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Cheryl Jul 02 2016 3:40 am Taehyung Oppa!!! I know you will do well in this drama!!!! ARMY will support you!!!! Saranghaeyo!!! Previously failed FAC in April due to a single user's general opposition to the doctrine of fair use. This article has since had another helpful peer review and some extra copyedits to be sure that it will look very nice nestled in with the rest of Wikipedia's best work. Enjoy. Bradley0110 (talk) 14:03, 27 July 2009 (UTC) Support: You have resolved all my points except one, which you might look at again. "Critical reception differed from popular opinion" still doesn't tell us what this difference was. The sense I get is that critical reception was more favourable than popular opinion; if that is the case, could you say that? I also did a slight tweak, and perhaps a few others would improve the article even further, but overall I believe it matches the FA criteria. Good work, worth the effort. Brianboulton (talk) 18:26, 2 August 2009 (UTC) ROSE JANE MESARIO Nov 12 2016 7:34 am Oh God...i cant wait to see my bias KIM TAEHYUNG. Galingan mo...we love you kahit alien ka...hehe peace?? After witnessing a brutal murder on Halloween night, a young woman becomes the next target of a maniacal entity.

"In one scene of the episode, Homer fills his grill with two bottles of lighter fluid, causing viewers to anticipate an explosion when Homer throws a match on it. When he does release the match, however, it barely ignites. A similar joke appeared in an older episode of The Simpsons, "Treehouse of Horror", and Mirkin enjoyed it enough to reuse it." Jihye Jul 22 2017 8:30 pm The King is Park Min Hyuk, latest drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon... The other prince, dog bird is Park Seo Joon, latest drama Fight For My Way... Comments - Agree with Tony that a copyedit is required, and I've undertaken one [42]. I think at least one more good copyedit would be helpful. I definitely think that there's an FA in here, though, and expect to support before this process is complete. Besides the copyediting I've done, here are some issues: Swapnaneel Baishya Mar 05 2016 11:10 pm 91 line trio in one drama (Hyungshik, Minho, Do ji han)......DAEBAK <3 <3

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sammekjong bias>> the writer messed the story up..the story revolved around the main lead and his love story the rest are just decorations..the title of the story should have been the great hwarang warrior and his love story. Khurzz Steighn Feb 09 2017 3:13 am Same here. Why call him orabeoni? Is that how u kiss ur orabeoni? Aish... so disgusting sheeeyyyttt..! Keyce Feb 02 2017 3:14 am I think Sun Woo is the real king here, the real King Jinheung. Jinheung is the name will be given to the next king of Silla.

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Cartulize Charles Feb 21 2017 10:07 am Bon- He probably doesn't, he would have to have an interest in a different girl by at least episode 15 but he kept going with Ah Ro, he would have to find a girl, bond, fall in love and ask her to marry him in two episodes... kind of impossible. jin Feb 08 2017 1:48 am i relly love this drama #i love seojun go ara hyungsik am wait ep17 figthing yosei Feb 27 2017 1:04 am Started this because of V and Minho... and so glad I did! I'm not really into historical dramas but still found myself loving this. I really like the cast and the ost is great. While it is not the greatest k-drama, it's still worth watching. AJ Oct 24 2016 3:12 am Park Seo Joon, V, Park Hyunsik and Minho together omo im so dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wendy Jan 17 2017 6:11 pm Wow ep 10 total SHOCKER DOG-BIRD (fake sun woo ) kisses his fake sister (Ah ro) #awkard but sweet . Yeah they would make a great couple and all , but my poor KING , it sucks to see a handsome guy's heart broken, cause we all know in the end what's going to happen .No l love both guys but Ah ro can only be with one .SAD JUST SAD

Another hint that Sun Woo is the Queen's Son is they face the same symptom that is the symptom of faint. This also happen to the princess as well. So it means that Queen, Sun Woo and the Princess have the same genetic. Miss T Mar 14 2019 12:36 am I kept watching because i liked the cast and eye candy. The plot seemed to just go around in circles of will the Queen step down or not. Go Ara tired her best but the chemistry just wasnt there. The ratingd do reflect how the plot was shallow and not interesting. Great OST but the drama felt too long and i ended up skipping some parts because it was just moving too slow. mandy Jan 25 2017 5:59 am if I have to choose one guy from this drama then.......honestly it will be very difficult, love all the characters and I am enjoying watching it Does the slash/cut on his topknot considered as major victory? can somebody explain it briefly :) ;) Nancy Jan 29 2017 11:16 pm I'm also one of the hopefuls of the Jidwi and Aro loveteam and I wanted them to end up together because of their chemistry more than the Seonu/Aro pairing.

