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© Itestro, Fotolia “IckeWiki” Creates Transparency For Energy Management The implementation of an energy management systems (EnMS) affects every unit of a company. Information must be procured from all units and locations and analyzed. The solution is a wiki, i.e. a central information platform for energy management, on which everyone involved works together and quickly exchanges expertise on the topic throughout a company. (05/2014) FraunhoFer InstItute For Factory operatIon and automatIon IFF, magdeburg 1 HawkSpex ® Mobile: SMartpHone SpectroScopy 1 A smartphone spectrometer- made possible without additional hardware by HawkSpex® Mobile. smartphones can do even more Modern smartphones are veritably ubiq-uitous. Many users count on using their smartphones for more than. Una compañía alemana llamada Fraunhofer es la creadora de una cámara llamada HawkSpex, la cual es capaz analizar y determinar si los productos tienen sustancias químicas adicionadas que no deberían de estar ahí

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© Fraunhofer IFF Worker Assistance and Quality Inspection for Manual Assembly Processes A multitude of industrial assembly processes have many variants because of the high individuality of products. Manual assembly work subjectively influences the quality of an end product. Errors that occur in production increase costs. Systematic assistance is an option to support human action and prevent errors. (09/2010) Fraunhofer development engineers have developed a new app which provide us with the direct look inside objects and show us with its specific constituents.To deal with its one of applications as in case of apples which can be scanned for pesticide residues. In today's time purity is just a label and no one can be sure of how real the product is.As in case of edible things particularly fruits.

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© Fraunhofer IFF Efficient Engineering Using Virtual Machines Developers and vendors of complex machinery and plants have to complete technically risky projects on time, at cost and to quality. New methods of integrated digital engineering provide valuable support: Virtual models can be used to validate concepts at an early stage, parallelize stages of development and validate features. The Fraunhofer IFF developed the software system VINCENT, which is tailored specifically to the needs and capabilities of small and medium-sized machine manufacturers. (10/2014) equipped with three-channel (red-green-blue) color sensors. e Fraunhofer IFF claims to have overcome the need for expensive and specialized hardware by using the screen to illuminate objects in narrowband colors while simultaneously recording with a built-in (regular) camera. is app is currently a prototype in search of a commercial partner The makers of an industrial hyperspectral camera called HawkSpex have created an app that lets you use your smartphone's existing camera and display to scan an object and see what's inside it. German firm Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation hopes consumers will find its HawkSpex app useful for things such as testing for pesticides in. © Fraunhofer IFF Safety at the Push of a Button Advanced, highly optimized and efficient manufacturing equipment usually consists of a multitude of cooperating components controlled by different embedded systems and/or PLCs. In response, the Fraunhofer IFF developed the VINCENT software environment. The heart of VINCENT is a virtual machine that simulates and visualizes a real machine’s functions. VINCENT is extended by the AGENS safety module, which facilitates the development of machine safety. (10/2014) Swajp. 585 To se mi líbí. Každý z nás neustále krmí svůj smartfoun více či méně povedenými aplikacemi. Swajp vám každý týden představí ty, které se vám budou skutečně hodit

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© Fraunhofer IFF, Dirk Mahler Putting Ideas into Operation Faster: Digital Engineering in Machinery Manufacturing The crucial criterion for machinery and plant manufacturers’ competitiveness is the capability to develop technically sophisticated and high-risk projects in shorter and shorter time with minimal costs and high quality. The Fraunhofer IFF delivers custom solutions for you to develop your products based on state-of-the-art methods of digital engineering. Upon request, we will develop your custom machinery, from the idea to the start of production, or provide software tools that enable you to engineer efficiently. (03/2014)

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电子发烧友网推出的手机科技网,报道最新手机,最新手机技术以及手机系统应用 Should you be unable to reach your personal contact at any point, use the contact form on our website and we will forward your inquiry internally for a prompt response.

Die modellabhängigen Unterschiede der Eigenschaften des Displays und der Frontkamera können vom Nutzer direkt nach der Installation der App oder zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt korrigiert  werden. Als leicht verfügbares Kalibriernormal, das ausgesprochen konstante spektrale Eigenschaften aufweist, werden Geldscheine verwendet. Der Nutzer scannt einmalig einen gut erhaltenen Geldschein. Die App vergleicht diesen mit einer hinterlegten Referenz aus dem Spektrallabor des Fraunhofer IFF und berechnet daraus einen Korrekturterm. Dieser wird dann automatisch bei jedem weiteren Benutzen der App im Hintergrund verwendet.The current situation requires extraordinary actions from us. We would like to inform you about them with an eye toward our work together. New smartphone app lets you 'see' inside objects With the app, users can scan fruits for pesticides. Mobile App, HawkSpex mobile app, fruits, pesticides, light, smartphones, spectral fingerprint, New App, Luminous Intensity It will soon be possible to use smartphones to scan apples for pesticide. - Image Courtesy, Fraunhofer IF © Fraunhofer IFF Quality Assurance of Liquids by Means of Radio Spectroscopy A measurement system based on the principle of radio spectroscopy, a subfield of dielectric spectroscopy in the VHF radio frequency range, consists of compact sensing elctronics and a remote forked sensor module. Made of a highly chemically resistant, biocompatible ceramic material, it contains the capacitive sensor elements and the active signal converter. (10/2011)

