because she found something else to do and looks through pictures of her in a hospital bed nearing death. She closes her laptop and smiles with joy.

The next day at the Frostival, she arrives with Katie's trumpet and tells Ms. Oh that she hopes they will let her back in the band. She shows her the trumpet and says it's her new musical challenge. Ms. Oh agrees, saying she will get her some sheet music. In Tonight, Tonight, Maya is helping Cam study for their French exam. She is explaining conjugations to him and he says to her "tu es très belle", meaning "you are very beautiful". She smiles and tells him that won't help him pass and they kiss. Tori comes in and apologizes for interrupting, Maya tells her that they were studying and invites her to join them. Maya later tells Katie about Tori's harsh comments, who assures her that she's just fearing for her own chances to win because of Maya's talent. Maya also tells her that she plans on asking Zig to help her with her act, and Katie worries that it will upset Tori even more. Maya decides to go through with it and asks Zig about helping her with her song at the pageant, to which he agrees. When Maya brings up how Mo believes she isn't sexy enough to pull off the heat of her song lyrics, he immediately tells her that she is. He spots Cam and tells her "boyfriend alert". However, she reveals to him that they broke up and it is more like "ex-boyfriend alert". Zig apologizes and asks why she didn't tell him. She says she didn't feel like broadcasting it to the world. He asks if things would be awkward. She says no and he leaves as she tries avoiding Cam. Since season 3 of Next Class, Maya's outfits have matured and she wears more skirts. She also wears contact lenses instead of her glasses. Maya has straightened her hair and it has grown longer. She does not wear pink or any other bright colours as often, having experiencing difficult experiences in the past and becoming more mature overall.

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Maya then gets an idea, saying how she was told that if Zig had a safe place to say then he wouldn't have to go to a group home. Her mom tells her that Zig can not live with them until Maya convinces her by saying that if it just for a few weeks. After school, she stays behind after distributing the shirts and poster boards to fellow classmates to talk to Zig. She asks him if it would be okay with him if she got back together with Miles. Zig concludes that she still loves him and Maya says that she thinks she still does. He gives her his blessing and she thanks him for it. In court, she tries comforting Zoë when an article misquotes her words and claims she made up everything about being raped. 

Trouble follows Zig, whether it's talking to girls or even doing nothing, he always finds himself in a tight situation. Zig even feels that he hurts the ones he cares about the most. He is best friends with his ex-girlfriend Maya Matlin, Tiny Bell, and Grace Cardinal, and is good friends with his former band mates Mo Mashkour, Imogen Moreno and was friends with Adam Torres before his death. He is also good friends with Jonah Haak, Zoë Rivas, Dave Turner and was dating Esme Song and Frankie Hollingsworth at the same time, but the relationship ended. He is currently on good terms with Miles Hollingsworth III and his former best friend Damon Carter. He used to dislike Hunter Hollingsworth. He was previously enemies with Campbell Saunders before his death, which he felt responsible for. He was the Power Squad mascot and was a member in the band WhisperHug. He changed drastically during the summer before his sophomore year, becoming a bad boy who is involved with the wrong crowd. He is labelled as "The Not So Bad Bad Boy". Zig is portrayed by Ricardo Hoyos. At the dance, Zig decided to show up along with Grace and some other friends of theirs. They watch as Grace goes off to dance with Tristan and Miles offers to buy Zig a drink. Together Zig and Miles watch Maya dance alone. Miles tries to have a conversation with Zig but Zig wants no part in it. Miles tells Zig he's only trying for Maya and if Zig cared he'd try too. Zig tells him he cares about Maya a lot, and that it would be hard to keep things friendly now that they're living together. Miles warns Zig not to get Maya involved in his drug dealing life styles. Zig tells him he'll continue to deal what he wants when he wants and tells Miles to play nice before walking away. When Tori and Zig were in junior high, they started their relationship about a month. The two have a stable relationship so far for the first semester of their freshmen year. Zig and Tori had sex and she got pregnant, Zig wanted to be there for Tori but he felt pressured to have sex and he thought that with his family being poor he couldn't be a father so he broke up with her. Since then Zig wants to get back together with Tori but Tori doesn't want to because she doesn't trust him no more.

In Teen Age Riot, Maya and Zig are making out behind the bus due the school rules where they are interrupted by Grace and Tiny and Zig complains about not having any time for each other. Tiny puts the idea of Maya coming to their house in her head and she agrees and asks Zig if she can come over to their house reluctantly he says yes. Later, before the play, Tristan is going through wardrobe while practicing his lines just as a person in a turkey costume comes up to him. Tristan is weirded out just as the person removes the mask and reveals herself to be Maya. Tristan asks her why she's there just as Zoë comes up, causing him to swiftly put her mask back on, excited about doing the play together. Noticing Maya in her turkey costume, but not being able to see her face, she asks if its Winston in his suit. Winston then comes up from behind her, asking if they re-casted the role of the turkey in the play. Thinking quickly, Tristan said it's just "some kid who's lost" before pulling Maya away.  Upset, Maya storms out of the courtroom as Miles follows after her. In the halls of the courthouse, Miles desperately tries to explain, but Maya is too furious to listen. Miles insists how Winston was supposed to have not said what he did, stunning Maya that he wanted his best friend to lie under oath. Miles says how she left him and he was just drunk and upset, but Maya says all they did was have a fight and that didn't mean he had to go and hook up and Zoë. Miles says she abandoned him when he needed her and Maya tearfully asks why he didn't just tell her that up front, silencing him. Maya yelling at Miles that she can't constantly pick up the pieces of his messes when he's upset. She goes to Cam's locker and shows him her new look. He is clearly unimpressed and laughs. He asks why she's dressed like that and she says how she was thinking about entering a beauty pageant. He comments on how it's not her thing. Maya asks if he thinks she isn't pretty enough to do one and he insists how it's just not her. Maya then asks him if he doesn't like how she looks then. Cam, stumbling with his words, asks if she does herself. Maya, angered, tells him to forget it and that she has no idea what he wants and runs away and into the music room, ripping off her hair barettes and rubbing off her lipstick in tears.