zali23 Feb 22 2017 5:44 am worst story ever,poor character development.they wasted a lot of talent and didnt put much effort in giving us an epic story they based its success on star power............but lesson learnt today is that star power isnt everything you need creativity and not all romances work Taehyung's Wife Jan 21 2017 3:19 am I totally fell in this drama... can't wait for the next episode!

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  1. jungle_fish Feb 23 2017 4:49 am I love all the casts.. but unfortunately the ending is very predictable.. I think it'd be nice if they added something like their childhood story.. ji dwi and princess sookmyung story, I think that would be sweet.. and more scenes for them to tell how they're really love and miss each other as sibling, how deep the feeling when she finally found her true oraboni
  2. Uckezzy Jun 30 2017 11:45 pm This drama is good,the plot,Cast.....My friend recommended this drama to me and am not Disappointed..Also i have to Admit that Soo yoon is way prettier than Ah ro,I just love it whenever the camera pans on her with smile on her face..>Wish to see more soo yoon smile.(Love You)
  3. Jared Dec 30 2016 8:59 pm At first I have second thought if i will watch this drama, it's good I did not stop watching it coz now I'm really enjoying this drama so much... Can't wait for the next episodes..
  4. ating this for featured article because I think it meets all of the criteria. Hunter Kahn and I have been working on this article the past few weeks/months, and now feel that it is ready for FAC.--Music26/11 12:53, 15 July 2009 (UTC)
  5. Kawai Dec 21 2016 1:50 pm I love this drama because of Park Seo Joon :) His onscreen bromance with Kwang soo is so cute, i wish they do a drama together that none of them will die lol. I really cried when Kwang soo died because Dog Bird was really sad about it, Can't wait for the next episode! FIGHTING!

Jey Dec 22 2016 11:45 pm It's is such a great drama! There are only two episode revealed and already gave a lot of great emotions to the viewers. I am looking forward to this drama. Hope it will make a great ranking afterwards. This was an Anglo-Canadian operation that took place during the Second World War Normandy campaign to capture the northern portion of the city of Caen.EnigmaMcmxc (talk) 09:01, 30 July 2009 (UTC) It doesn't mean that Sun Woo is the lead, he will automatically become the king. Maybe he'll support Sam Maek Jong in the end as his king and as his friend, but I don't see him snatching the crown from him because if Sun Woo becomes the king, it only means one thing, Sam Maek Jong will die... and i don't think he will. azade Jan 31 2017 10:43 am AWFULL...what the heck... aro played awfull no change in her face in all scenes no new story with a lot of flaw of directing and disguisting ost....

That's down to but not including "Governance". Perhaps a look through by word-nerd colleagues? Tony (talk) 08:39, 6 August 2009 (UTC) Molds Feb 22 2017 3:14 pm One of my dissapointment is the writer forgot to make story for yeo wol rang. When i saw him in the first episode, i found his character interesting. When he met SMJ for the first time in their room, i was kinda excpect his character development. And i thought the writer would dedicate at lease half episode worth screen time for each main hwarang for story telling their backround. But it never happend. Such a waste, the topic is great, the cast was well acted, but again, the story ( . . . )

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Gen Feb 01 2017 3:43 am I am trying to watch this drama coz of Ji Dwi. I hope he will be paired with Aro. I know Sun Woo is the lead but it irritates me when he and Aro are together esp with sweet moments. I hope Sun Woo will be paired with the princess and JiDwi will still be the king of Silla. DUA19 Jan 17 2017 4:37 am I love this drama and every episode since I really don't want to miss anything haha but what is funny is how everyone is focused on the love and I feel like I am the only one thinking about sun woo's true Identity even though I think I already know since I'm always right about what happens at the end But the real reason why I watch is because of my king......?yes I'm Mandy Feb 23 2017 12:25 pm the ending was not what I have expected,all the cast did a superb job in their role. Kim Tae-Hyung he is really cute, I really dnt understand why the rating is so low. so people if u are going thro the comment before watching the drama then dnt miss out this one because y'all gonna love it. Well, funnily enough I know someone who is very good at drawing plans - I beleive I noticed him "supporting" somwehere below me a moment ago. Giano (talk) 21:28, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

I feel bad for sam mek jong because he cannot reveal himself as a king even he want to. I can't wait for the next episode, It's getting more and more tense. drama Army Oct 07 2019 7:09 pm I love ?? Hwang it’s a really good k drama I have also seen other k dramas . Kdramas are the best for me.