フラウンホーファー研究機構によるとHawkSpex Mobileは最初の実験室版が完成済みとのこと。セイファート博士は、2017年末までにHawkSpex Mobileがリリースされることを期待しているそうです。 © Fraunhofer IFF, Denise Nitsche We'll Get You Fit For Prozessindustrie 4.0 Do you wonder where added value from Industrie 4.0, i.e. interconnectivity and intelligence, is concretely for your company? Or are you seeking a technology-neutral implementation partner for your Industrie 4.0 project in the chemicals, refining, pharmaceuticals, power or food industry? We are a technology partner that provides Industrie 4.0 expertise and solutions for your process manufacturing systems, regardless of whether the processes are batch or continuous. We additionally provide consulting when you are developing new business models. (04/2017)Erst durch die Verfügbarkeit derartiger Werkzeuge im Hochdurchsatz lassen sich bestimmte biologische Fragestellungen, z. B. im Rahmen umfangreicher Mutanten-Screenings, adressieren. The systems developed at the Fraunhofer IFF identify materials and material properties not visibly recognizable by external features without contact. (09/2013) Automatically Assuring Quality With Smart Sound Analysis [ PDF 0.25 MB ] HawkSpex®: A Flexibly Configurable Hyperspectral Camera. Quality assurance frequently entails specific, clearly. © Fraunhofer IFF, Viktoria Kühne HawkSpex® Mobile: Smartphone Spectroscopy Modern smartphones are veritably ubiquitous. Many users count on using their smartphones for more than just communication. Many apps base their assessment of the properties of a scanned object, in the broadest sense, on its chemical composition and thus scan far more than just size, shape, color, texture, etc.. In other words, they require a hyperspectral camera. (05/2018) 

スマホを近づけるだけで農薬や鉛などの有害物質を見抜けるアプリ「HawkSpex Mobile」をフラウンホーファーが

  1. © Fraunhofer IFF In-line Quality Inspection with OptoInspect 3D Optical 3D measuring systems are increasingly replacing classic tactile measuring systems. While new fields of application are being developed, few applications have been implemented. OptoInspect 3D is a modular technology that produces automatic 3D measuring systems that inspect quality in industrial manufacturing. The focus is concentrated on integrating measuring and testing systems directly in manufacturing processes or machinery in order to produce highquality products and make manufacturing processes efficient. (04/2013)
  2. The Fraunhofer IFF develops and engineers innovative solutions in the fields of smart work systems, resource-efficient manufacturing and logistics, convergent infrastructures, and digital engineering and Industrie 4.0
  3. e their cost effectiveness. In the process, we will draw on our extensive portfolio of analysis methods, test systems and simulation tools. (05/2014)
  4. Un institut din Germania lucrează la o aplicaţie care ne-ar putea schimba definitiv viaţa. Se numeşte HawkSpex mobile şi are la bază ideea de a afla, în principal, ce conţin alimentele pe care le consumăm. De exemplu, aplicaţia vede în interiorul unui măr şi ne poate arăta dacă el conţine sau nu reziduuri de pesticide

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  1. Fraunhofer lighthouse project Cognitive Agriculture eight Fraunhofer Institutes have joined forces to use innovative automation concepts and novel sensor technology to build a data-based ecosystem that shall become a milestone in digitalized agriculture. HawkSpex ® HawkSpex.
  2. © Fraunhofer IFF, Thoralf Winkler Monitoring, Controlling and Protecting Electrical Power Grids As nuclear energy is phased out, the German government is promoting renewable energies supplied to high, medium and low voltage grids, which unlike conventional power plants are volatile and distributed. Our developments contribute to smart grids, which are in need of innovative monitoring, control, protection and infrastructural concepts. (02/2017)
  3. 10:00 - 10:15 Udo Seiffert (Fraunhofer IFF, Germany): HawkSpex(R) Mobile--A ubiquitously available plant scanner. 10:15 - 10:30 Coffee Break (Courtesy of Zegami) 10:30 - 10:50 Demo of Phenotiki. 10:50 - 11:00 Discussion. 11:00 - 11:30 Calibration of camera system
  4. Con l'applicazione HawkSpex mobile, creata dall'Istituto di organizzazione e automazione industriale Fraunhofer IFF di Magdeburg, i consumatori avranno l'opportunità di fare da soli i propri controlli. L'approccio è semplice: si prende uno smartphone, si apre l'applicazione, si punta la fotocamera su un oggetto, per esempio una mela, e si.

© Fraunhofer IFF Flexible Model-Based Assembly Inspection Highly customized products, small lots and short product life cycles are challenges advanced industrial assembly processes have to handle. Frequently, only manual or hybrid semi-automatic assembly is flexible enough. Optical systems that inspect the outcome of assembly operations contribute greatly to organizing processes cost effectively and reliably. Employing a model-based approach, the Fraunhofer IFF in Magdeburg developed a technology that optically inspects assembly and completeness, which is highly flexible, adaptive and robust. (04/2012) HawkSpex® - ein flexibles System zur Aufnahme hyperspektraler Bilddaten : Klück, Hans-Christian ; Rothe, Felix ; Seiffert, Udo Fraunhofer-Institut für Fabrikbetrieb und -Automatisierung -IFF-, Magdeburg © Fraunhofer IFF, Dirk Mahler Indoors and Outdoors: Digital Inventory Management for Large Parts Real-time knowledge about the storage location of items such as containers or parts and, thus, about current capacities and storage facilities and space is indispensable for effective and efficient inventory management. For logisticians, this means having to document every operation in a storage facility immediately and having to process the data properly and forward it quickly. The Fraunhofer IFF has developed a system that automatically documents logistics operations in such storage facilities to support inventory management. (10/2013) Moderne Smartphones sind de-facto in aller Hände. Die Verwendung des Smartphones über die reinen Kommunikationsanwendungen hinaus ist für viele Nutzer eine wesentliche Eigenschaft. Dabei spielen die integrierten Sensoren (z.B. Kameras, GPS, Gyroskop) eine entscheidende Rolle. Eine speziell entwickelte Software, die App, stellt diese weiterreichende Funktionalität für den Nutzer typischerweise zur Verfügung. Eine ganze Gruppe dieser zusätzlichen Eigenschaften geht in Richtung preiswerter, leicht bedienbarer und ständig verfügbarer Mess- und Überwachungsgeräte.