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Zigmund Zig Novak is a junior (Grade 11) at Degrassi Community School. He's handsome, charming, and obsessed with skateboarding. His home life isn't much fun, so he makes the most of his days at Degrassi—flirting with the girls and making his guy friends laugh. Zig finds himself in detention on a regular basis, but he can usually talk his way out of trouble. Him and Tori were going to be. In season 1 and 2 of Next Class, Maya's hair is stayed the same and she still wears her glasses. She starts wearing sexier, more mature outfits such as like tighter pants In Thunderstruck, Maya invites Zig to attend the school dance with her, strictly as friends, since she doesn't have Miles or Tristan to hang out with anymore. Zig agrees, cheering her up. At home before the dance, Maya is getting ready and asks Zig if he'll at least dance with her, which he waves off. Maya realizes he is expecting someone and teasingly prods for who. When Zig admits to it being Zoë, Maya is furious. When Zig says how he didn't think she'd mind if all three of them hung out, Maya says she does a lot. As she rants that Zoë is "the worst", Zig brings up Miles and she says how something happened between Miles and Zoë at the party while they were still together, and is still mad about it. Zig assures he everything will be fine and he even brought a "helper" - alcohol. Maya realizes he likes Zoë, just as she comes in, happy. Maya gives a tight liped smile at Zoë. 

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In Got Your Money (2), he is sitting with his guitar the day after where Tori comes behind him, happy to see him. They walk to the front of the school where Maya meets them and says that Marisol got WhisperHug to perform at the dance. They are all excited when the girls leave for class and Marisol approaches Zig. She says that he owes him $50 for the $35 bill, and the fact that she deserves a generous tip for the stunt he pulled. Tension has been building between Miles and Zig for months, and Tuesday's midseason finale of Degrassi (TeenNick, 9/8c) finally brings the drama to a head. Or, more accurately, to a fist. RE Zig has difficulty concealing his poverty when Tori makes a big deal of their four month anniversary. Dave is cast as Romeo and has trouble adjusting to the idea of playing a gay guy in the school musical. Fiona returns to Degrassi and tries to get the student council dance organized but needs to get the hockey team to agree Miles’ emotional struggles in regards to his father continue to be heartbreaking. For viewers who’ve avoided early promotion of Next Class, Esme’s role could be confusing up until the end. Here’s this random girl who randomly cuts her hair and randomly convinces Miles to sneak into his dad’s apartment to find out if Mr. Hollingsworth is really trying to change.

Tristan Milligan is a sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi Community School. Tristan is out and proud and has his eyes set on running the school. Seriously, he wants it all: school musicals, dance committees and top of the Power Squad pyramid. Fiercely loyal, Tristan is a good friend to have. He had a conflict with his dad, and due to certain events from this his father got hit by a car and died. Fireworks begin at Wild Wild West Night when Clare makes her decision known with regards to Drew and Eli. Zoë struggles to stand up for herself. Miles and Zig face off in a showdown for Maya's heart As Zoë and Tristan are giving out roses for the Semi Formal, Maya details how Zig was during her visit and that he just slammed the door in her face just as Miles turns the corner, hearing her. Upset, he says how she told him that she was heading home. Maya says she needed to know what was going on. Miles says that something could have happened to her and that Zig could have hurt her. Maya says that Zig wouldn't hurt her. In #ImSleep, Maya is singing her new song, "Last Exit" and looks at her old pictures. Maya's mom is nicely surprised to see Maya up and dressed already. Maya says that she's feeling good today and asks if she had a good weekend. Maya's mom says that spending time with her daughters always makes her feel warm and fuzzy. Katie calls their mom a nerd and tells Maya to have a good day. Maya says that she will and says that she loves them. Katie says that Maya's a nerd too. Maya says that she does and asks for a hug. They hug her and she asks if they have any wrapping paper. Maya packs her bag afterwards and grins as she puts the container of pills in it. You are commenting using your Twitter account. ( Log Out /  Change )

However, Tristan concludes that since he already exacted Maya's revenge for her, he wants a truce because he wants to be friends with both of them. Both Maya and Zoë make it clear that they still don't like each other, but agree to it. Tristan then declares it a start of a "beautiful friendship" and that they both love the same thing - him. This earns a laugh from both girls. On stage, she watches as Tori admits her flaw. She admits that she says things without thinking about the hurt it has on those around her. As Maya takes her stand to the crowd, she freezes as she stares at Tori. Feeling guilty about the kiss she shared with Zig, she calls herself a bitch. She then flees from the stage, running off. She then arrives at Cam's house. He opens the door to see Maya in tears. He asks her what's wrong. She tells him he was right and that pageants are stupid. She asks if he could forgive her. He does and the two make up. Just Try To Keep Up With The New Hookups On Season 4 Of Degrassi: Next Class . has some jealousy over Zig's former relationship with Maya. Degrassi Next Class Season 4 Who Breaks Up, Hooks. Maya gets home 20 minutes late and her mom says she can't go to Paris. Maya complains that it isn't fair and says that she hates her. Maya walks into the kitchen and Katie says that was harsh. Maya asks if she thinks that she shouldn't be going to Paris either and she says that they should talk in the morning. Maya then takes her things and heads to Tristan's house. She sleeps there overnight and the next day, Katie calls her and asks her where she isn't but she doesn't say. Tristan and Maya are at The Dot having breakfast and when they get the bill, Maya takes out Miles' credit card and uses it. Then she says she should return it to him but Tristan thinks it is a bad idea. Maya says her mom already thinks she is a bad-ass so she decided to why not be one.  In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Zoë, Shay, and Lola sarcastically compliment the gif of Zig getting beat by Grace at arm wrestling and Shay tells Zoë that she dodged a bullet with him.

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  1. Maya is in the classroom on her phone looking on his Hastygram account and Grace walks in and Maya is wondering if there is a photo with Zig and Esme being close and accidentally likes his photo and is afraid Zig might find out. Maya has her Co-op to work on so Grace takes her phone for to get her to work.
  2. Maya, relenting, says she is "giving him two bars". Miles then begins to sing a song for Maya expressing how bad he really feels and just wants her back. Maya tries keeping a straight face, but soon begins smiling and grinning in amusement.
  3. d me" as Maya looks at the phone, smirks and resumes making out with Harry.
  4. When Zig finishes, she tries getting Cam onstage with her and with much persistence, finally gets it. She starts to sing, and tries to get him in the mood and after a bit of lyrics, the two have a lot of fun. Back at school, she sneaks up on him and they talk about the other night. When Dallas and Luke walk up and ask about how his flu was, she realizes that he actually skipped practice. When they show him the picture of them at Little Miss Steaks, she watches as they pull him away.
  5. ds him that she is with him, not Zig, but Miles re

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The voice keeps repeating "You're Next!" They walk into a room looking for a ghost when they see a toy recorder and Zig said he wasn't scared. Suddenly the door closes and they get scared. As Degrassi students head back to class, Drew decides the time is right to break up with Katie. Clare returns from the break excited to reconnect with Eli, but does he feel the same way? S12:E278 | Jul 16, 2012 | 23m. Zig tries to hide the fact that he's poor from Tori. When Eli shares his vision for the musical, Dave isn't sure he has. In Better Man, Zig is seen playing smackball when Maya tries to apologize for calling him out the other day. Zig tells her to save her apology and declares that he hates her, leaving Maya upset. When Maya is dressed all rebellious, Zig mistakes her for Grace before realizing who she is and stares at her in shock.