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Image review - I noticed that there was an image review last time, so I went back to the version of the article that the reviewers were working off then. They had signed off on all the images then, so I have looked through only the new images. Those look good, and a quick look (not as detailed as I usually would) indicates that the older images are fine. So: image review shows no problems. NW (Talk) 01:25, 26 August 2009 (UTC) ti amo Jan 19 2017 8:07 am idk why do you guys hate if Ah Ro ended up being with Sun Woo. First of all, Sun Woo is the main character and his chance for being with AhRo is bigger than the King's. On the other hand, I'm really sure there's a huge secret about SunWoo's past, I believe he isn't just an ordinary peasant. I can't wait next week to watch ep.13. I ship Sun Woo & A Ro, but i don't know why, now i just thought that The Princess more suitable for Sun Woo. Hahaha.. i think they're suit couple too.. I think the king is the king, Ji Dwi/Sam Maek Jong more suitable for the king. And Sun Woo suitable for Great General. anon Sep 19 2016 3:47 pm Why do I feel like korean historical dramas (fiction or nonfiction) these days have a modern feel or mood to it? I miss the older ones because they seem more realistic. Thanks, for the nudging and suggesting to include it as example for domestication. Malljaja (talk) 17:56, 27 July 2009 (UTC)

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Hanna Sep 03 2016 5:47 am I cant wait to watch this drama!!omg..my taehyung!!oppa hwaiting..saranghae!! kity caeth Jul 15 2016 10:32 am m so much excited to see taehyung.........m looking forwrd to see his act...;*.....fighting taetae oppaaaaaaaaa.......! keep going taetae......! I'm much happier about the article and its comprehensiveness now and feel that it's much more accessible to the layman. Thanks for your patience. Nev1 (talk) 22:12, 26 August 2009 (UTC) Sandra Jan 31 2017 5:00 am I'm serious fan of Korea drama!!! I love this drama but Aro's acting is making this drama boring, I always wish to skip her part. At first it was interesting but lately as boring as hell.

writer nim y u must killed my precious han sung:"""(((( I cant stop crying during hansung scene OMG it really made me cry a lot:""" And in the end ah ro stuck by arrow and what the mean of the preview of eps 19? Ah ro died? plssss nooooo dont killed ah ro after han sung plsss just kill queen jisoo i hate her:(( hope ah ro will recover like how fast sun woo's wound recovered:( Miny AB Feb 22 2017 11:47 am Honestly I watch this because of Minho - my ultimate bias. But this drama is a let down and I'm not going to recommend it. Tho I see alot of potential there but it did not hit home, and I can totally predict the end before the last 2 eps (litterally dropping hints everywhere that Seonu wont be the ?). I mean the idea is really great, a significant milestone of history to recall, actors have good acting skills, but the built up of the story, the development of the characters (Royal Family and Hwarangs) were underwhelm. I wish there had had more focus on Hwarang class (like the water thing) to truely show how those young-bloods matured. I almost pity Jidwi but since thoughts about nation always fill his mind, so I believe he is truely Silla King. And I hate the Queen, she sometimes talks no sense at all ?. The Princess character just abit better but not so much, like how the heck in these chaos in ep 19 she asked her brother to persued Queen to cancel the marriage because she want Seonu and that the King should at least do something about it (I can see myself slap a duct tape on her mouth atm). Aro is ok, a bright girl who is source of comfort for those need it. All and all, I think it just messed up a great topic/idea. and i really love how ji dwi show up as a king! ji dwi for the king of silla! just let sunwoo and ah ro happy, and ji dwi as the jinheung please Miro Dec 29 2016 1:48 pm I do not know to get a taste this one drama. Enough bothers me occupancy Park Seo Joon-one of the main roles (his expression vapid with an occasional "roaring" I corrupted taste of in all the drama where he played). I'm hoping for Park Hyung-Sik will be eventually starring role in good drama. I root for to him here, but has compared the Park Seo Joon-enough little space. The main female role occupied by Go Ara is OK.