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Fraunhofer-Innovationscluster ER-WIN Schenk, Michael; Kabelitz, Stefanie: Aufsatz in Buch: 2016: Fraunhofer-Institut für Fabrikbetrieb und -Automatisierung. Leistungen und Ergebnisse. Jahresbericht 2015: Schenk, Michael (Hrsg.) Jahresberich GIGAZINE ホーム Twitter Facebook YouTube GIGAZINE シークレットクラブ © Fraunhofer IFF Multi-modal Bin-picking for New Industrial Tasks: pickit Bins with randomly stored materials are currently one of the most cost-effective and flexible supply forms, especially in the field of intra-logistics. Extracting particular parts out of a bin can be automated by using so-called bin-picking systems which combine vision sensors, grippers and image processing algorithms to enable a robot to grip parts automatically. However, all commercially-available systems still face the same challenges, namely the verification if a part was gripped properly and whether problems occur during the handling process. In the ECHORD++ project pickit, a tactile sensor was designed which can be attached to different types of industrial grippers. (06/2016) HawkSpex Mobileが完成すれば物にスマートフォンを近づけるだけで成分を調べることが可能になります。 たとえば、「有機栽培」をうたう野菜に農薬が含まれていないか、水道水に鉛が含まれていないかなど、手軽に食の安全を消費者の手で調べることができる. The new HawkSpex mobile app from the Fraunhofer Institute uses the existing technology inside your smartphone to check the credentials of all kinds of different products. Read on Greenpeace Frankfur

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Organic or toxic? This is what a new application developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg can determine. The app, called HawkSpex, enables its users to test food and objects for their ingredients. To analyze food with HawkSpex, one needs only a smartphone and nothing more. Although systems that [ New smartphone app looks inside objects 1 February 2017 It will soon be possible to use smartphones to scan apples for pesticide. Credit: Fraunhofer IFF The HawkSpex mobile app from the. The HawkSpex mobile app developed by engineers from Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg (Germany) gives the information about the objects by aiming the smartphone at the object and scanning it © Fraunhofer IFF Integrated Development Of PLC And Robot Programs Complex automated manufacturing cells usually consist of a combination of different work stations such as assembly stations, interlinking systems and robots. Development, testing and virtual commissioning of every component before manufacturing commences cuts development risk dramatically, shortens development and commissioning times, and provides manufacturing with qualitatively validated design engineering. The VINCENT system developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg does exactly this. (05/2016)

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  1. با دوربین گوشی که نام HawkSpex (R) mobile برای آن ثبت شده است و حاوی یک سنسور سه کاناله با پهنای باند بالا است، نوربارنگ های مختلف به کالا تابانده می شود.حال ودرصورتیکه به عنوان مثال یک سیب (هنوز) حاوی.
  2. © Fraunhofer IFF Virtual Interactive Learning Environments for Technical Experts Demographic change will make it impossible to meet future labor requirements by recruiting young workers. This means more than an aging workforce. If they are to remain competitive, companies will have to ready themselves to be highly productive and provide innovative products and processes with an older workforce. Shorter product life cycles and the greater diversity of products are moving the market to impose new demands on qualication. Operational content must be retrievable anytime and adaptable to trainees' skills. (02/2011)
  3. Online in Internet; URL: https://www.iff.fraunhofer.de/en/publications/product-information-sheets.html
  4. Bild: Fraunhofer IFF Wir bitten die Nutzer, ihr Smartphone beim ersten Einsatz von HawkSpex Mobile zu kalibrieren. Sie sollen dafür etwas nutzen, was definitiv eine einheitliche Farbgebung hat: Geldscheine
  5. The HawkSpex mobile app from the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg will enable consumers to verify such information in the future
  6. The HawkSpex® mobile app from the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg will enable consumers to verify such information in the future
  7. Die Fraunhofer-app HawkSpex mobile erkennt - ohne weiteres Zusatzgerät - pestizid-rückstände in obst. Bild: Fraunhofer IFF Die Stimmungs-App wurde vom is - raelischen Wissenschaftler Yuval Mor entwickelt und basiert auf künstlicher Intelligenz. Sie analysiert menschliche Stimmen anhand von lautstärke, Stimm lage und Betonung

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  1. © Fraunhofer IFF HawkSpex®: A Flexibly Configurable Hyperspectral Camera Quality assurance frequently entails specific, clearly defined and recurring measuring tasks for manufacturers. Raw coffee during roasting, preprocessed meat during sausage production or recyclables in waste management – primary, semi-finished and finished products as well as different production systems make different demands on measurement systems. Generally, they can be met with hyperspectral cameras. A custom hardware and software solution, the HawkSpex® camera system has versatile uses from classifying different materials to grading, e.g. for quality assurance in production or waste management, through quantifying the material composition of a product or a material by means of optical chemometrics. (09/2013)
  2. imagecolorsforindex — Get the colors for an index. Description. Examples. Example #1. imagecolorsforindex -- Get the colors for an index. array imagecolorsforindex ( resourc
  3. But this app is from veteran R&D group Fraunhofer — so it may very well be the real thing. This app uses spectral analysis to analyze objects and their makeup Devin Coldewey @techcrunch / 3 year

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These restrictions are not keeping us from working. Our employees are continuing to work on projects from home and can be reached by email. We are also teleconferencing and videoconferencing to communicate efficiently and constructively. © Fraunhofer IFF, Dirk Mahler "RFID Tunnel Gates" for Reliable Bulk Reading RFID technologies provide many and diverse options to systematically control, monitor and thus more efficiently organize production and logistics processes. Established identification points are important in supply chains supported by RFID to scan goods and capture data. Inspections of incoming and outgoing bulk goods particularly constitute such critical points. To this end, researchers at the Fraunhofer IFF developed the RFID Tunnel Gate, which reliably reads large quantities of transponders. (05/2013) fraunhofer institute for factory operation and automation iff, magdeburg 1 hawkspex®: a flexibly configurable hyperspectral camera 1 hawkspex® d h[leo\ frq jx- udeoh k\shuvshfwudo fdphud 3krw

The app, named 'HawkSpex', was designed by developers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF, and aims to read the constituents of an object in order to retrieve verifiable information for customers Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 1 39106 Magdeburg, Germany Phone +49 391 4090-107 Fax +49 391 4090-93-10 Using the HawkSpex mobile app, users can take out their smartphone, aim it at the object being scanned and get the desired information, for instance, whether an apple contains pesticide residues. Although systems that perform such scans already exist, users usually have to clamp additional parts such as a prism onto the front of the integrated.