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During cheerleading practice, Mays is taking notes before once again checking Miles's social media account. As she's doing so, Maya has a nightmare/day dream where Miles is committing suicide as Zoë warns her that if she screws things up for her then "things won't be pretty". Maya offhandedly agrees, but soon flees the gym. She goes and checks the railing, and sits on the steps while trying to calm herself down. Grace and Zig approach her and ask if she's had a rough day. Zig tells Grace that Maya has been a bit stressed out lately, to which Grace urges her to go with them for a stress reliever. Maya agrees and walks off with them. It is soon revealed what Grace intended to go, which proves to be boring for Maya. Once there, Zig demands to know why she is there, causing Grace to reveal that she invited her. Zig then yanks off her fake nose ring and says that if she wants to hang out with them, she needs to do something. He then takes out what appears to be a gun, stunning Maya. Grace then assures her it is only a BB gun and to hold onto it. Maya then nervously puts the gun inside her bag as she walks alongside Grace. In No Surprises, Maya is hanging out at the Hollingsworth house with Miles when he tempts her into skinny dipping by removing his swimwear while in the pool. Maya hesitantly decides to go through with it, telling him to turn around so she can take off her clothes. He does so, and she says how she can't believe he actually talked her into doing this. In The World I Know, Maya is back at Degrassi and is first seen following Mr. Simpson to her new class that he says that she must attend known as "The Rubber Room", which is a class for troubled teenagers to act as a support group due to making a "death threat" to Zoë. She tries to beg with Mr. Simpson not to put her in there, insisting she was being cyberbullied and to have some leniency. He says that since she made a threat on someone's life, he was being lenient by just making her attend the class. Maya tries to bargain with him, offering to serve detention everyday and even organizing his file room. Despite all these attempts, Maya is still required to go. Synopsis:Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Ticket

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  1. The friendship between Zig Novak and Zoë Rivas is mainly known as Zoëmund (Zoë/Zigmund) or Novas (Novak/Rivas). Their friendship developed during Season 13 of Degrassi. In You Got Me, Zoë walks up to Zig in the hallway telling him that she's heard he's the guy that can get her drugs. He then tells her that he recognizes her from West Drive where she played a mean girl. She then requests to.
  2. The scene where Zig keeps asking Maya for consent for everything he does was not only sweet, but a contender for one of my favorite Degrassi scenes of all time. It serves the dual purpose of.
  3. Zig approaches Tristan asking about Maya. Zig offers to walk Maya home, after finding out she's been drinking. He is worried about her, and leaves after Maya insults him. He sends her a message on Facerange later asking if she is okay.
  4. Fiona resorts to extreme measures to feel secure and decides to get a gun. She later endangers herself in the process. Meanwhile, Zig is forced to confront his demons about all the bad things he has done so far. Also, Dallas tries to prevent Alli from finding out about his son while dealing with his son's mother.
  5. In My Hero, Zig is nervous to see his mom again and Zig tells Maya he might be working that night he sees his mom and Maya says Zig this is really important and Zig responds so is my job. Maya says do you want me to come with you for moral support he says no it's okay and Maya asks why he got kicked out of his house and she says Zig please you can tell me so he says because a member of the gang went to rob me at the family shop , but I wasn't there. The guy had a gun and my mom and my brother were there. So my mom gave me the option of leaving the gang, or leaving home. I chose to stick with the gang. When he is at the restaurant he yells at the chef that he just made one mistake and so the chef tries to calm him down by saying it's not about me is it he says no she responds saying well I don't think I'm the one you should be yelling at. After that he goes and meets his mom but tells Jose Perez that he can't do this and walks away. Then later on his mom stops at Maya's house Maya greets her while she comes in and Zig makes dinner for him and his mom so they can talk.
  6. In #Obsessed, Maya is studying with her friends for the exams. Grace asks Maya a question and she answers correctly. Grace then asks Zig the next question. Zig yells at his friends for bringing up Esme. Maya asks Zig if him and Esme have talked since they broke up. Zig tells Maya that Esme's keeping a low profile. Grace tells them that they're going to leave because they need rest. Maya tells Zig that he could stay if he wants. Zig asks if she's sure. Grace asks Maya if she's sure also. Maya says that she thinks they can control themselves. Maya asks Zig what he wants to study. Zig is confused. The next morning, Maya wakes up on Zig's chest. Zig wakes up as well. Zig apologizes. Zig realizes that they cuddled. Maya says that it's just an old habit of theirs. Zig says that he should probably change clothes for the exam. Zig thanks Maya. Zig realizes that Maya thought he meant for the cuddling and corrects himself. Zig leaves and Maya tells him bye. Zig gets confused by his feelings as he walks out the door.
  7. With the school stampeding and overflowed in a panic with the fire, Maya asks if Miles plans on leaving as they rush through the crowd. As he says he doesn’t want to deal with his father again only to deal with arson charges, Hunter comes up to them, asking if they’ve seen Frankie. After concluding she must still be in the school, they begin searching for her. 

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During the last scene of the episode, Maya is scene flipping through her brochures while in a candle lit bathtub. She tosses the brochure aside and sinks into the tub. She inhales before pushing herself underwater. She is shown, holding herself under for 22 seconds, looking around through the clear bath water. She swiftly rises to the water, coughing and gasping for air. The remaining seconds are spent with water dripping down her face as she looks around the room and a slight smile comes across her face.  In Basket Case, she is first heard over the phone talking to Miles. She is hoping to make plans with him when his parents are away and teases him about "seeing how that skinny dip ends". When Miles throws a huge party instead, she is seen walking in clearly surprised.

