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Chronomancer Mechanic []. hatters are the mesmer's profession mechanic. Using a shatter will create a powerful effect by destroying all of your illusions Greatsword does more damage the further you are away from the target, coupled with kiting skills the Mesmer can quickly become a very high priority threat for the opposing team. Staff: Boons for you and your allies, and mass conditions for enemies

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns July 26th 2016 patch update included a brand new way for the Mesmer/Chronomancer to play pvp once again. The Chronomancer shatter burst is back with the new buff of the greatsword. I will be demonstrating my pvp build that I will be using during the new ranked season by providing gameplay while going over the build Learn the best mob farming builds, so you can rake in the loot from the next swarm of enemies. Mirage Greatsword Farmer. The Mirage Greatsword Farmer build is, or should be, your go-to for farming mobs. I have been using this build extensively, and I can attest to its efficiency and ease of use A power DPS Chronomancer build for raids and fractals. This build deals very high burst and sustained damage against single targets. In addition it has very good CC, utility, and personal defense, and is capable of generating its own Might, Fury, Quickness, and Alacrity. Sword/SwordHealingUtilityElite. instead of if playing the Domination variant Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns' greatsword Necromancer teased with new artwork Lydia Sung - Monday, May 11, 2015 12:10pm (PST) Like Share In other news, asura apparently have five fingers Build Overview This guide discusses my Legion build for GW2 Mesmer. The build revolves around direct damage, boons, and buffs provided by phantasms and clones. For the Mesmer class, there are two ends of the spectrum in terms of how you leverage your illusions, i.e. your phantasms and clones. On one end of the spectrum

A detailed guide on the Power Reaper in Guild Wars 2. This Reaper build is a offmeta damage variant of the Necromancer with around 31.2k DPS on small hitboxes In Guild Wars 2, we base half of the player's skill bar on which weapons he's wielding, so we had a fantastic opportunity to allow the Mesmer to support a more melee-centric style of play. Of.

Weapons: Axe/Dagger The abilites allow for ranged hits that can spread to other nearby enemies. Once close, swap to a dagger/focus combo to increase hit damage (It also allows for a bit more control) The Clone mirage build is the damage wise optimal build of the mirage, and mesmer in general. This build, however, requires a lot of continuous input from the mirage, as you will quite simply be spamming your mirage cloaks. A general clone mirage fight rotation goes as follows: 1) Spawn 2 clones using Lingering Thoughts Hello, i am a new player of gw2 i have both expansions and i would level a mesmer. I found plenty of guide and build but those guide are soo old (from 3 to 6 years ago). Is possible that some one link me a build that i can follow leveling ? Metabattle builds are too much advanced for me :) thanks in advanc Note, I am deadset on creating a Mesmer. Don't want a Ranger or Elementalist, or anything else. I'm set on a Mesmer. For ranged damage, I recommend the Greatsword. If you do end up using the Greatsword, I recommend putting twenty traits into Domination to get the trait which reduces cooldown

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  1. us the Mind Stab skill
  2. Overview. Power Dragonhunter is a naturally bursty power class. This build heavily relies on Retaliation to reach 100% Critical Chance and to get the modifier. DPS wise it's one of the top DPS classes right now for phased fights due to its burst but for prolonged fights its DPS falls short to other builds and classes
  3. Guild Wars 2 Build Creator We just released a new Build Creator for Guild Wars 2, * Mesmer has an alpha build where two buttons = anyone dies in 15 seconds or less. ( It's not based on a bugged trait either and Anet have already stated its working as intended
  4. Warrior Offensive Greatsword Build. This warrior built has the potential to burn someone down faster than almost anything else in the game. Combine that with a few defensive skills and what you have here is a seriously dangerous toon ready to kill. Click below and read more how to use this powerful build
  5. Hi everyone! I've been a casual player since GW2 was released but only recently started delving into the game more. I've just boosted a Mesmer and have read a lot about gear and builds but it can get pretty confusing which is why I'm asking all of you for help
  6. While weapon choices are more flexible for a lockdown mesmer than for arguably any other build, my personal choice is greatsword and sword/pistol (gs, s/p) by a large margin. Feel free to swap the off-hand to focus, especially if you are addicted to pulling people off walls and cliffs