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Kimmy Dec 20 2018 7:43 pm The drama overall is good..it could have been much better though..i loved park hyun sik (ji dwi) s character the most but as the story goes on they made his character weak perhaps to make the main character dog bird to shine more..even so, the main characters dog bird and A ro were just not that impressive at all..their love story was unnecessary and i truly couldnt feel anything for the couple..it really would have been best if the writers found a way to make the characters grow as people and have both ji dwi and dog man have a good bromance and strong characters which shine..the strong point for this drama is the bromance between all the hwarangs and the writers should have found a way to make that the focus as well as trying to make the story have a solid plot which it lacked..i love romance a lot but in this drama i found myself wishing that there was no romance between the leads and the lead girl's character was just useless..even so i did love hwarang a lot,its much better than a lot of other kdramas out there.. Mai Dec 27 2016 9:54 pm OMG I dont know what I am having.. Im having second lead syndrome and something call Ban-Ryu syndrome.. <--- He's so goddamn good looking and OMG HIS VOICE *dies*. *ep 4 spoiler* the scene where his stepdad was punching (or slapping) his real dad was so sad because he had to stand there and do nothing.... Urgghhhh! btw sucks about the China ban on korean media.. hate it when politics gets involve with entertainment -_- Ems Dec 27 2016 5:56 pm it's a great show.. i wonder why the ratings not that high. nice to see Park Seo Joon once more after "She was Pretty". All the Hwarang men are handsome but i can't distinguish the other three actors,(the King, The one with an older brother, and Yeo Wool) But we're gonna be waiting for the next episodes... that's for sure! Love K-Dramas...presently watching Legend of the Blue Sea, (nice to see that Sung Dong -il is here hahaha), Goblin, Bubblegum and Dong-yi(2nd time)..that's why Kwang soo made me cry.. i wish he had a longer role like in Dongyi.. Great writers! keep it up.. :-)

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Mai May 29 2017 10:48 am I retract my earlier statement, Sam Maek wasn't given any character development either. I just really liked the character, probably bc the actor is hot. So there was no one in the whole show who had characer development. My thanks also for this wonderful and informative listing, for a fantastic show that's among the top 10 I've ever seen, from anywhere. But in the overall, I still love this drama(though I'm not fond of sun woo and a-ro). I'm excited with next episode. Fighting! ^^ The Great Queen Seondeok portrayed hwarang very well. Actually, I have waited to have movie or drama about hwarang and I am glad it's finally here. No wonder the casts are all handsome and pretty. I hope they can portray the hwarang well and don't ruin the hwarang's image. After all, this is drama and the real hwarang is not only about look, so I look forward to their acting.

A couple of these may have to do with my lack of AFL knowledge, but I'll have to come back for another round later. Giants2008 (17–14) 01:33, 25 July 2009 (UTC) jeon hilmiye Apr 04 2016 7:18 am Wtf is v doing right now this drama is a bomb omg how can so many handsome guys and BTS V jdjgx icant speak this drama will be a hit fighting kim taehyung ~arm y♡

Trish Jan 04 2017 9:11 am @Kao hmmm i don't think it's because of the actor that plays the king that makes fans want Maekjong and Aro to end up with each other. Truthfully, they do have better chemistry and they did meet first, right (weak reason but still, i think Maekjong did fall in love with her first). Bec Dec 23 2017 8:35 pm The plot lacked so much substance. I found Sa Mek Jong's character much more interesting from the start. The main characters were absolutely disappointing and became a bore both due to lack of chemistry and depth of background information. If the drama was about Sam Mek Jong, it would have been a more satisfying drama. I only continued watching because I wanted to see Sam Mek Jong as king. Suzy Jul 27 2018 2:14 pm I love this drama so much, I cried when han sung died, it was damn painful, his character and the way he talks just like baekhyun in moon lovers??