Fraunhofer Development a German Engineering firm has developed a new app 'HawkSpex' that can directly look inside objects and display specific constituents. The HawkSpex app uses the front camera on the smartphone to perform the action. The regular scan methods can be costly and interfere with the smart phone's design Fraunhofer is developing an application HawkSpex Mobile that can see harmful substances such as pesticides and lead just by bringing the smartphone closer. Prev >> Headline news on February 22, 2017. Tweet. Feb 22, 2017 19:00:00 in Note, Posted by logc_nt Latest news 40. HawkSpex mobile: Diese App macht das Smartphone zum Spektrometer. Fraunhofer ist ja dafür bekannt, fake science zu produzieren.. Die haben bestimmt keine Ahnung, Sie aber schon. Gratuliere

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Baum, T.; Navarro-Quezada, A.; Knogge, W.; Douchkov, D.; Schweizer, P. & Seiffert, U., HyphArea - Automated Analysis of Spatiotemporal Fungal Patterns, Journal of Plant Physiology, 2011, 168, 72-78 Die App HawkSpex mobile will Verbrauchern dabei helfen, Inhaltsstoffe von Lebensmitteln zu überprüfen. Entwickelt wurde die App vom Fraunhofer-Institut in Magdeburg. Und so soll es ablaufen: App installieren, Apfel in die Hand nehmen und Smartphone auf das Objekt richten - schon erhält man die gewünschte Information However, HawkSpex mobile, Fraunhofer's app, enables your smartphone to perform spectral analysis on any object that you point at - by intelligently changing the way spectral analysis is done without the need for any additional accessories such as prisms Herzog, A.; Herrmann, C.S.; Seiffert U.; Michaelis, B. & Braun, K.: Quantitative 3-D analysis of dendritic spines using geometric models. Society of Neuroscience 2010, 516.11 有思想的新科技网站,内容有人工智能、物联网、未来医疗、智能硬件和机器人等新兴产业最新资讯和新闻

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  1. Die Erhebung spektraler Daten ermöglicht generell Rückschlüsse auf die stoffliche Zusammensetzung der untersuchten Probe. Im Falle der Verfügbarkeit ortsaufgelöster Spektraldaten (z. B. durch Spektralkameras, oder MALDI-Imaging) entstehen äußerst komplexe Datensätze, die spezielle Analyseverfahren erfordern, um die darin enthaltenen relevanten Informationen zu extrahieren. Hierzu betreibt das Kompetenzfeld Biosystems Engineering umfangreiche Forschungsarbeiten zur Entwicklung angepasster Algorithmen, die klassische Statistik und neueste Methoden des maschinellen Lernens und der künstlichen Intelligenz verbinden. Diese Forschungsarbeiten sind wiederum der Ausgangspunkt für die Entwicklung kundenspezifischer Lösungen in unterschiedlichen Anwendungsfeldern.
  2. © Fraunhofer IFF, Thoralf Winkler Conformance and Quality Testing Platform for Smart Grid Equipment The foundation of reliable grid operation is exact knowledge of the grid’s current state and the processes running in it. Together with their clients, the Fraunhofer IFF’s experts develop the measurement architecture required for measurement and certification. (02/2017)
  3. Forscher am Fraunhofer-Institut haben eine App entwickelt, mit der sich Lebensmittel analysieren lassen. Damit kann beispielsweise festgestellt werden, ob es sich bei dem Apfel um ein Bio-Produkt.
  4. In »professionellen« Anwendungen findet hierfür häufig hyperspektrale Bildgebung mit speziellen Hyperspektralkameras Anwendung. Per se sind die in Smartphones verbauten Kameras mit dreikanaligen Farbsensoren (rot – grün – blau) ausgestattet und somit nicht für diese Aufgabenstellung geeignet.
  5. Es gibt viele Anwendungen, bei denen die Beurteilung von Eigenschaften eines, im weitesten Sinne, zu messenden Objektes  auf dessen (bio-)chemischer Zusammensetzung beruht und damit über die Erfassung von Größe, Form, Farbe, Textur, usw. hinausgeht – kurzum, eine Inhaltsstoffkamera erfordert.  Exemplarisch sei die Erfassung des Zustandes von Lebensmitteln im Hinblick auf Frische oder Unbehandeltheit, die verschleierte Nachbesserung von Autolacken nach Unfallschäden, aber auch das Erkennen von Fälschungen bei Dokumenten, Medikamenten oder hochwertigen Textilien genannt.
  6. The HawkSpex® mobile app from the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg will enable consumers to verify such information in the future CAV 2019 is the 31st in a series dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practice of The conference will take place July 13-18, 2019 in various rooms and auditoriums.

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© Fraunhofer IFF, Daniela Martin Mobile Assistance Systems Support Plant Operation Manufacturing plants and operations are growing more and complex and diversified. Despite the rising level of automation, humans continue to play a key role in this environment as actors and decision makers. Assistance technologies that help users do their jobs are increasingly needed to meet the high demands. The Fraunhofer IFF has developed a system that generates customized assistance information and delivers it to different mobile devices as it is needed. (10/2014) Mit HawkSpex® Gadget lassen sich nahezu beliebige spektrale Bänder realisieren, die, neben einer größeren möglichen Anzahl, auch den Ultraviolett- und Infrarotbereich erreichen. Der Vorteil gegenüber konventionellen Spektrometern liegt in der Beibehaltung des HawkSpex® Messprinzips, mit all seinen Vorteilen im Hinblick auf universelle Verwendbarkeit, Energiebedarf und Preis. President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Corporate Policy and Research Management: Reimund Neugebauer Technology Marketing and Business Models: Ralf Boris Wehrspohn Human Resources, Legal Affairs and IP Management: Alexander Kur Seiffert, U.: Content Adaptive Compression of Images Using Neural Maps. Proc. of the International Workshop on Self-Organizing Maps WSOM 2005, Paris, France, pp. 227-234, 2005.