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Power Mesmer This is a core mesmer spec with sword / sword and sword / focus or torch. It deals more damage than the Chronotank, but doesn't play that different. Needs assassins / berserker gear, but can switch to and from chronotank with only small changes. In open world PvE you'll be quite fragile and again, the damage is ok, but expect no wonders. Another pure melee spec as well. gw2 mesmer greatsword sword pistol build View a list of the most effective Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PvP builds, including Mantra, Phantasm, 1v1, and the Legion Mesmer build. Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PVP Build. Weapon Set: Greatsword, SwordPistol; Mesmer Mantra Build. gw2 mesmer greatsword sword pistol build Mar 13, 2016 In this guide we provide players with the current Meta build for Guild Wars 2's. 2. Leap: Creates clone at location and leaps Mesmer in the direction he is facing to cripple nearby foe. 3. Illusionary Leap: Creates clone and leaps the clone forward leaving the Mesmer in place and crippling nearby foe. Sword (Off-Hand) The off-hand sword provides close-combat utility. 1. Riposte: Block foe, creating an illusion when attached. If not being attacked gain the boon. The mesmer was previewed under this image until its unveiling on December 14th.; The mesmer profession was confirmed on the Guild Wars 2 official Facebook fan page as the eighth profession on December 12th, 2011; they announced early on Facebook due to a leak from a video displaying a sample of mesmer skills used in combat GW2 Mesmer is a unique, odd, and somewhat complicated class which can be very useful in a few niche situations. Best Mesmer Builds. Mesmer Weapons. The greatsword is the most common main weapon for a Mesmer. For WvW, Sword/Focus is a good choice..

Chronomancer and Mirage offer two very distinct play styles. Chronomancer is centered around group support and static fights, while Mirage is a more damage-oriented specialization. Likewise, the Greatsword and Staff rely on two very different sources of damage; the former deals more direct Power-based damage, while the later relies on Condition Damage (primarily Bleeds). Top 5 Guild Wars 2 Best Solo Class 2019. Solo Profession. Guild Wars 2, or GW2, offers many different game modes such as dungeons, wvw, and solo play. Thanhe Path of Fire expansion, solo play is one of the most rewarding and fun mode to play. It allows you to be a kick-butt, feared character all on your own The build has a hit-and-run playstyle, it's all about landing one major burst with Greatsword and then surviving until the next one. is mainly for boon stripping and blinding (useful to safe stomp) in this build. Chaos-only: using will give yo A Mirage build specialized for farming loot from enemies in large group events. This build is highly mobile and able to tag a lot of enemies at once with . GreatswordHealingUtilityElite. can be taken over Mantras if it is needed. You can run any of the Mantras in the first slot, Pain is just the best general use

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Tenebrous weapons are a set of crafted Exotic weapons with selectable prefixes introduced with the Heart of Thorns release. They are associated with the Gilde Weapon overview []. The Mesmer can wield a Scepter in its main hand, a Sword in either, a Focus, Pistol or Torch in its offhand, and can swing a Staff or Greatsword with both.. For underwater combat, Mesmers can wield either a trident (ranged) or spear (melee). Both weapons are 2-handed and used exclusively when underwater.. In general, the 2-handed weapons have more AoE abilities while the. WvW Havoc Commander (Holosmith) by. WvW Pew Pew Luke by Kaimick []Hybrid build. This is a Condi power build. Use the outskirts of the fight to do your damage, although with this build you have to. The boss-killer build is a variation of that that focuses on phantasms. Both of those will do more than enough damage to sail through all the content. The fractals build is a standard chronomancer buffing support build. Don't try to bring a damage build into fractals as a mesmer, it's not really a good choice