I love the actors and actresses, they're good looking and good in acting. I like all 6 hwarang, ah ro, also soo yeon Until ep.9, ah ro is lucky girl (dog bird & king love her), i ship her with her fake brother, but i dont want the king feel broken. I just want they're happy.. hahaha.. But now i'm more concern about ban ryu and soo yeon... they're cute couple... can't wait watch their scenes in next episode! Ban Ryu & Soo Yeon... dididi Jan 25 2017 8:17 am I just wanna say, I like this drama since the first time.. I will watch this drama till the end of episode.. Support: I did a copyedit for this article and found it to be well-written (there wasn't much to edit) and thoroughly researched. A fine piece of work by the editors involved. Scartol • Tok 22:20, 25 July 2009 (UTC) Someone Feb 26 2017 2:49 am This K drama is very unpredictable...I think I was satisfied with the ending.This drama was very informative, interesting and wonderful...I don't even know why the ratings are not as it should be but, it is the best so far.Some may not have appreciated this drama but don't be affected by another's opinion. Watch and enjoy then decide...

Keightie Dec 29 2016 10:42 pm I didnt expect much of this drama bec i felt the concept of the posters are awful and relied on them being flower boys. Didnt give me so much abt the story. But it was interesting. I get excited on whats gonna happen on d next episode. Its story is like a book that i cnt seem to put down and engages me. I hope it doesnt dissapoint me midway. Although i must say im not really a fan of go aras acting. Its the same all the time no matter wat role she gets i see thr same go ara. The only difference is the costume. Although her acting is not so bad compared to others. Its tolerable. I just wish she gets more depth when shes acting. kurly korean Oct 29 2016 1:04 am im scared and excited at the same time...there have been many dramas that have been a flop this year (in terms of korean ratings and my own thoughts) tho i didnt stop any of those dramas i kept watching it but it was boring to an extent i wanted to stop it. the only reason , in my opinion is that it will get high ratings because of the kpop idols (as usual) but if the story turns out to be a mess (i hope not) then the ratings will drop and i dont want that to happen with another good cast again.

The memorable parts for me are the funny scenes involving the Hwarangs, their chemistry is amazing all of them! The soccer match, the laundry scene, the first night at Hwarang house where they all got drunk except for Ji Dwi. I especially love Sun Woo and Ji Dwi who I thought would go up against each other in the last parts of the drama. It made me cry when they raised their swords against each other inside the palace. There are many touching moments and emotional scenes too. Like when Hansung died, when his brother mourned for him, when Queen Jisoo died, when Ji Dwi set Ah-Ro free, and when Sun Woo gave way for Ji Dwi to be King. Oh, do not forget Suho and Ban Ryu! Those two are hilarious! Especially when they are bickering ??? I really miss their friendship and brotherhood more than anything ? The only person keeping my interest in this drama is Ban Ryu Rang he strongly reminds me of Wang Yo (Moon Lovers) I can't decide if I should Like or Hate him. KwonFirexx Feb 01 2017 10:00 am I just read the comment section and asked wtf?? why many of you hate sunwoo in this drama? Is it just me that think that this drama is amazing? the actors and actresses are very superb! they can deliver their own character. first i kinda irritating with aro but i try to understand her character now. i love both ji dwi and sun woo, they act very good. and other hwarang like han sung, soo ho, ban ryu, etc. But i kinda surprise too when seeing sun woo end up saying that he is the king, like what? i hope ji dwi will be more brave to admit that he is a king. but again, sun woo took him over. I know sunwoo end up saying that thing because he cannot see aro killed, since he live for aro, and it reallyyy a gentle act. sun woo sacrified himself. Im shock but it makes me more curious and want to watch the next episode! It really worth to watch! I interested in how the writer nim put sunwoo for being a 'king'. There is still something missing, so be patient! It more more more interesting in every episode.

Reesa Sep 16 2016 6:42 pm Society in general has this tendency to hate on people or things that are popular. They would love to bring others down just to insist that they have a point. I do not know most of the actors here, however it is really an embarrasment to say that you will not be watching just because many idols are present. How will you know if they are good or not if you don't watch it? Image review - The three images in the article looked good, though one had to be moved to commons. I have done that for you, but could you take care of it next time? Thanks :) NW (Talk) 15:00, 28 July 2009 (UTC)

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This is my first attempt at the FA process, so any help would be greatly appreciated. The article has been greatly improved from its GAN a while back and I believe this meets the FA criteria. It recently underwent a peer review and seeing there are no FA's on Australian Football League topics it would be great to base other AFL articles on this one. Aaroncrick (talk) 05:49, 21 July 2009 (UTC) They're actually student like from the Heirs or To The Beautiful You though. Actually this drama is not Joseon era! It's Sillah era! Joseon weren't born on 1,500 years! King Jinheung is Sillah Dynasty base on true story, Queen Seondeok's grandpa is Jwi Di.

