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§ 925 ZPO - Einzelnor

(1) Where the legal relationship at issue can be established vis-à-vis all joined parties only uniformly, or where the joinder of parties is a necessity for other reasons, those of the joined parties who have failed to comply with procedural rules shall be deemed to have been represented by those who did not so fail.The witness shall be compensated pursuant to the Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act (Justizvergütungs- und –entschädigungsgesetz, JVEG).(1) The court may decide on a request for the reduction or extension of a period without arranging a hearing for oral argument.(1) The list of debtors will be maintained for each Land by a central execution court. The content of the list of debtors may be inspected via a central internet query connecting to all Land databases. The Länder may confer upon the responsible agency of a Land the task of collecting and allocating the fees as well as other administrative tasks connected to the query.

(3) In the event of an entity having more than one legal representative or head, it shall suffice to serve the documents on one of them.(2) Any documents and other records submitted on paper are to be changed to electronic format by way of replacing the original. Should the documents and records still be needed in paper format, they are to be stored at least until the proceedings have been concluded as res judicata.

1.  The statements made as to the facts and circumstances or the legal considerations are amended or corrected;The rules concerning the evidentiary value of public records and documents shall be applied mutatis mutandis to public records or documents that have been transformed, using state-of-the-art technology, into electronic documents by a public authority, or a person or entity vested with public trust, and where a confirmation is available that the electronic document is a true and correct copy of the original, both as an image and in terms of its substance. Where the document and the confirmation bear a qualified electronic signature, section 437 shall apply mutatis mutandis.(4) If the judgment concerns a registered maritime mortgage, subsection (3), first sentence, shall apply mutatis mutandis. 送料無料 Ben Sherman ベンシャーマン メンズ 男性用 ファッション パンツ ズボン Slim Stretch Chino Pants MG10647 - Rust,Ijeluna【アイジェルナ】 リング 指輪 レディース マグネサイト シルバー ヴァイオラ 8x10mm 925 スターリングシルバー IJ-043RS-MAGNE,メンズ 喜平用 イエローゴールドk18 ハワイアンジュエリー.

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(1) The action may be withdrawn without the consent of the defendant until the time at which the defendant is to be first heard on the merits of the case.(3) Should nothing but the costs remain to be ruled on, the decision may be given without a hearing for oral argument being held.

(2) Earned income in the sense of this rule consists of the remuneration and pensions of civil servants, wages and service pay, retirement pensions, and similar continuous earnings granted after the person concerned has temporarily or permanently left service or his work relationship, and furthermore consists of pensions paid to surviving dependents as well as of other remuneration for services of any kind that make up the debtor’s economic activities either in their entirety or to a significant degree.For the same reasons as apply to the opponent of the party tendering evidence, the third party is under obligation to produce the record or document; the third party can be compelled to produce the record or document only by bringing an action. Section 142 shall remain unaffected hereby.The party against which a default judgment has been delivered is entitled to enter a protest against the judgment. Vollstreckungshindernisse gemäß §§ 775, 776 ZPO I. § 775 Nr. 1 - Vollstreckungshindernde Entscheidungen Dem Vollstreckungsorgan ist die (nicht notwendig vollstreckbare) Ausfertigung (beglau- bigte Abschrift der Ausfertigung reicht nicht aus) oder die Urschrift (kommt für den Ge- richtsvollzieher generell nicht in Betracht) einer vollstreckbaren gerichtlichen Ent (3) Should the court-appointed enforcement officer encounter resistance, he shall have authority to use force and may for this purpose ask the police for support.

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2.  A balanced consideration of the interests of both parties determines that the order is justified in that it will avert particular disadvantages from the plaintiff. It suffices to demonstrate the interests to the satisfaction of the court for them to be considered. Die Nichtzulassungsbeschwerde ist ein Rechtsbehelf im Recht Deutschlands gegen die Nichtzulassung der Revision (nicht zu verwechseln mit der Rechtsbeschwerde).. Die Nichtzulassungsbeschwerde richtet sich, wenn das Ausgangsgericht die Revision nicht zugelassen hat, an das nächsthöhere Gericht. Dieses entscheidet durch Beschluss.Wird einer Nichtzulassungsbeschwerde stattgegeben, wird das. (3) The court hearing the complaint may issue an interim order prior to delivering its decision; in particular, it may suspend the enforcement of the contested decision.