GW2 Upcoming Elementalist and Mesmer Changes. Dulfy 49 Comments Aug 22, It seems like a good idea to nerf the top meta builds (eg ele and perhaps also warrior) however it wont make people not wish to rush dungeons, it will just make them use the next higest dps class/build so then you nerf that and the cycle continues. Guild Wars 2 (GW2. Crimson Assassin Greatsword. Crimson Lion Greatsword. Crystal Guardian. Dark Asuran Greatsword. Darksteel Greatsword. Dawn Experiment. Daydreamer's Greatsword. Defiant Glass Greatsword. Desert King Greatsword. Devoted Greatsword. Divine Sovereign Crusader. Dominator Greatsword. Draconic Greatsword. Dragon's Jade Avenger. Dragonsblood Greatsword Elementalist Mesmer Necromancer Engineer Ranger Thief Guardian Revenant Warrior Boss Guides Vale Guardian Spirit Woods mesmer Raid Builds Power Boon Condition Boon Power Condition Raid Guides support chronomancer RAID BUILD. Chronomancer Support. 25/02. SKYRIM IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS - Can you beat skyrim with 1000 Degree Knife?? - Duration: 30:01. The Spiffing Brit Recommended for you. Ne I've just completed the new maps and story quite easily and with great fun playing a Power Mirage build : Sword/Sword - Greatsword - Dueling 131 / Domination 221/ Mirage 212 and False oasis, Sand through glass, Mirage advance (or signet of domination for stun), Signet of inspiration and Jaunt. Berserker gear (one or two Marauder if needed and some precise infusions). Sigil of force and acuracy for weapons, armor rune power/precision kind. For high fractals or Raid I still use Chrono but this one is great to play. Hope you'll like it

ANOTHER BUILD VID!! Enjoy :P -----Use these links to check out GW2, which also helps to support my channel The asura are one of the five playable races in Guild Wars 2.. Though short in stature, the asura make up for their height by constantly seeking a higher knowledge in almost everything they do I've been thinking about posting my build for some time so I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents about mesmer. This builds goal is to put a player into a downed state from range as fast as possible. It does this by focusing on 4 bonus'; Power, Precision, Critical Damage, and Damage % increase 2. Leap: Creates clone at location and leaps Mesmer in the direction he is facing to cripple nearby foe. 3. Illusionary Leap: Creates clone and leaps the clone forward leaving the Mesmer in place and crippling nearby foe. Sword (Off-Hand) The off-hand sword provides close-combat utility. 1. Riposte: Block foe, creating an illusion when attached. If not being attacked gain the boon. These are the "mainstream" options:Chronotank This is a chronomancer with sword / shield and sword / sword or focus. It's the standard for raiding and fractals, doesn't deal a lot of dps, but will buff the group with quickness and alacrity. Needs power gear with at least some parts that buff boon duration. In open world PvE you'll be pretty much unkillable, but take very long killing anything solo. Also, as you don't have a ranged weapon, one a number of events you're forced to equip a GS or watch your phantasms deal some damage, while essentially doing nothing,

Mesmer builds for blob fights. Optional Illusions over Dueling and Swor Mesmer When I'm done with you, you won't trust your own mind. Mesmers are magical duelists who wield deception as a weapon. Using powerful illusions, clones, and phantasmal magic to confuse and distract their foes, mesmers make sure every fight is balanced in their favor and their opponents can't believe their eyes GW2 - NEW Condi Mesmer Build/Guide (4/11/20) - Shorts - Duration: 20:39. Shorts_Gaming 7,183 views. Guild Wars 2 - The Best Professions (Classes) for each gamemode (PvE,. I`ve been running this build for the last 12 lvls and went ahead and filled it out for how it will look at 80 . For the last 12 lvls it`s been pretty OP kinda silly how easy it is to take out 3 or 4 even lvl mobs. Hey guys! This video was a little bit thrown together but I think it can still teach what needs to be taught even though I didn't have time to edit it or make it super fancy (I plan on making the.