Honestly I've had my doubts because although the cast is amazing, some historical kdramas are not that fresh and its the same old story over and over again. And although I would've watched it for the actors, I'm really glad the plot turned out to be really intriguing, exciting and ohmy the feels are real :') 1) Female lead: she shouldn't EVER cry or frown. They should cast a better or prettier actress. She should be strong, female badass warrior perhaps. 2) Historical accurate: this new drama should historically accurate to a minute details. The writer shouldn't add some FICTIONAL characters or events. While we at it, don't forget SMJ's has many sister-wives don't dare to omit them and he should be a married man now, being 20 years old and a king beside. It will be better to say that this drama is a DOCUMENTARY and remove that disclaimer that said otherwise. 3) Screen time: each episode should give more screen time to SECOND lead whoever he is because it's logical to give second lead more spotlight. This second lead better be a REAL historical figure too otherwise it will be disrespectful.

Sparkling Feb 07 2017 8:20 pm Dissapointed drama! PSJ is great actor, PHS is good also. its such a waste for them to play on this drama. Go Ara’s acting was a joke! This drama only sell the great actors, the story is boring. Just a waste. Shine Jan 03 2017 10:59 pm I've been anticipating this drama since October and so far, I've been disappointed with how they edited the scenes every episode. :3 There were lots of scenes that can be taken out and Ban Ryu's and Soo Ho's wingmen get a lot of screentime than the other main casts. :( This is just my opinion tho. I still love this show ?? Support Comments - for now. Fascinating stuff and well-written. Quibbles: Where we have "sites producing" in the Lead, how about "sites that produce" or "sites that produced"? Is a "debate team" what we call over here in the UK a "debating society"? WRT the Jewish Autonomous Region(s), I got a little confused. Presumably the one "established by Stalin" had nothing to do with the one mentioned in the sentence above, or did it? I think "cell" might be better than "station" here, it was there that Koval assumed deputy command of the local GRU station. And, here, his motivation for leaving might have been because American counter-intelligence agents had discovered Soviet literature about his parents— why not just write "he might have left because..."? Lastly, I cannot see where the Doyle reference is used in the text. Graham Colm Talk 17:28, 23 July 2009 (UTC) First time i watched this i instantly fell in love with the king, but after watching ep 5 i decided to ship aro with moo myung... But after watching the ending of ep 6, the king snatched my heart again... Park Hyungsik delivered his character really well, his expression looks very sincere and real. Tuturuturu Dec 29 2016 4:32 am Min ho is screen stealer... i love his smile and his character. So hoo <3 <3

blob Jan 18 2017 9:08 pm I'm a bit lost, is the Princess, Sam mekjongs half sister or something?? I hope not coz that'll be creepy We are nominating this for featured article because we believe it fulfils criteria. It is comprehensive and balanced — just about every source on the species has been read by the nominators and the prose subsequently thoroughly reviewed at GAN and also by two subsequent plant editors familiar with FA standards. It is adorned by some nice images too. So have at it. We feel it compares well with the other half-dozen banksia Featured Articles - co-nom by Hesperian (talk · contribs) and Casliber (talk · contribs) 05:32, 11 August 2009 (UTC) kdramagirl Nov 13 2016 6:42 pm The warrior boy theme kind of remind me Fushigi Yuugi(which I hope someday they would do a kdrama live action of this manga) I am looking forward to this drama :) My only last wish is for Kim Isabu and Kim Ah-ro to have a happy ending together because I can’t find her anywhere in history. So that’s it guys, both male leads ends up being true friends and true hwarangs.

kim gee Jan 20 2017 3:45 pm I don't get why people hate Sun Woo, if you have SLS doesn't mean you have to hate the main lead ugh smh. They even say won't watch drama again if aro end up with sun woo while all the say they hate aro's character omg please be mature and realistic Anon Dec 29 2016 4:55 am this drama seems somewhat like The Hunger Games, i mean like the settings with rich, beautiful and luxurious people with very poor people outside the border and the soundtrack seems like THG too or idk it sounds familiar lol ok . Dec 02 2016 12:14 am I'm quite excited for this drama. I love historicals, and I can't wait to see Taehyung acting. I hope that it doesn't end up being like an 'idol drama,' though, and ends up keeping its legitimacy as a historical drama.