(1) The oath with religious confirmation is sworn such that the judge speaks the oath’s words, introducing it by the wordsSection 744Enforceable execution copy where the regime of common marital property has been terminated(3) Should a party frustrate the taking of visual evidence on site that it can reasonably be expected to tolerate, the court may deem the allegations made by the opponent regarding the nature of the object to have been proven.(3) The modification is permissible for the time following the date on which the complaint has become pending.

Section 895Declaration of intent for the purpose of entering it in a register in the event of provisionally enforceable judgments(2) Where the economic circumstances of the party have significantly improved prior to the point in time set out in subsection 1, fourth sentence, or where that party’s address changes, it must inform the court of this fact without undue delay. Where the party earns a monthly income on a regular basis, the improvement of the income shall be deemed to be significant only if the difference to the gross income thus far serving as the basis is higher than 100 euro, and that on any other than a non-recurrent basis. The second sentence shall apply mutatis mutandis inasmuch as deductible obligations have ceased to exist. When the party files its application, it is to be instructed regarding the above stipulations and regarding the consequences of a violation using the form introduced pursuant to section 117 (3).Should the law make a presumption as to a certain fact being given, its opposite may admissibly be proven unless otherwise provided for by the law. This proof may also be established by petitioning the examination of a party pursuant to section 445.(2) The regional court (Landgericht, LG) shall have jurisdiction for the entirety of all actions brought if its competence, based on the content of the oppositions entered in the hearing without having been dealt with conclusively, it has jurisdiction for one single action alone, unless the entirety of all creditors involved agree that the court responsible for the distribution of assets is to decide on all instances in which an opposition was entered.

§ 925 BGB Auflassung - dejure

§ 926 ZPO Anordnung der Klageerhebung - dejure

ZPO - nichtamtliches Inhaltsverzeichni

Code of Civil Procedure - Gesetze im Interne

1.  The Federal or Land cash office being able to assert against the party, exclusively in accordance with the provisions made by the court,d)  Disputes arising from the professional activities of attorneys, patent attorneys, notaries, tax consultants, tax agents, auditors, and sworn accountants;

§ 925 ZPO a.F. - dejure.or

1.  The legal dispute in the proceedings before the court of first instance is not, or was not, to be pursued as proceedings in which the parties must be represented by counsel;(7) Subsections (1) to (6) shall not apply to tenancy relationships for residential premises in the sense as defined by section 549 (2) number 3, nor shall they apply to the cases provided for by section 575 of the Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB). If a tenancy relationship in the sense as defined by section 575 of the Civil Code is terminated without prior notice, the period for vacating the premises may be granted at the longest until the time contractually agreed as the end of the tenancy relationship.Section 917Grounds for a writ of seizure to be issued in the case of seizure against the assets of a potential debtor(2) A record or document regarding which a German receiving agency is to obtain or initiate service in the context of Article 7 (1) of Council Regulation (EC) No 1393/2007 may also be served by registered mail, return receipt requested.

(2) In the event of a witness failing to appear in several instances, the means of administrative coercion shall be levied or ordered once again; likewise, the forcible production of the witness may be ordered.(1) If the suspicion arises in the course of a legal dispute that a criminal offence has been committed, the investigation of which will influence the court’s decision, the court may direct that the hearing be suspended until the criminal proceedings have been dealt with and terminated.(1) Upon an objection having been filed by the party adversely affected by the decision, the proceedings are to be continued if:(2) Unless the parties to the dispute have agreed a different period, the petition is to be filed within one (1) month of the arbitration award having been received.(3) If the judgment of a foreign court has been promulgated subject to the reservation that the defendant may assert the right to limit liability if a fund has been established pursuant to Article 11 of the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims or pursuant to Article 11 of the Strasbourg Convention on Limitation of Liability in Inland Navigation, or if it is so established upon the right to limit liability being asserted, the stipulations of subsection (2) shall apply mutatis mutandis to compulsory enforcement against the claim established by that judgment.