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  1. Hey all. I haven't played GW2 in a very long time, and last time I played, I played a GS Mesmer, and had a blast with it. I've come back following the announcement of the expansion, and it seems like 90% of the builds all revolve around melee DPS now (Only range builds it seems belong to Elementalist and Engineer, but I refuse to play them cause of the high skill cap requirements)
  2. Discussion on GW2 Account with Legendary Bolt 80 Mesmer/Mesmer/Guardian within the Guild Wars 2 Trading forum part of the MMORPG Trading category. 03/16/2014, 23:07 #
  3. g build, this build can quickly rotate between nodes +1ing and securing kills with its massive damage on both Longbow and Greatsword
  4. a runes for extra clones? #3 Diremongoose, Dec 16, 2012
  5. Mesmer - Greatsword Burst The Official API is experiencing issues; skill, trait and item data cannot be loaded at the moment. Note: Please note that builds will default to plain icons, these may not be as accurate
  6. Guild Wars 2 : Best Mesmer Build Open World PVE (Simple Rotation&Strong) - Duration: 12:19. Lord Hizen 57,901 views. 12:19. How To Start Your Legendary Armor Set - PvP, WvW, and Raid Methods - a.

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Mantra Build in Action About This Build Mantra builds are much less common than the various Shatter Mesmers running around, and that alone may add to the players ability to surprise an opponent This build puts out very fast damage but the longer the fight goes the weaker the build becomes due to the nature of Mantras The goal of this Mesmer is to protect the team from crucial projectiles from bosses while increasing the DPS through the use of time warp and providing moderate to high DPS through the use of phantasms. This build did not change due to the December 10th Skill update. See notes at bottom for reasoning Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Build Guide: Staff/Greatsword Shatter In this guide we provide players with the current Meta build for Guild Wars 2's Double-Ranged Staff/Greatsword by Lewis Burnell on Dec 01, 201 Mesmer and Chronomancer are both power based. Viper is only used with Mirage and you can still run Mirage as power as well though it's not as good in PvE as condi is even condi mirage uses greatsword in open world PvE as it's the only real option for tagging multiple enemies

This page was last edited on 28 April 2020, at 01:53. All trademarks and copyrights on this site are owned by their respective owners. MetaBattle content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License Here is a list of Guild Wars 2 PvP builds for the different character classes in the game. Which profession are you interested in? There are eight professions that offer distinctly different play styles. Each has its own unique abilities and wide variety of attacks and defenses. One class, the Mesmer, is unlike anything you've seen yet in an MMO Open world and story builds are mirage condition damage focused. The boss-killer build is a variation of that that focuses on phantasms. Both of those will do more than enough damage to sail through all the content. The fractals build is a standard chronomancer buffing support build. Don't try to bring a damage build into fractals as a mesmer, it's not really a good choice. Mesmer is one of the more unique class designs, in that they are designed to dodge tank, not mitigate. This means that no matter what role you want to play, you must learn to dodge and always be mobile as a Mesmer. A Mesmer that stands still for too long, is a dead Mesmer, be it in PVE or WvWvW. 1-35 build link Sword/Sword Staff Take 10 in Chao Here are the builds I have been playing in ranked/unranked/Duels. The first one is more popular build that some pros like on Greatsword, the second is a Meme-mantra 1 shot build that is super fun.