In Walking in My Shoes, Zig and Maya are seen in line for food while Zoë is volunteering in the cafeteria. They both tell Zoë they still blame her for everything going on at school. Zoë then tells them to get their food and go when she slops food onto her face and Zig and Maya laugh at her and eventually walk away. Zoë later tells Tristan she can't handle Zig hating her, hinting that she still has feelings for him. Later Zoë stops them and tells them her plan to give people pre paid cell phones. They both seem to forgive Zoë and think her idea is cool. In #KThxBye, Zig, along with the rest of the graduation class, stands up and applauds Zoë when she graduates. They both attend Miles's gradation party and Zig applauds Zoë when she gives her speech. In #SorryNotSorry, Zig confronts Maya asking for her forgiveness saying he wished that Zoë hadn't kissed him. When Maya realizes all they did was kiss and Zoë kissed Zig she considers giving him another chance. RECAP: Zig's concerned that because Maya's avoided talking about and having sex with him since their first time, she's eventually going to break up with him for Jonah.Tiny buys Zig some condoms and tells him in order to woo Maya he needs to be more assertive. While studying Zig initiates making out with Maya and tries to initiate sex Season 14 episode 15 Wishlist. Maya and Zig. I do not own anything all belongs to degrassi ; Zig-Maya Relationship | Degrassi Wiki - Перевести эту страницу. Following her break up with Cam and a fight with Tori, Zig and Maya shared a quick yet passionate kiss

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  2. Maya and Grace walk up to Jonah sitting on the bench chatting about their performance. Maya goes on to talk about Vijay and how she kind of fells bad for him but Jonah tells her not to and shows her the video of Vijay shading her. Maya wants to retaliate but Jonah tells her that he can't because Vijay has twice her followers.
  3. Since Degrassi is a drama, Tearjerkers are a given. By far the biggest was J.T.'s Death. Ryan Cooley's last day on set. JT's service at the school. Especially, especially seeing Liberty finally break down over his death. The worst thing about JT'
  4. The following day at school, she is seen talking to Harry at his locker and invites him over to watch a movie. Harry makes it clear that he wants to do more than just watch movies, referencing to sex. Maya looks at him before she gives him a rather heated kiss and coyly says she'll see him later before walking off. 
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In Wise Up, after Miles and Tristan's relationship goes public, she is seen finding Miles upset in the boys locker room. Miles tells her in annoyance how she's in the boy's locker room, but she says she doesn't care. She asks him if he got together with Tristan to hurt her. He remarks that she thinks a lot of herself, but Maya says she only wants to know what's going on because she's confused. Miles soon begins to break down and Maya encourages him to open up to her. As he admits to having another fight with his dad and tries to leave, Maya tells him if something is happening with his dad at home he needs to talk to someone, if not her, anyone. She warns him if he doesn't tell someone what's "going on inside his head, it only gets worse". The next day Maya sees Zig in the music room and walks up to him. Maya tries to distract him with a job for cooking but Zig catches on that Maya doesn't want him in the Band because Zig isn't a good guitarist. Zig asks if her music is more important that him and she says yes. Zig says that they never talk about sex anymore when Jonah and Grace walk in. Maya asks Zig if they can talk about it later. Zig says yes. He leave and the guys start playing as Maya watches Zig through the glass. In Enjoy the Silence, Zig is at Maya's house pretending to be sick and to hide away from the gang and Tiny asks Grace and Maya where he is and he finds him at Maya's house and threatens him and Zig is scared and he goes to the school and tells Maya he has to go and he buys a ticket to Serbia where his whole family is then Miles and his dad and Maya try to stop him to go and Miles's dad told him he knew somebody to get him out of this and Zig accepts help only if Tiny can do it to. Then at the Matlin's house Zig talks to Maya and tells her he knew she was still hung up on Miles and he says that is ok and he says friends and she says only if no more getting into trouble and Zig says he will try and Maya has her hand out to shake his hand and he takes her hand and grabs it to give her a hug and she smiles. In Karma Police (1), Zig is in French class sitting next to Damon, and they are presenting oral project assigned by Madame Jean-Aux. It's Tori's turn to present and she says that if she could go back in time, she'd go back to before Cam committed suicide. This annoyed Zig so he expresses it, and calls Tori a drama queen, despite Tristan's retorts. Madame tells him that if he's so eager to speak he should present next. Zig said he'd go back to before the assignment existed, and walks out.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), on their way into school, Maya tells Katie that Cam "maybe text dumped" her, telling her that she called him several times and that he did not answer. Katie tells her that its not unusual for Cam to be acting weird, and advices Maya to focus on her National Young Musicians Orchestra audition, which she has later in the day, and to deal with Cam later. Dallas comes up to them and asks Maya if she has seen Cam. Maya tells him that she thinks Cam is at home due to his week-long suspension. I love when continuity rears its head, as Hunter reminds Tristan of the promise he’d made when running for president to make Degrassi a place where everyone can feel included. Hunter willing to have his pinky broken is kind of a red flag that shows how far he’s willing to go if things get desperate, but for now this plot quietly lays the foundation for one of Next Class’ biggest storylines.After Zoë's attackers are arrested, Maya joins in to help Zoë out following the days afterwards if anyone gives her any problems. Maya jokingly remarks how she will let Zoë "borrow" Miles for the day to make sure no one bothers her about what happened. As Miles and Zoë walk off ahead of them, Maya wraps an arm around Tristan instead as the group follows them to class. 

The first season of Degrassi: Next Class (previously known as Degrassi) premiered on January 4, 2016, in Canada and was released on January 15, 2016, internationally.It was the first season to air on Family in Canada and on Netflix internationally.. This season follows a group of high school sophomores and juniors from Degrassi Community School, a fictional school in Toronto, Ontario, and. Maya is later in her living room where her mom asks her to describe one event that upset her that day. Maya says it's doing this therapy session. Her mom says that her doctor says these exercises will help her understand her feelings. Maya says that she isn't depressed and the exercises are a waste of time. Her mom says that she knows that it'll be hard to accept. Maya asks why she's siding with the doctor. Her mom says that she just wants to fix her. Maya says that she isn't broken. Maya's mom says that that isn't what she said and tells her not to be ridiculous. Maya says that she just doesn't like the way she is so she's blaming it on a disease. Her mom says that the book says that she can't trust her thoughts. Maya asks if her thoughts are wrong too. Maya's mom says that they should just do this later because she doesn't want to argue. Maya says that she's the one who started it and tells her to admit that she hates her. Her mom says that that's not her talking, it's the disease. Maya tells her to stop talking about it. Maya's mom tells her to stop. Maya says she hates the book and she hates her too, then throws the book at the mirror, breaking it. Maya's mom says that the mirror was her grandmother's. Maya apathetically says she always thought it was ugly.