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  1. ds me of The Great Queen Seonduk ^^ ( which is the same background~ Shilla, Bone-rank system and hwarangs )
  2. Good work though and I hope to see it featured on the main page! Cheers. — AustralianRupert (talk) 14:00, 4 August 2009 (UTC)
  3. Lucky Mhe-Mhe Dec 29 2017 12:39 pm i can see how Park Seo Joon carried his character in the best way... i am so much amazed by his actions on the drama and keep on repeating the whole episodes all the way from ep 1-20... the last time i checked, i've been watching it for the 3rd time cycle ? waiting and hoping for more and another movies and dramas of Park Seo Joon... aja!!! God bless and keep up the best work!
  4. myxblush Jan 11 2017 11:27 pm OMG! I should of patiently waited for more episodes to air and now I'm gonna suffer K-dramas side effects!!

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Bella Jan 08 2017 8:55 am I love this drama. I have already rewatched all of the episodes. This is the best drama I have watched so far, and I have watched so many. The cast is so good. I love them all!!! Comments: Strong oppose: Significant problems in the prose, unlikely to be overcome given the nominator's objection to being told about them. I think this one is going to make it, but more work is needed by an independent copy-editor, throughout. The following observations from the top show a few issues that recur throughout. Careful auditing of comma usage, for example, would improve the text. But that's not all. Alex Jan 17 2017 9:33 am Although the cast is more than fine, don't know why they kept insisting with this love triangle and maybe incest-relationship which from what I read from some rumors SunWoo might be the Queens son which she gave away (It might be an interesting turn if they do it but so complicated for only 10 episodes remaining). Also the first 20 min from episode 9 where a let down because of all that crying scene. I truly hope the ratings will go up because the OST used so far are awesome! Park Hyung-Sik makes a great job at interpreting the King!!

The tabulations are excellent. A fine article overall. Brianboulton (talk) 10:28, 28 July 2009 (UTC) lanzkiephilippines Feb 06 2017 8:27 am just done watching episode 15 Finally some dramatic scene will happen at ep 16 tomorrow Ji Dwi will change his character after he saw Moomyung and ara kissing, my goddness can't wait until tomorrow

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  1. milana Mar 10 2016 6:42 pm im so going to watch this because of V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Stela Mar 30 2018 10:53 am I watched it because my friend recomended me it, and sent me the link. I never heard about this actors, or BTS before, or .....and i didn't pay attention to asian people and movies..... But i like this drama and the main song a lot, i change my thoughts and vision..... Since then, i watch korean dramas, also k-pop. It conquered me.... Comedy, drama, love, good actors, good job. It willbe always in my heart - My First Korean Drama :) Thanks a lot to all who worked on it!!! :) :) :D
  3. Miny AB Feb 22 2017 7:47 pm @Jared Yes they're siblings. And the Queen want them to marriage. Back then there really had those kind of marriage, to enhance Royal Family power and not let the throne/power or whatnot into other family. That's the way they see thing tho.
  4. K R Apr 23 2017 8:42 pm Watched Hwarang the second time, not sure why I'm so hooked on it but I am! This drama was a "fail" to viewers but not for me. The chemistry between Seojoon & Go Ara was there since the the first episode. (SPOILERS) kind of....
  5. ating this for featured article because it's about a fascinating subject, has reached Good article standard, and is timely in relation to the approaching 150th anniversary of publication of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species... dave souza, talk 10:58, 7 July 2009 (UTC) Supplement: please note that Fertilisation of Orchids was Darwin's first book after On the Origin of Species, and the first time he demonstrated the usefulness for research and the explanatory power of his theory of natural selection. . . dave souza, talk 23:11, 20 July 2009 (UTC)
  6. Wings is gonna be released on Oct. 10 BE PREPARED Sep 27 2016 8:44 pm i cant wait to watch this, its gonna be so cool. V hwaiting

I'm open for a second season but only if they listen to the viewers and improve the storyline. For now, the Hwarang gets a 7 out of 10 from me :) Lysa Nov 05 2017 9:46 am Every night I watch this kdrama, it's so beautiful, I like Hansung (cause he is a member of bts^_*) I like them all, they are so cute(but not all).... Watch This KDRAMA you will like it... leah Dec 24 2016 9:16 pm i luv Taehyung!!!hwaiting!!!im so excited for the next episode...Park SeoJoon is really a good actor,i love him too...