See list of warrior traits. Equipment Armor . The warrior is a soldier profession and thus wears heavy armor. Weapons . Two-handed. Greatsword — Sweeping, brutal attacks that carry the greatsword's momentum from foe to foe. Hammer — Pound the ground with area of effect attacks that can stagger a group of enemies Picking up on a new MMO is a daunting task, so we made sure our Guild Wars 2 Guide is new-player friendly, and will let you understand the core concepts at once. W elcome to my Beginner's Guide for Guild Wars 2, the MMORPG from ArenaNet & NCSoft. With a ground-breaking release in 2012, the game is still offering amazing content, great. Bunker chrono build died for almost 1.5 year . it was broken op anyway . well now you can still build a okish bunker chrono , but it isn't ideal ,coz bunker don't have good group heal or group condi removal .old bunker build works due to quickness res and well of precognition both are gutted entirely Weapons: Axe/Torch,Greatsword or Hammer, with the potential of Staff. Heal: Receive the light. Still a top heal for all and seeing as you will usually be behind the commander, it is a great small. Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PvP Comprehensive Guide By. 20/08/2017В В· Mesmer Builds - Guild Wars 2: This is the build that focuses on creating confusion and order. It is a precise play for control over the enemy, between, Guild Wars 2 Phantasm Mesmer PvP/WvW/PvE guide (video)

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WvW Now You See Me by Kaimick []This is the build that focuses on creating confusion and order. It is a precise play for control over the enemy, between veils and portal bombs and zerg disruption. Mirage's get access to Ambush Skills after they dodge which enhances their weapon's 1 ability. Greatsword's Ambush Skill is one of the coolest abilities in the game. For gear and build, I would heavily recommend Domination, Illusions, and Mirage. For gear, Berserker or Maruader gear is the best choice for most scenarios For open world and story, use this: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vhAQNAn/dnELD1LjVoBOoBMMjlXDDNAkTaC+/vC4CscC0bCOA-jRhAhAB7PAoXAS9HQlf2KBBA-e For open world and story boss-killing, use this: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vhAQNAn/ansIC1LjVoBOoBMMjlVDrcDUcCAobhzQVw/A2AngA-jRhAhA2KBBV+Bp+Dgehg9HAA-e

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This is clearly a glass cannon build designed to spike the hell out of damage at the appropriate times. The Juvenile Wolf is the main pet to use and use whatever you are happy with as a secondary. If you would like a little more push in your burst damage trade out Divinity Runes for Superior Runes of the Ogre Guild Wars 2 at PAX East 2020. Make your mark at our booth. Swiss Tournaments Are Coming. Go forth and conquer differently. Let Magic Flow with the Alchemist Backpack and Glider Combo. We know it's tempting, but don't drink it. Let's Play: Drakkar. Tune in to watch ArenaNet developers play Guild Wars 2 A mesmer meditates to charge up their mantras before battle and then use them at will without interrupting their other skills. Glamour. Glamours are enchantments that manipulate the fabric of reality around the mesmer, allowing them to create effects such as invisibility, teleportation, and bubbles of warped time Xee Mesmer - Shanky Build No Scrub Builds Ayra's Thief - Dagger/Dagger+Shortbow Condition/Healing Can't Stop The Chop's Warrior - Greatsword+Mace/Shield (Video Guide) Can't Stop The Chop's Warrior - Greatsword+Sword/Shield (Video Guide) Can't Stop The Chop's Warrior - Hammer+Sword/Shield Super Squad Builds

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Hey peeps So after much deliberation between choosing an Asura engineer and mesmer for my next build (I hadn't played either before, my other two are a norn Warrior and human Necro), I finally bit the bullet and went mesmer. However, after a couple hours of PvE leveling to 15, I am completely lost on the best weapon choices for PvE. The Staff is fun but the chaos armor and AoE cooldowns are. This is a list of core mesmer skills. For additional skills available to mesmer's elite specializations, see: Shatters are the mesmer's profession mechanic, occupying the F1 - F4 slots above the skill bar. Using a shatter will create a powerful effect by destroying all of your illusions . Shoot a beam at your foe

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The ULTIMATE ESO Class Guide for 2020!! Which Class Should YOU Play in The Elder Scrolls Online? - Duration: 19:23. Hack The Minotaur 428,367 view Since 2012 we are providing the Guild Wars 2 community with our website and our build editor, and we hope that you are satisfied with the quality of our resource. Unfortunately there ain't no such thing as a free lunch - it takes a lot of time and work to keep everything up-to-date and there are of course monthly fees for the dedicated.