At the end of the day, Maya is walking in the hallway reading a book when Tristan slams his locker hard and loud, getting her attention. He furiously demands to know how she could have reported his relationship to Simpson and do this to him. She calmly tells him that she didn't have a choice and was worried about him. He remarks if she was worried about him "being too happy". She says that she was worried because the nature of his relationship with Yates is wrong and illegal. He once again firmly insists that he and Yates are in love and because of her Yates has been suspended and going under investigation. He then says that she has ruined his life. Maya tells him that it may feel like that now, but she has done all of this to protect him. After jumping in the pool, she says he can look and they stare at each other for a moment before she overhears Miles' father and members of his campaign staff about to come in. She says how he told her no one would be home and rushes out of the pool to cover herself. Maya tells Mr. Hollingsworth they were doing homework as she leaves in a towel after grabbing her stuff. In Come As You Are (1), he joined Tori, Maya and Tristan at the mall. When Tori mentioned getting breast reduction surgery, Zig expressed concern, but Tori quickly reassured him that her parents said no. As the topic shifted to lingerie and the possibility of Maya getting breast implants, Zig quietly walked away from the group. Later, he tweeted "Lesson learned. Shopping with (them) is informative. I’ll stay at the skate park next time."

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As Degrassi's first the two briefly break up because Cam isn't especially affectionate (mental illness will preoccupy you, kids) and Maya kisses Zig Novak (Ricardo Hoyos) before Cam wins. In About A Girl, Maya complains when Tristan stops going to class. He says he is sick but really he is heartbroken over seeing Miles and Zoë together. When Maya asks him his symptoms, he makes some up. Maya tells him it's not like they are going to make out in class but as they walk in Zoë and Miles are, in fact, making out in class. Tristan sarcastically tells Maya he is going to barf. Maya walks in to class and asks Chewy to tell Miles to stop the PDA with Zoë. Winston says he won't since if a person tells Miles to stop doing something, he'll only doing it twice as bad. 

Later that day, Maya is sitting outside of Degrassi in the pouring rain. Zig passes by her, gives her a disappointed look and begins to walk by her as she tells him not to go. They both say they don't want to fight, but end up arguing anyway. She apologizes for posting the video and says she took it down. They fight about her being with Harry which leads Zig to say "Maya, this isn't you" making Maya go off about people telling her who she should be. She then takes her cello and chucks it in the dumpster stating that she's quitting. She angrily storms off leaving Zig very worried. Baaz and Vijay are playing a game when Maya comes in and Vijay gets excited and tells her he loves her music. Maya politely asks Vijay to take it down. Baaz tries to intervene but Vijay says he can't delete it and Maya says that she will be recording it on her album an can't have Vijay's "Weird" Version. Vijay gets angry and tells Maya he won't delete but Maya threatens him using one of his card and Vijay says he will do something about it. As if that wasn't bad enough, Zoe's devastation led her to hook up with Zig herself, torching Zig's relationship with Maya and her own friendship with Grace. This ship went down in flames, but it. Afterwards, Maya begins following him out of class and out of school. As she watches him leave campus, someone taps her on the shoulder. Jumping, she turns around to see Miles. He tells her that he's been looking for her and asks what she's doing. She admits that Zig likely was the one who stole her laptop. Looking over her shoulder, he asks her if she wants him to punch him for her. Amused, she says she needs to make sure she is right first. She starts to walk off, but Miles holds her back. He say she can't go by herself since he's likely going off somewhere sketchy. She grabs his hand and says that, in the case, he's going with her. 

The next day Maya and Grace stand in the hall when Zig walks up to them Grace asks what happened last night and awkwardly Maya walks off. Outside Zig walks up to Maya and they try to talk about what happened and Maya says she wishes her first time wasn't when she was high. Zig tells Maya it will be best if she stays away from him, Angrily, Maya storms off. Later, Zig calls Maya and Zig tells Maya he was glad his first time was with Maya and she says she feels the same way and she forgives him. After this, Miles drives her to her therapy appointment, where she thanks him for the ride. She also comments on how her doctor will likely just be waiting for her, and he answers how he "hopes it's not contagious", assuming she is sick. Maya softly replies how "crazy" isn't contagious. Confused, he asks her what she's talking about. She explains how in her latest doctor appointments, her therapist advised her not to call herself crazy, relating it to "stigma". Surprised, she asks what he's doing there. He answers surprising her with a ride to school. She tells him how she needs to tell himself, but he says he wants to go first. Bending on one knee and the flowers held out, he asks her to be his date to the semi formal. Maya is flattered and smiles until Miles notices Zig behind her. Upset, he asks what he's doing there. She tells him how that's what she wants to talk to him about. Degrassi: Aftermath follows many of the favorite characters from Next Generation and Next Class, as well as a number of fresh faces, as they navigate though adulthood. It starts in August of 2027, when Lola and Maya return to Toronto after many years away

Later, Maya is in the computer room on a laptop and furiously searching for further accounts for Miles despite Zig's soft pleas for her to stop, saying how she's freaking him out, and she says how she just can't. Zoë comes in the room, yelling at Maya for how she begged for the spot on the cheer team and has done no work - however, Maya isn't at all paying attention, completely focused on finding information on Miles. Peter is waiting in the classroom when Maya walks in introducing herself. She hands Peter the resume and Peter asks who Zig Novak is because she has been thinking of Zig all the time and must have accidentally wrote his name instead of hers. And that she just grabbed whatever and ran out of there, luckily Peter can relate and they move one. Maya asks if Peter if he wanted to listen to her song but he said he already has and that he liked one in particular. Maya assumes Not Okay but he meant Yes he then realizes it's about her ex. Peter asks Maya to do one task to prove her worth.She says she can handle it.