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Since smartphone cameras don’t have that prism, apps that can analyze objects require accessories, add-on cameras that are expensive and need to be carried around with the smartphone. Instead, the research group reversed the idea. Rather than using a prism to detect the different wavelengths, the smartphone’s screen emits a particular wavelength at a time, while the camera reads whether or not that wavelength is reflected. HawkSpex Mobile, the spectral analyzer in your pocket. Believe it or not, a group of researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute have created an app that can examine various objects, the X-ray style way

Diese virtuellen computerbasiertenModelle können mittels unterschiedlicher dreidimensionaler Projektionstechnik zur individuellen Verifikation sowie für Ausbildungs- und Präsentationszwecke eindrucksvoll und anschaulich dargestellt werden. Hierzu verfügt das Fraunhofer IFF Magdeburg über eine Reihe geeigneter Systeme. © Fraunhofer IFF Projection and Camera Based System for Optical Workplace Monitoring The vision of humans and machines collaborating in a shared workplace will become reality in the near future. Novel technologies will monitor workspaces where protective barriers now separate humans and, for instance, robots, and reduce a robot's speed or stop it when a human approaches, for instance. In addition to the industrial sector, a variety of other domains will also need safe optical workplace monitoring systems in the future. These systems will furnish the basis for new robot applications. (03/2011) Developed by engineers from Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdebur, Germany, the 'HawkSpex mobile' is a smartphone app that can give detailed information about.

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© Fraunhofer IFF Automatic Quality Assurance with Hyperspectral Image Analysis Precise and rapid in-line identification of a product's properties is the heart of every quality assurance systems. The systems developed at the Fraunhofer IFF identify constituents in real time without contact, spatially resolved and reproducibly. Hyperspectral imaging, or more precisely imaging reflectance spectroscopy, captures absorption properties very precisely in several hundred spectral channels in the visible and near-infrared spectrum, thus supplying a variety of information in new quality. (10/2011)Im Bereich B2C wird die Vermarktung über eine Ausgründung aus der Fraunhofer Gesellschaft erfolgen. Hier besteht kurzfristig noch die Möglichkeit der Beteiligung für Investoren und zur personellen Verstärkung unseres Start-up. © Fraunhofer IFF, Thoralf Winkler Electrical Grid Simulation and Modeling Electrical grids are the backbone of economic and social development. The rising number of distributed suppliers of renewable energy is prompting a restructuring of the electrical grid since conventional, unidirectional energy flows are turning into bidirectional energy flows. Grid modeling and simulation with new static and dynamic grid models is central to guaranteeing a certain and reliable energy supply nonetheless. (02/2017)

© Fraunhofer IFF, Dirk Mahler Transparency and Security in Logistics Growing market demand and increasingly complex supply chains are also confronting small and medium-sized freight forwarders and logistics providers with new challenges on a daily basis. Enough standard solutions are now commercially available. Flexible and affordable custom solutions for medium-sized companies are a rarity, though. The Fraunhofer IFF has developed a system specifically for this clientele, which monitors logistical assets such as freight and means of transport. It is used to document and systematically control logistics operations. (10/2013) 1. Laden Sie sich die »3DQR«-App von Google Play oder aus dem Apple iOS AppStore herunter. Das Display leuchtet nacheinander in den 3 Grundfarben, separat und gemeinsam. Synchron dazu werden Farbbilder mit der Frontkamera aufgenommen. Durch die Kombination ergibt sich der Spektraleffekt in 12 Kanälen. Ein Bild bei dunklem Display wird zur Kompensation des Umgebungslichtes genutzt.Bollenbeck, F.; Kaspar, S.; Mock, H.-P.; Weier, D. & Seiffert, U.; Rajasekaran, S. (Ed.) Three-dimensional Multimodality Modelling by Integration of High-Resolution Interindividual Atlases and Functional MALDI-IMS Data, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Springer, 2009, 5462, 126-139 HP8000 LED光电色快速测试仪(光谱分析系统)-适用于测量LED相对光谱功率分布Pλ,色品坐标(x,y),(u,v)、相关色温Tc、显色指数Ra、色容差SDCM、峰值波长λp、光谱半宽度 λ、主波长λd、色纯度、光通量lm、发光强度(配测试支架) 、光效、正向

The HawkSpex® mobile app from the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg will enable consumers to verify such information in the future. The principle: Take out your smartphone, open the app, aim it at the object being scanned - such as an apple - and get the desired information, for instance. © Fraunhofer IFF Automated Wheelset Geometry Scanning The interaction between wheel and rail stresses the wheels of rail vehicles tremendously. The wheel profile geometry, the radial and axial runout tolerances and the wheel disks' position on the shaft are critical quality parameters for a rail vehicle's safe operation and high ride comfort. These quality parameters must be assured by objective measurements, especially as vehicle speeds continue increasing. OptoInspect 3D technology served as the basis to develop a measurement system that automatically scans wheelset geometry and captures every relevant geometric quality parameter. Such a fully automatic measuring stand receives a wheelset and sets it rotating to scan all the geometric features. (08/2010) © Fraunhofer IFF, Dirk Mahler "RFID Wristband" Identifies Mobile Objects During Handling Operations RFID technologies furnish a variety of options to systematically control, monitor and thus more efficiently organize production and logistics processes. With their RFID Wristband, researchers at the Fraunhofer IFF have developed a mobile solution that identifies objects or picking areas in order picking or assembly processes quickly and automatically. (09/2014) © Fraunhofer IFF, Thoralf Winkler Hardware and Software Components for Smart Power Systems The Fraunhofer IFF’s experts develop holistic approaches to electric power grids including the necessary information and communications technologies. In the process, we analyze every potential component from vehicle batteries to charging stations and mobile electric vehicle applications and even the higher-level control system that controls the smart grid. (02/2017)