An international high-end EU fractal guild. We are a high-end European Guild Wars 2 guild focused exclusively on fractals. We do 100CM, 99CM and T4 speedruns daily and prefer to play with like-minded people. The main purpose of the guild is to improve on the LFG system by having more competent people in one place. There are no responsibilities. First, don't use a Level 80 build to level to 80. That may work for some classes, but not for mesmers. Many Mesmer level 80 builds (particularly Shatter builds) depend largely on Grandmaster traits you can't get till level 60 at the earliest, which defeats the point of a *leveling* build r/Guildwars2: Guild Wars 2 news and discussion. It used to be the meta mesmer build in PvP. Was never optimal in team comps because it struggles so much against thief, but still it was the best mesmer PvP build at the time This reference guide breaks down the hard crowd control (CC) skills for each of the nine professions in Guild Wars 2. Hard CC skills inflict direct damage to a target's Defiance Bar (also known as the Break Bar), whereas soft CC skills deal damage over time

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Legendary weapons are a set of high-end weapons that have unique appearances. They have the same stats as ascended weapons, but stat combo and sigils are not locked and can be freely changed when out of combat.. Legendary weapons are crafted in the Mystic Forge using a precursor weapon and the Gift of the Legendary Weapon associated with the desired end result, plus two other Gifts of Fortune. Mechanics []. To begin training a specialization your character must be at least level 21, then follow the below steps. PvP players do not need to unlock anything, as all skills and traits available to the account will be unlocked while within the Heart of the Mists.. Step 1: Open your Hero panel and go to the Training tab. The Training tab is the third tab from the top on the far left of the. Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PvP Comprehensive Guide by Blowi. Greetings fellow Mesmers and newcomers to this lovely profession! The purpose of this thread is to help you as much as possible to get into the profession. I'll do my best to give you some tips and also explain various aspects about the Mesmer The greatsword is a two-handed weapon. Greatswords are typically characterized by their relatively high damage and slow attacks. 1 Skills by profession. 2 Related traits. 2.1 Proficiencies. 2.2 Enhancements. 3 Weapon strength. Skills by profession. #N#Chain. Strike your foe. Vengeful Strike. #N#Chain. Strike your foe again. Wrathful Strike The Mesmer has a nice arsenal of weapons available, including a staff and greatsword from the two-handed cabinet. A sword or scepter as a main hand item is complemented by a choice of focus.

Runes of leadership are better for the overall support aspect, but you're absolutely right that firebrand runes are vastly easier to get. Starting with firebrand runes is a solid choice, but swap to leadership when you're able. Properly utilized, this build can maintain 11 active minions with periodic increases of up to 16 minions. Minion Mancer Reaper's feature an incredible amount of survive-ability while still providing high amounts of damage Greatsword - While alot of mesmers go with staff as an offhand weapon set, a Greatsword can be a surprisingly strong weapon set in the hands of a mesmer. With it's large amount of damage, berserker illusion, and push back it makes a great partner to the Scepter/Focus weapon set

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  1. Yeah, definitely, and I think for fractals the balance tips even more in Leadership's direction--it's more likely that the Mesmer is going to be a major boon source there, whereas in raids you can assume that boons like Might and Fury are probably going to have another reliable source so you can afford to focus only on Quickness duration.
  2. Reduces cooldowns of [[Torch]] skills by 20% X: Greatsword Training +50 power while wielding a [[greatsword]]. Reduces recharge of Greatsword skills by 20%. Reduces recharge of Greatsword skills.
  3. ed by which phantasms it has active. In solo play, phantasms get targeted and killed by bosses, and Greatsword builds cannot easily replace their Sword phantasms without taking the DPS loss of switching to Scepter attacks
  4. Throw an illusionary greatsword that bounces between targets, damaging enemies and giving might to allies. it creates a clone at it's final target. Mind Stab 12