In #RollUpToTheClubLike, Maya is walking through the hallway listening to music. Tristan bumps into Maya with his crutches on purpose and Maya tells him that she wasn't going that slow. Tristan says that Katie told him that she got into SoCal Art. Maya says that she did. Tristan asks if she got her plane ticket to California. Maya says that she hasn't been able to make music anymore. Tristan says that she's just rusty. Maya goes to her locker and sees Yael and Baaz standing by it and asks what they want. Yael says that they were looking for a new theme song for their channel and that Vijay said she was talented. Maya says she's not sure. Baaz whispers to Yael that Maya is too mentally fragile. Yael tells Maya that they'll send her the details. Maya gets upset that Tristan agreed for her to do it. Tristan tells her to seize the day. At Baaz's house, Maya sings the song she came up with to All Inclusive. Maya asks if the song was good. Vijay tells her that it was a good first attempt. Maya asks what they're looking for. Hunter says that the song needs to be more serious. Lola says that it also needs to be lighter. Maya is confused that they want the song to be serious and lighter. Baaz says that it also needs to be more professional. Vijay says that it also needs to be more improvised. Maya starts writing the suggestions down and asks if they want anything else. Vijay says that the song should speak to everyone. In the hallways as she talks about the situation to Tristan and Zoë, she says how Miles believes Zig to be a bad guy, but just doesn't know him. Zoë asks if she even does herself. Maya insists that she does, and that she knows that if the two spend time together, they'll begin to like each other. Zoë remarks if they'll bond over their "mutual admiration of a certain blonde cello player". Maya says they'll hang out at the semi formal together.

In Close to Me, Maya is seen coming into the kitchen to eat breakfast before going to school and sees Zig sitting at the counter, eating cereal. She comments on how weird it is to now be living together and makes herself a bowl of cereal, calling herself an ",independent woman" when he offers to do it himself for her. She sits down next to him and tries pouring milk into the bowl, only to find it empty. She chuckles as Zig gets up to get some for her when she hears a knock at the door. She gets up to open it and sees Miles there, with roses in his hand. Degrassi The Next Generation: Season 1 Episode 1 - Mother and Child Reunion: Part 1 by DegrassiVideo. Drianca Break-Up Ep :( by LovelyCouples. 9:32. Drew And Bianca Kiss (Full Scene) by SecretLifeFan01. Degrassi Maya and Zig scenes (Maya finally realizes she's in love with Zig) by brianna williams 45 episodes were ordered for this season,[2] and it again has a telenovela/soap opera format, with the show airing new episodes four days a week, for the first 7 weeks.[1][3][4] Production for the season began on March 14, 2011 at Epitome Pictures' studios in Toronto, Ontario.[1][5] She is next seen at Tiny's locker, surprising him, making him remark that's she's scary for a little girl. He asks her what she wants. She then asks for him to let Zig out of his gang. He doesn't answer and ignores her. She then hands him an envelope filled with $300 and says how that should cover the stuff. He asks who she robbed, and she explains it is her saved up birthday money from the past several years. She then simply says Zig is out of the gang. He says okay, on one condition - to never sneak up on him again. He smiles at her and walks off.

During lunch, Miles and Tristan sit next to her, asking if she wants to go to a resuraunt that Miles suggested for lunch. Maya says that while she would love to go, she has to work on her first Rubber Room assignment. As Tristan asks about it, Maya tells them she is partnered with Zig, shocking him. As Maya and Tristan talk about Zig, Miles asks who Zig is. Maya quickly answers, "Nobody" just as Tristan claims, "Her ex". The host then tells them the top ten as Maya and Tori anxiously hold hands. Tori's name is called first and she walks on stage. Zig comes up to Maya and tells her how if the judges don't pick her then they're dumb. Maya remarks what part of "falling on her ass" that he missed. He tells her that he seriously means it, calling her the best. Maya gives an "aww" before saying how she wished Cam felt that way. Zig calls him an idiot and that she deserved better. Maya teasingly comments how it's too bad that he's off the market. The host then gives the name of the final candidate for the pageant... which is Maya! Maya and Tori soon go back stage after taking their stands on stage and Maya says she was right about it feeling awesome. However, Tori begins kissing Zig as an uncomfortable Maya looks downward. Maya & Miles follow Zig to a house and watch him break into it; Miles leaves and Maya knocks on the door to the house, Zig opens it but slams the door on her. Download on Amazon - Love Play on Apple Music - Love Download on iTunes - Love Play on Spotify - Love Play on YouTube - Lov That night, she prepares to sneak out of the house in the said shirt with her cello, checking out her appearance one last time. However, her father catches her as she begins to head out the door. Maya says that she thought he and her mother were asleep. Her father tells her that even if they were, that doesn't give her permission to leave the house so late at night. In class, Maya asks him if she left a bad impression on his father and he assures her he has taken all the blame. She says though that it isn't good that his father thinks so lowly of him and suggests that he go the extra mile to impress his Dad. Miles, Maya and Winston then begin to organize a plan to help in Mr. Hollingsworth Mayoral campaign. Miles is excited to show his dad all the work he has put into helping out and goes outside to show him.  

The bell rang after class and I ran up to him hello miss matlin he said as he kissed me and I giggled and kissed back. After the kiss I kind of got serious for a moment after school we got to tell my mom about us dating Zig understood but if they told her mom, he hopes that she won't be pissed at him because when he hurt maya with the whole Zoe thing Okay i'll see. Maya shows up at the play later on. Maya gives Yael her ticket but they notice that Zig and Esme took her seat. Maya says that she doesn't want to be a bother, then hands her gift to Yael and asks them to give it to Grace. Maya then leaves. Maya goes onto the bus and takes out her pills and starts swallowing them. She puts on her headphones after and listens to music. Maya wakes up on the bus later and gets upset that she didn't die. Maya gets out of the bus and tries to get into the school. Saad finds her and asks what she's doing. Maya asks if he can help her open the door. Maya hugs him and thanks him for being her friend. Saad tells her that she said she didn't want to be friends anymore. Maya tells him to forget about that because she always liked him, then heads inside the school. Maya heads up to the roof and goes to the edge. She takes a picture of the sky. Zig and Esme go onto the roof to make out when they see Maya unconscious, foaming at the mouth. Esme turns Maya to her side and tells Zig to call 911. Zig, Esme, Grace, Zoë, Tristan and Miles are all at the hospital and relieved when Katie tells them Maya has survived her suicide attempt. In I Want It That Way (1), Maya is seen with her best friends Tori and Tristan while all three of them go to yoga class. She is at the mall with them later on. She is also seen telling Tristan a cleanse is a bad decision.