Proof of Concept: Rounding Up for Charity Written by Anna Rees , 09-12-2015 Donating when you shop is the new black: how the process of rounding up shopping bills to the nearest round sum is looking to turn all shoppers into charitable givers, one micro-donation at a time Fraunhofer IFFFraunhofer-Institut für Fabrikbetrieb und -automatisierung IFF - Forschung und EntwicklungsfelderBollenbeck, F. & Seiffert, U. Joint Registration and Segmentation of Histological Volume Data by Diffusion-Based Label Adaption, 20th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 2010 , 2010, 2440 -2443 Smart Green Innovation Green startups, social entrepreneurs and projects that stand out through their impact and their originality - we introduce their solutions here. The new HawkSpex mobile app from the Fraunhofer Institute uses the existing technology inside your smartphone to check the credentials of all kinds of different products

In manchen Fällen muss der dreidimensionale Zusammenhang anhand zweidimensionaler Bilder (z. B. histologische Schnittbilder) erst hergestellt werden. Hierzu werden das Display des Smartphones schnell hintereinander auf seiner gesamten Fläche auf eine Sequenz verschiedener Farben geschaltet und synchron dazu Bildaufnahmen mit der  Frontkamera durchgeführt. Diese misst das vom dadurch definiert beleuchteten Messobjekt reflektierte Licht. Über die Sequenz der Beleuchtungsfarben entsteht in Bruchteilen einer Sekunde das Spektralbild. Speziell entwickelte Methoden der künstlichen Intelligenz wandeln die aufgenommen spektralen Rohdaten in Informationen im Kontext der konkreten Anwendung um. Eine App ermöglicht die Nutzerinteraktion, steuert die synchrone Beleuchtung/Bildaufnahme und stellt die Verbindung zu einer spektralen Anwendungsdatenbank her. © Fraunhofer IFF Technology for Integrated 3D Inner Contour Measurement Inspecting geometric features inside components with limited accessibility is frequently a challenge. Examples are grooves and channels in bores, inside threads and inner contours of extruded profiles. Tactile measurement equipment, measuring microscopes or profile projectors are commonly used to inspect the quality of such inner contours. Drawbacks for in-line use ensue from the difficulty of automating such systems. Modified optical contactless 3D inner contour measurement systems furnish a solution. (03/2010) © Fraunhofer IFF Robot System for Additive Manufacturing of Large Parts Model and mold making is affected by the great variety of products and options. Every modification of a product entails modifications of the mold and tool, which must be responded to quickly and cost effectively. Combining rapid prototyping systems with high-performance industrial robots is a new approach that eliminates existing restrictions. (04/2012)

Indeholder dette æble pesticider? HawkSpex-appen kan registrere dette ved hjælp af blink og mobiltelefonkamera. Fraunhofer IFF . Displayet lyser objektet successivt i brøkdele af et sekund i en række forskellige farver. Hvis displayet kun sender rødt lys på objektet, kan objektet kun reflektere rødt lys, og kameraet kan kun måle rødt lys Organic or toxic? This is what a new application developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg can determine. The app, called HawkSpex, enables its users to test food and objects for their ingredients. To analyze food with HawkSpex, one needs only a smartphone and nothing more

Entlarver-App­ Per Smartphone den Apfel auf PestizidRückstände untersuchen - das ist bald möglich: mit der App »HawkSpex mobile« des Fraunhofer-Instituts IFF in Magdeburg. Äpfel, Zitronen. Online im Internet; URL: https://www.iff.fraunhofer.de/de/geschaeftsbereiche/biosystems-engineering/forschung.htmlDie mit dieser Technologie erreichbaren Messgenauigkeiten hängen stark von der Anwendung ab. Typischerweise erfolgt die Darstellung des Messergebnisses in Form einer Klassifikation. In einigen Anwendungsfällen ist auch ein quantitatives Ergebnis möglich. © Fraunhofer IFF Workspace Monitoring and Dynamic Safe Area Planning Development in subareas of production and manufacturing is moving toward maximum flexibility, high throughput and great diversity of variants. This requires adaptive production systems that maximize efficiency. The utilization of different forms of intelligent and even mobile robots such as assistance systems is one response to demand for increasingly flexible production environments. (02/2010)

Durch Scannen des 3DQR® Codes und Verwenden der 3DQR® App (verfügbar im Apple App Store und Google Play Store) lässt sich HawkSpex® Mobile als Animation in Aktion erleben. 易展电子网是电子和电子元器件行业的后起之秀,专注国内电子领域资讯传媒平台,我们报道电子业界新闻、平板显示、芯片、处理器、半导体、led及电子和电子元器件*前沿资讯新闻,电子产品价格及厂家热点新闻

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CSI, Smartphone: Using just a camera, this app conducts a

Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. A Survey of Automatic Methods for Nutritional Assessment 1:19 data could be described as a form of food records, and were manually transcribed and coded into a form that could be analyzed using. © Fraunhofer IFF, Torsten Birth Energy From Biomass With Fluidized Beds Biowaste’s specific properties frequently preclude its use in conventional conversion processes. It elemental composition of chlorine, sulfur and alkali constituents present major challenges and are responsible for premature ash fusion, corrosion and high concentrations of pollutant gases. This is where we come in: On the basis of feasibility studies, we will develop customized value chains for distributed utilization of your biowaste, incorporating emission standards. What is more, we will develop plant concepts for you and provide you support when you are implementing them, getting them approved and commissioning them. (06/2014)