The Mesmer can wield a Scepter in its main hand, a Sword in either, a Focus, Pistol or Torch in its offhand, and can swing a Staff or Greatsword with both. For underwater combat, Mesmers can wield. If Norns had access to the T3 Light, like the flamekissed armour (before they removed it), a Norn mesmer would be a pretty cool idea. Charr mesmers with the greatsword animation is pretty cool I myself play a Male Human Mesmer with Cultural T2 Light (love that armour for males), but Human T3 Cultural light female looks good on any of the scholar professions Top 5 Guild Wars 2 Best Solo Class 2019 Solo Profession Guild Wars 2, or GW2, offers many different game modes such as dungeons, wvw, and solo play. Thanhe Path of Fire expansion, solo play is one of the most rewarding and fun mode to play GW2: Bersker Greatsword Mesmer WvW Roaming - Duration: Guild Wars 2 // Mesmer Phantasm WvW // Berserker Crits 3 - Duration: Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PvE Damage Build - Duration:. A Sword/Focus - Greatsword Phantasm build is great for forcing enemy groups into tight clusters (Focus 4, Sword 3) while your AoE Phantasms have their way with them. - Dungeons : It is generally accepted that most dungeon bosses can be melee'd with the proper amount of CC

Arenanet released a blog today on the GW2 Runes, Sigils and Balance updates players can expect in the April 15 Feature Pack patch. Yesterday we introduced you to some of the upcoming changes to the traits system. Those changes, while exciting, are just one part of the balance updates bundled into the April 2014 Feature Pack Double-click and choose which Ascended Greatsword recipe to receive. — In-game description. Recipe: Ascended Greatsword is a container for Ascended Claymore recipe sheets.Opening it will bring up a menu allowing you to choose a specific recipe Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PVP Build Easily one of the most popular professions in the game, the Guild Wars Mesmer PvP build has proven to be one of the hardest to kill and also one of the most effective for solo gameplay

Intro. There is only one known way in the universe to level a mesmer without wanting to hang yourself by your toenails by level 10. They're squishy at low levels moreso than most classes, don't kill as fast or feel as powerful pre-80 (as, say, thieves or warriors) and hence are harder to level, don't outgrow that till around 50-60, and don't actually get good till you're geared up in Exotics. Standard shatter mesmer sigils and runes, for the highest possible DPS output, strength over pack since swiftness and fury are not required in this build and strength allows the highest damage from a class with might stacks, fire and air on greatsword to provide extra burst, standard on a mesmer, with energy on sword/torch to give that extra dodgeroll when required, can choose either air or. What I believe it adds is thief like fast mobility evasion play style. Chrono is def more stand your ground kind of play style. Both can be pretty in your face offensive though. mirage generally seems better for pvp and focused fights, alot of its mechanics are designed that way. Though Chrono can rock all modes. If you run high level pve things like raids and fractals you'll want to be able to support your team via Chrono and also keep phantasms up. If you're doing open world I suggest going with what all mesmers typically do - create illusions , they attack, and then aoe shatter them. Improves greatsword skills. Mirror Blade bounces additional times, and Phantasmal Berserker summons an additional berserker and deals less damage. Major Adep

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Greatsword is excellent for large events where standing back a bit is safer and low-pressure things when you can just zap away with your disco lasers instead of running around all over the place - GS 2, 3 & 4 are all pretty strong The Moletariat - A Guild Wars 2 Blog A Critical Guild Wars 2 Blog access to Leap/Swap and Blurred Frenzy a greater tool than more frequent access to the Berserker or the knockback on Greatsword. Your utilities in this build allow you escape and stealth through Decoy and Blink. guild wars 2, mesmer builds, mesmer wvwvw guide, mmo.

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