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In Got Your Money (1), she is first seen telling Zig that he made it into WhisperHug and congratulating him. After Tori comes over to congratulate him, the three walk into their class. Later on, Maya is seen rehearsing Be My Someone with the band. When the group begins to call Zig cheap she tells him that Tori spent five-years worth of allowance and that she really cares about him. After Tori and Zig start having problems and Zig tries to join her and Tori, she tells him that Tori doesn't want to talk to him and that he should leave. Later on, she helps Zig by bring Tori to Little Miss Steaks and leaving so they can work things out. Later on, Maya and Miles are working together designing T-shirts and poster boards and are having a good time. Maya thanks him for his help and that it means a lot. Miles says that Zoë didn't deserve what happened to her and that people need to know that. He then remarks how spending time with Maya isn't so bad, making her smile in amusement. She then suggests that after everything is over, perhaps the two can spend some more time together. She says how she is going to ask Ms. Grell if they can use a photo copier and walks off.  In Sparks Will Fly (1), Zig is seen apologizing to Maya for what he said to her this morning and Maya says don't sweat it. Zig responds wait there's more he says he still likes her and leans over to kiss her but turns her head away and he asks what's wrong and she mentions the house rules and he responds that he won't be living in her house forever and he takes off his bracelet and gives it to her and asks her if she will wait for him and gives him a low of course and Miles walks away. In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), He is seen leaning against the lockers looking very upset after finding out that Cam committed suicide. Zig feels guilty for what he said to Cam and  tells Maya that he is the reason Cam killed himself, saying "I told Cam to get out of your life, so he did - its all my fault". Maya tells Zig that that is ridiculous, and starts to laugh. Zig angrily asks her how she is laughing. He then watches her speech at the vigil. Damon approaches Zig, tells him it's time for French, but Zig doesn't want to go; he suggests they both skip it. Zig then gets angry and says that he doesn't want to be in that class with "stupid Tori" and "stupid Tristan" talking about "stupid Cam", and then he grabs a trash barrel and dumps it over Madame's car, and he's contemplating about doing more, but Damon convinces him otherwise. Madame then comes out and gives them both detention.

At home, Maya's mother reveals how her laptop was in Katie's old room, likely fallen underneath the bed. Maya recalls how she was doing homework in there and calls herself a terrible person. She explains how she accused Zig of taking it and now he's being sent to a group home. Her mom says while accusing him of stealing without proof was wrong, talking to an adult out of concern for his well being wasn't. Maya says how she's been doing research on group homes and all the horror stories she's read about them. Her mom says they're expected to do a lot but with very limited resources and how she wishes they can do something since Zig came over so much he seemed like family. Maya walks into class to see Grace drawing and they both say i'm sorry at the same time and Maya tells her it's hard to be friends with Zig and Grace says that Maya can get her for four days of the week ad Zig can get three because he was the cheater. They hug. Later, Maya and Katie sing the words from Wizard Of Oz. Maya's mom says that she can't believe that they still remember every word. Maya's mom says that she'll get clean sheets for Katie to sleep with. Maya suggests that Katie sleep in her room like old times. Katie accepts the offer. Maya goes off to floss. Katie comments how tired she is. Maya grabs a bunch of pills from the bathroom and puts them in her box. Katie comes in the bathroom to pee and asks if she's okay. Maya says that she's happy that Katie's here and making everything easier on their mom. Maya is about to walk off but Katie tells her that she loves her too and hugs her. In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Maya is seen walking in the classroom siting down with Zig, next to Zoë and Tristen. Zoë gives a polite hello to her, to which she responds smiling back. When class was about to start Tristan recives a text message to meet Miles. When Zoë teases how Tristan ditching homeroom must "only mean one thing," Maya remarks back, "Yeah, Tristan's trying to avoid me". Zoë insists he has a "secret lover". Tristan says he "doesn't kiss and tell" and agrees with Maya that he doesn't want to see her. As Zoë and Zig flirt after he leaves, Maya rolls her eyes.  Ever since the bus crash, everything has been complicated, while Zig and Maya were taking a short break from dating until school started and Maya often daydreamed about the bus crash and it put her through deep depression and she often would go with Baaz and he would help her not feel so numb, but then zig turned around and dated Esme. It hurt maya so much so she had a big plan, she went to.

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Maya walks into the recording studio to take a breath and look at some picture of her Grace, Zig and Tiny. Maya hides underneath the recording set when Peter walks in with his ex talking. Maya carries on hiding until Peter and his ex then talk about Maya and her phone goes off so she awkwardly crawls out leaving a shoe. The Degrassi students return from the summer break a week before the new school year. Meanwhile, Jake and Clare are still not talking, and the arrival of their parents' wedding sends Jake looking for some space away from her. He invites Katie, Drew, Marisol and Alli to his family's remote cabin in the woods. Also, Katie is concerned that Bianca has been spending too much time with Drew, and after finding some weed, she gets high with Marisol. And after Dave breaks her heart, Alli commits a betrayal that could end her friendship with Clare for good, and creepy things begin to happen around the cabin that scare them all. Maya watches as Tori gracefully gives her talk during the pageant and nervously walks on stage as she is called up. As Maya makes her way to the host, she falls downward flat on her face. She looks up as Zig who, despite clearly holding back his laughter, gives her a thumbs up. Smiling, Maya stands back up with the help of the host who remarks how "there's a girl who knows how to make an entrance". He asks her to tell them a bit about herself. She says how she loves to play the cello, soccer and is a "clumsy goof in front strangers". With prom and graduation on the horizon for the Degrassi graduates, Imogen soon finds out that she failed all of her classes and will unfortunately have to repeat her senior year. Meanwhile, when Fiona is offered an internship in Italy, Imogen does everything in her power to make sure Fiona stays in town. Also, with Eli pursuing her relentlessly, Clare finds a lump on her back and grows scared of the fact that she may have cancer. And Mo thinks his friendship with Jake will end right after graduation and wants to lock down a bromance before the summer but by doing so jeopardizes his relationship with Marisol.