Fraunhofer at the CEBIT 201

怎样检验金属材料中的化学成分-金属材料内部质量检验主要有机械性能、物理性能、化学性能、工艺性能、化学成分和内部组织检验。南京麒麟科学仪器集团有限公司与大家一起来分享下检验方法,化学成分是决定金属材料性能和质量的主要因素。因此,标准中对绝大多数金属材料规定了必须保证. The Fraunhofer IFF has a demand-driven, distributed, modular solution that produces and distributes green hydrogen. © Fraunhofer IFF, Bernhard Kiep Custom Combustors, Gasifiers and Reformers Are you a planner, plant engineer or plant developer in need of technology to burn or gasify solid fuels? Is synthesis or fuel gas reforming essential to your process? Our solutions will enable you to complete your system with these technologies. As your technology partner, we will engineer the process equipment that burns or gasifies solid fuels or reforms combustible gases for you. (05/2014) Our employees’ health and public safety is our top priority. We are therefore rigorously implementing federal and state rules and regulations and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s own directives. We are acting responsibly. © Fraunhofer IFF, Dirk Mahler Efficient Control Programming Controller programmers are normally the last in the chain whenever machinery and plants are being developed. Assembly and modification of reused program modules from prior projects, programming of other modules and, above all, commissioning and testing can only be undertaken when the real machine has been built. In response, the Fraunhofer IFF developed a software environment. The heart of this software is a virtual machine that simulates and visualizes a real machine’s functions. It makes it possible to begin programming and testing controllers at an early stage of product development and enables design and control engineers to collaborate from the onset. (10/2014)

HawkSpex: App erfasst Inhaltsstoffe von Lebensmitteln - PCApp entlarvt Inhaltstoffe - Der Malser Weg

Fraunhofer IFFFraunhofer Institute for Factory Operationand Automation IFF - Designing Processes Intelligently Developed by the Fraunhofer IFF Magdeburg, the adaptive logistics Fraunhofer off-road navigations system or ALFONS is a simple, pragmatic and inexpensive system that facilitates continuous route guidance from, to and in off-road areas

App zeigt Pestizidbelastung in Obst und Gemüse an

Fraunhofer lighthouse project Cognitive Agriculture

The engineers working in the company Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation in Germany, have developed the App called HawkSpex Mobile app. This App enables to scan the objects with the smartphone and know the inside contents. For example, if you want to scan an apple, open the App HawkSpex in your smartphone and scan the. A new app from Fraunhofer development engineers looks directly inside objects and displays specific constituents. It has numerous uses: For instance, apples can be scanned for pesticide residues. Applications will be added successively following the Wikipedia principle. New smartphone app looks inside objects © Fraunhofer IFF Range Imaging Sensor Systems for More Transparency in Production and Logistics Systems Demands for automatic object contour scanning in production and logistics are growing. A research and development partner, the Fraunhofer IFF has a solution for this: Fraunhofer researchers are transferring new high-tech sensor systems originally from the consumer goods industry to technical applications in production and logistics environments. (03/2013) © Fraunhofer IFF Collision Analyses for Human-Robot Interaction In the near future, humans and robots will be collaborating and interacting in shared workplaces. Then, instead of protective barriers, a wide variety of technologies such as sensor systems and safe manipulators will protect humans from serious injuries. Whenever humans touch a robot, a fundamental distinction must be made, between desired contact and a collision. Humans may not be exposed to any risk of injury in either case. (03/2013)

Neue App prüft Inhaltsstoffe von Lebensmitteln

Scientists developed a new lithium-sulphur battery with a capacity five times higher than that of lithium-ion batteries, which maintains an efficiency of 99% for more than 200 cycles, and may keep a smartphone charged for five days HawkSpex mobile aplikaciju razvili su inženjeri sa Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF iz Magdeburga u Njemačkoj. Radi tako što smartfone uperite u objekat i aplikacija ga skenira. Na primjer, ako hoćete da saznate više o (pomenutoj) jabuci, skenirata je HawkSpex mobile aplikacijom a ona će vam.

Swajp. 595 likes. Každý z nás neustále krmí svůj smartfoun více či méně povedenými aplikacemi. Swajp vám každý týden představí ty, které se vám budou skutečně hodit Mit der App »HawkSpex (R) mobile« des Fraunhofer-Instituts für Fabrikbetrieb und -automatisierung IFF in Magdeburg sollen Verbraucher künftig die Möglichkeit bekommen, solche Angaben zu überprüfen. Das Prinzip: Sie zücken ihr Smartphone, öffnen die App, richten sie auf das zu prüfende Objekt - etwa den Apfel - und erhalten die. The HawkSpex® mobile app from the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg will enable consumers to verify such information in the future. The principle: Take out your smartphone, open the app, aim it at the object being scanned - such as an apple - and get the desired information, for instance, whether an.

Mit der App »HawkSpex® mobile« des Fraunhofer-Instituts für Fabrikbetrieb und -automatisierung IFF in Magdeburg sollen Verbraucher künftig die Möglichkeit bekommen, solche Angaben zu überprüfen. (Quelle: Fraunhofer IFF) Der Ansatz: Es reicht, ein Smartphone auf das zu prüfende Objekt - etwa einen Apfel - zu richten. Ruft man die. A new app from Fraunhofer development engineers looks directly inside objects and displays specific constituents. It has numerous uses: For instance, apples can be scanned for pesticide residues. Applications will be added successively following the Wikipedia principle. An apple is labeled organic but the customer doesn't know if it really hasn't been sprayed or, if Read more about. Dreidimensionale (räumliche) oder vierdimensionale (räumlich-zeitliche) geometrische Modelle biologischer Objekte dienen vorwiegend, neben der reinen morphologischen Darstellung, der Visualisierung experimenteller Daten in ihrem räumlich-zeitlichen Kontext. Das bezeichnet man häufig als Atlasfunktionalität. Je nach Anforderungen an das Modell (z. B. örtliche Auflösung, Sichtbarkeit bestimmter Strukturen) kommen verschiedene bildgebende Verfahren zum Einsatz: Home HawkSpex® mobile. New app using an ordinary smartphone can tell if an apple has been treated with pesticides and more.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Fabrikbetrieb und -automatisierung IFF Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 1 39106 Magdeburg, Deutschland Telefon +49 391 4090-107 Fax +49 391 4090-93-10 マンガの海賊版は「最新作の売り上げ減少」と「旧作の売り上げ促進」の2つの効果をもたらす Prism-free HawkSpex system can verify constituents of fruit, consumer products and more for quality control. It will soon be possible to use smartphones to scan apples for pesticide. A new smartphone-based inspection app developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation (IFF) in Magdeburg, Germany, can look inside.