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  1. Honest Sep 03 2016 11:09 am Honestly I like everyone in here but Go Ara.Hope she doesn't ruin this drama
  2. I love it because it's played in a historical line, the dresses, the structure, a kind, a queen, warriors, everything is great. And ofcourse a love story !
  3. But what did we get? A somewhat disturbing love story between a woman that keeps calling her lover brother while kissing him, and a man that just acts like a 10 year old that doesn't know much better.
  4. Name Mar 08 2018 1:07 pm I enjoyed this drama very much, however i have a few issues with it. The female characters were incredibly lacking and were only relevant in relation to the males. It's 2018, i think we can expect stronger and more complex female characters. Ah Ro, although she had a few moments in which i liked and admired her, annoyed me because of how much of a cry baby she was and how much she got in the way. The princess was annoying as well and so was the queen. The only female character i actually liked was Soo Yeon. However, the hwarangs were great and i loved the bromance they had going on. (To be honest i shipped Yeo Wool and Han Sung). Although the show lacked in some regions (and i felt like skipping a few scenes once in a while) it was overall very enjoyable and i recommend it. I got very attached to the hwarangs and liked the character depth each of them had.
  5. Overall i love this drama to bits and the last time I felt this way was when I watched Reply 1988. y'all who watched the drama know how lovely that drama is. Also you guys should watch 1 Night 2 Days hwarang ep... Park Seojun Is so funny like i fell in love with him after watching that show lol
  6. Molds Feb 15 2017 8:29 am Writer-nim is trying to change history or trying to make people doubt the history. Or maybe her research wasn't complete, lead her to write such a story. I won't say it worst, but it's really not a good drama especially if you're saeguk lover.
  7. Tres May 24 2017 10:36 am I'm a big fan of Hwarang. Before it aired in 2016, I was already expecting since 2015. I love the story, the casts and the drama itself. But I just can't understand why I didn't saw Minho in the finale scene. You know, when the main Hwarangs was riding a horse. I'm looking for Minho but to my dismay he's not even there. Where the heck is he?? T.T

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  1. Jouju Feb 06 2017 2:42 am Terrible drama. The first episode was not exciting at all but I kept watching because of the cast. The second episode did pick up and was probably the best episode of the season. After that it became another cliche revenge love triangle drama with the sappy love story. I tried to keep watching but it's boring and I completely lost interest. The main characters are irritating and the dialogue/plot is badly written. There was no plot twist or anything that kept me on the edge of my seat to make me excited about watching.
  2. al has also targeted the property, and rigged it with a series of deadly traps.
  3. Mawiii May 27 2017 8:54 am Hii! I just finished watching Hwarang. Well, it was a good korean drama. Others might be watching the drama because of its main cast but for me. What really hits me the most is how they show types of reality of a family in the drama...
  4. KLover Dec 16 2016 8:11 am This drama wil be a bigh hit because of Taehyung and he's got the fun lovable character. Fighting oppa

Get the IMDb AppView Full SiteHelpSite IndexIMDbProBox Office MojoIMDb DeveloperPress RoomAdvertisingJobsConditions of UsePrivacy PolicyInterest-Based Ads© 1990-2020 by IMDb.com, Inc.Bless Feb 22 2017 6:25 am Congratulations to all the part of hwarang...for the successful of the drama...one of the best drama....especially to my idol..go ara...best actress ever..i enjoyed wacthing from the episode 1 untill the end....thank you for giving us such a great drama...looking forward for upcoming drama again... Mit einer spektakulären Aktion besetzten Aktivisten der Partei DIE RECHTE, sowie freie Nationalisten, am Freitagabend (16. Dezember 2016) den Turm der Dortmu.. Heol Jan 17 2017 3:31 pm Ok so ep 10 was much better! I'm seriously in love with ban ryu and soo yeon ahh! Also I'm glad the ah ro knows the King's identity now. I know that the King is the second lead but...i just can't help shipping him with ah ro. I seriously think that their chemistry is much better than her and moo myung (i love moo myung as a character tho) ^^. Hopefully the story keeps progressing like this...so far its been kind of slow. Btw ahhh my taehyungie!!! What a cutie, he's doing such a great job <3. Hwarang cast FIGHTING!

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