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At home, Maya and her mother are watching as a gang intervention worker helps Tiny and Zig practice ways to get out of helping out their gang. After being told having a place to stay and having support form people who care about him will help out Zig, Maya reveals how his parents aren't around and he says they will find a place for him to stay. She asks where he can stay until the worker can find a place for him to stay officially. Her mother offers their place, but Maya brings up the possibility of the gang retaliating. The worker agrees, but they are willing to help out in case that happens. She agrees to it. Her mom and the worker leave.  In Say It Ain't So (2), she is first shown at the cafeteria getting lunch with Campbell, Marisol, and Mo. She compliments Cam on his nice clothing and says it's cool how he has his own group to dress with. She notices that he is nervous and tells Mo to shut up when he makes a comment to him. He tells Cam that he'll be fine and he snaps at her. That night, she is at Little Miss Steaks with her family and goes to get a drink. Cam approaches her and apologizes and he helps her get her drink. He asks if they can hang out some day after school and she accepts before walking back to her family. When Maya warns him against becoming close with a teacher, he brings up how he believes two members of the opposite sex can't live together without impending drama. Maya gives a "zing" at his comeback and he excuses himself to go work on a character bio.

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Maya is at the hospital with Tristan when she's complaining about the demands from All Inclusive. Tristan tells her to look at the TV. Maya starts freaking out when she sees dead people. Tristan asks if she's okay. Maya asks where the remote is. Tristan turns the TV off for her and Maya tells him that she was watching videos of stuff like that when she was at her worst. Tristan tells her it's okay because it's off now. Maya says that it's not okay because she keeps getting triggered by everything. Tristan tells her to put it all to the side and help him with something. He shows her his mini drum set and says it's a part of his rehab. Later on, Tristan drums for her but she tells him that he's doing it all wrong because of his grip and shows him how to properly do it. Tristan listens to her and does it the right way. Maya gets out her guitar and sings with him. Tristan tells her that he knew she could do it. Maya says that she was just having fun. Tristan tells her to keep trying and to not give up. RECAP: Mrs. Hollingsworth has planned a family dinner which Miles is dreading because his dad will be attending. While complaining to Winston about it in class he draws the attention of Esme, who tells them multiple times to be quiet. She eventually cuts off a lock of her hair, hands Miles the scissors then frames him so that Miles gets in trouble.  Miles intentionally misses the dinner and pleads with his mother not to take his dad back, however, she tells him she’s planning a second dinner.  Miles goes to confront Esme for getting him in trouble and she tells him she got him detention so he’d have a reason to miss the family dinner. She tells him if he doesn’t trust his dad he should find proof at his apartment.  Miles and Esme sneak into Mr. Hollingsworth’s apartment and discover Mr. H really is trying to repair his family.  The two hide in the closest when the cleaning lady walks in, and while Miles is rambling, Esme kisses him.  The next day, Miles still doesn’t want to believe his dad is trying to change, so in order to cope with the dinner Esme gives him her bottle of “happy pills” and he takes two of them.Zig decides he'll help her, and brings along Damon to help as well. Madame announces that her musical act cancelled on them, and Damon tells Zig that he should volunteer to cover for them, Zig agrees, he thinks that he owes it to her. Degrassi: The Next Generation, a dramatic sequel from the producer of the award-winning Degrassi series of the 1980s-- Kids of Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High. Play S12 | E278 Season 1 The next day Maya is in the classroom with Jonah when Zig barges in asking to talk. Jonah tells Maya to call him and he leaves. Zig asks Maya if she actually still loves him and she says yes. And he says he never wants to feel like he is forcing her and she forgives him.

Maya and Grace is walking while Maya is listening to her song but with Zig on guitar because Grace wants Zig to play guitar but Maya chose Peter instead but Grace thinks Peter has other intentions. Later on, Maya meets up with him in the hallway and asks if he's mad at her. Miles asks why that would be the case, causing her to bring up the guy in her video and he says it's not like she's his girlfriend. Maya begins to apologize for turning him down to go the concert with him and he says that he figured she just wasn't ready for a relationship when, in reality, she just wasn't ready for him. Maya tries to reason that isn't the case at all and he says he'll find someone else to go with and admits that he's really just surprised - she isn't the person he thought she was. Maya is clearly surprised and asks if it's about what she did in the video. She insists she was only acting and that she was doing it for her music career, causing Miles to conclude, "So you were a slut to get attention". In The Kids Aren't Alright (1), Maya is in class when Zig comes to sit down and he asks her to lie for him and tells her what happened with Damon. He apologizes for dragging her into all of this. Later on Maya walks up to Zig and Imogen as Imogen leaves to look for something and Maya asks him if everything is okay, he replies with yes. Tiny walks in to take Zig to talk and Maya agrees. I wasn't a super Zig/Maya shipper but I'm totally fine with them ending up together. Oh sure, it'll never last but they're good for each other right now and that's what matters. Ad.

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In #Unsubscribe, Jonah and Grace find Maya unconscious on the steps. Grace freaks out but Maya starts laughing and wakes up. Grace asks why she would do that and Maya says that she's okay. Saad tells them that it's just a photoshoot. Grace asks why Maya would bail on her for that. Maya says it's part of a series that they're doing. Grace says that she needed her but she's just off pretending to be dead. Maya says that the photos are about confronting death and showing that it can be beautiful. Grace says that death isn't beautiful, it's final. Grace starts coughing and Jonah takes her away. Maya asks if Grace is okay and Jonah says that she isn't remotely. The counselor comes out and asks Maya what's going on. Zoë then comes up and asks Maya if she thought about doing a music video for her song. Maya admits that that she was thinking about doing a simple music video with her guitar and uploading it onto YouTube, but Zoë reveals that she has professional contacts and how she wants to use the West Drive set for her video, along with herself directing. Tristan insists Maya do it and Maya asks what's in it for Zoë. She says she is only trying to be a good friend and Maya accepts.

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Stressed out after trying to write lyrics for her and her friends' new song, in Maya frustration throws her phone across the Degrassi hallway floor. Later on you can see that the screen did crack. Maya Matlin + remembering Cam over the degrassi degrassi next class maya matlin dnc cam saunders camaya nope I'm never gonna shut up about Cam and how great Maya's storyline has developed because of him my stuff mine basicially I made this bc I wanted to gif the degrassi zig novak maya matlin Campbell Saunders degrassi next class. 683 note Ignoring this, she tries insisting that Zig is good guy, and that she can prove it. She then tries convincing him to spend time with him at the dance. Miles is initially against it, but relents, telling her that she's lucky she's cute. She says she's lucky that he's the best. Maya, Jonah and Maya's mum are in the hotel room and Maya is excited. Maya gets worried so Jonah tries to calm her down by doing a mock meeting. Jonah asks Maya "Do you have what it takes?" But Maya is distracted by Zig's texting. Jonah tells Maya that she needs to block off Zig. So she does. Maya asks Jonah what the question was. Jonah says "I think you just answered that."

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