© Fraunhofer IFF EMELI: Key to Standardized Product Development One classic weakness during the development of ambitious and risky projects is communication among the individual engineering disciplines such as mechanics, electronics, control, etc. The software environment EMELI centralizes all of the engineering disciplines’ work on a mutual basis, thus enabling the engineers themselves to work hand-in-hand toward the success of a project. (10/2014) https://www.hydroponics.com.au March 2017 / Issue 17 HawkSpex mobile Diese App macht das Smartphone zum Spektrometer : Sind das wirklich Bioäpfel? Wie frisch ist das Hackfleisch? Was fehlt meiner Topfpflanze? Eine von Fraunhofer-Forschern entwickelte App weiß es in Sekundenschnelle

Brain-computer interface allows completely locked-in people to communicate Photo: Courtesy Wyss Center, Genève A brain-computer interface that can decipher the thoughts of people who are unable to communicate could revolutionize the lives of those living with complete locked-in syndrome according to a new paper published in PLOS Biology Fraunhofer HawkSpex Mobile. Die App inkl. der darunterliegenden Technologie ist seit 16.10.2017 offiziell für Geschäftskunden verfügbar. Der Prototyp, quasi die OEM Version, ist ebenfalls für Android fertig und wird benutzt. Wie Sie sicherlich gesehen haben, besteht das Messsystem, wie u.a. alle spektrale A new app developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation (IFF) wants to free consumers from having to rely on the list of contents - by checking what's inside a product with their smartphone. The app is called HawkSpex mobile and is estimated to be available by the end of 2017. How Does HawkSpex Work Bei ihrer App setzten die Forscher des Fraunhofer IFF auf einen Wikipedia-ähnlichen Ansatz. Die Nutzer sollen das Anwendungsspektrum der App HawkSpex mobile nach und nach selber erweitern

© Bernd Liebl, Fraunhofer IFF Objective Inspection of Marking Quality A marking's quality is characterized by a number of subjective impressions. Variances in the production process often considerably influence not only readability but also a product's overall impression. An inspection is essential whenever consistently high quality must be ensured. Important quality evaluation criteria of a marking are the attributes of completeness, contrast, sharpness and homogeneity. The results of quality evaluations by inspectors are subjective. The Fraunhofer IFF in Magdeburg has developed a new image-based system that makes it possible for the first time to automatically and objectively inspect the important attributes of marking quality. (03/2010) Image: Udo Seiffert/Fraunhofer IFF The makers of an industrial hyperspectral camera called HawkSpex have created an app that lets you use your smartphone's existing camera and display to scan an.

Fraunhofer Institute. According to research company 'Fraunhofer Institute' based in Germany, a CSI-like analysis of everyday objects- chairs, tables etc.- could be coming to smartphones by the end of 2017. The release of an app, 'HawkSpex Mobile', could mean that spectral analysis can be conducted without the need for any accessories The company says the technology has so many different applications that it will launch a sort of Wikipedia-like platform where users can suggest what reference scans the company should use next to release a version of the app for a more specific purpose. While many types of scans require a reference some will not — like comparing two different items. To see if a car has been in an accident, for example, the company says users could scan the paint from one section to see if it matched another section, without needing a pre-programmed reference since the app is only comparing two different scans. 24/04/2017 8 Spectroscopie 4/24/2017 15 Gospectro ChanghongH2 Phone • Mesures faites à une distance de 0.5-2.0 cm. • Collecte des spectres durant 1.5 s • L'application compare la signature spectrale avec les signatures déjà collectées et disponible dans le cloud. www.iff.fraunhofer.de HawkSpex® mobil HawkSpex mobile funktioniert auch ohne Internetverbindung. Nur für die Updates der Datenbanken und für Erweiterungen muss das Smartphone online sein. Seitennavigatio

© Fraunhofer IFF Entwicklung eines Softsensorsystems Das Kompetenzfeld Biosystems Engineering beschäftigt sich mit der Entwicklung von Verfahren der künstlichen Intelligenz und des Maschinellen Lernens, um schnell und effizient empirische Modelle auf der Basis von systematischen Beispieldaten zu erstellen. Dabei zeichnen sich diese Modelle durch folgende Merkmale aus: © Fraunhofer IFF AUTOMATION IN PRODUCTION -HUMAN ROBOT COLLABORATION Sebastian Häberer 1 Kameo Hotel Amata Bangpakong, March 201 © Fraunhofer IFF Biomass Cogeneration Plants Increased utilization of the capacity of its existing drying kilns and the addition of a high temperature drying chamber increased Holzindustrie Tem plin GmbH’s heat requirements. It wanted to generate heat from renewable energies and envisioned a green plant solution utilizing heat recovered from untreated timber. (04/2011) Fraunhofer Development a German Engineering firm has developed a new app 'HawkSpex' that can directly look inside objects and display specific constituents. The HawkSpex app uses the front camera on the smartphone to perform the action. The regular scan methods can be costly and interfere with the smart phone's design. Read Als Mit HawkSpex® Mobile lassen sich auf der Basis des Smartphones zahlreiche Anwendungen realisieren. Für den ambitionierten Nutzer lässt sich die beschriebene Basislösung vom Smartphone trennen und als HawkSpex® Gadget mit erweiterten spektralen Fähigkeiten nutzen. Hierbei kommen LED Beleuchtung und Fotosensoren zum Einsatz, die eine über das Smartphone hinausgehende, anwendungsbezogene Ausgestaltung der spektralen Bänder bei grundsätzlicher Beibehaltung des sequentiellen Messprinzips ermöglicht. HawkSpex® Gadget kann durch die gleiche App gesteuert oder als separates Gerät betrieben werden.  

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