§ 920 ZPO Arrestgesuch - dejure

§ 926 ZPO - Einzelnor

  1. (2) The sentence must be preceded by a corresponding warning that is to be issued by the court of first instance hearing the case, upon corresponding application being made, unless it is set out in the judgment providing for the obligation.
  2. Should the plaintiff fail to appear at the hearing, a default judgment is to be delivered, upon a corresponding petition being filed, to the effect that the plaintiff’s complaint is dismissed.
  3. 2.  In the case of subsection (1) no. 1, the date on which the instructions were issued to enter the debtor in the list and the reason pursuant to section 882c giving rise to the entry,
  4. Der Verfügungsantrag des Verfügungsklägers ist gemäß §§ 935, 937 Abs. 1, 29 a Abs. 1 ZPO zulässig und begründet, weshalb die einstweilige Verfügung vom 18. Dezember 2006 auf den Widerspruch der Verfügungsbeklagten gemäß § 925 Abs. 2 ZPO aufrechtzuerhalten war
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Auf § 926 ZPO verweisen folgende Vorschriften:

(2) The security right grants the same rights to the creditor, in his relationship to other creditors, as are entailed by pledged collateral acquired by way of an agreement; the security right takes precedence before rights of pledge and preferential rights, which shall not have equivalent status with pledged collateral in the event of insolvency proceedings being opened.(2) The Federal Minister of Justice is authorised to provide for the course of proceedings such provision being subject to approval by the Bundesrat and being made by statutory instrument, insofar as this is required to ensure uniform automatic processing of the summary proceedings for a payment order (progress schedule for the proceedings).(6) Should the competent body of the other Member State have refused to comply with the application for assistance with court costs based on the petitioner’s personal and economic circumstances, or should it have given notice that it will not comply with the application, the transmitting authority shall issue, upon corresponding application being made, a confirmation of indigence if, in corresponding proceedings in Germany, the petitioner would be deemed indigent pursuant to section 115 (1) and (2). Subsection (4), first sentence, shall apply mutatis mutandis to the translation of such confirmation. The transmitting authority shall send the confirmation of indigence to the receiving authority of the other Member State for the purpose of amending the original application for assistance with court costs in cross-border disputes.(1) If the parties to a dispute are represented by counsel, a document may also be served such that the attorney serving a document transmits it to the other attorney (service of documents from one attorney on another attorney). This also applies to written pleadings that, pursuant to the stipulations of the present Code, are to be served ex officio: they may instead be served from one attorney on the other, unless a court order is to be communicated concurrently to the opponent. The written pleading is to set out the declaration that service on the other attorney will be effected by the attorney. To the extent required for the decision to be taken, supporting documentary proof is to be provided to the court that the documents have so been served. Section 174 (2), first sentence, and subsection (3) first and third sentences shall apply mutatis mutandis to the service of documents on an attorney.(2) The complaint on points of law may not be based on the fact that the court of first instance was wrong in assuming that it had or did not have jurisdiction.

§ 925 ZPO: Entscheidung nach Widerspruc

  1. (3) Any objections made, at too late a time, concerning the admissibility of the complaint and that the defendant may elect to forgo, are to be admitted only if the defendant provides sufficient excuse for the delay.
  2. (3) Where the arbitration award is reversed abroad, after having been declared enforceable, a petition may be filed that the declaration of enforceability be repealed.
  3. (3) Before the courts of higher instance, the summons period shall amount to at least twenty-four (24) hours if the notice or brief on appeal, or the notice or brief on appeal on points of law, or the summons is served at the location at which the court of higher instance has its seat. Where service is effected at another location that is situate, as a whole or in part, in the district of the regional court (Landgericht) in which the court of higher instance has its seat, the summons period shall amount to at least three (3) days; it shall amount to at least one (1) week if service is effected elsewhere in Germany.
  4. (1) Any orders of the court given on the basis of a hearing must be pronounced. The stipulations of section 309, section 310 (1) and of section 311 (4) shall apply mutatis mutandis to orders of the court, while the stipulations of section 312 and of section 317 (2), first and second sentences, and section 317, subsections (3) and (4) shall apply mutatis mutandis to orders of the court and to rulings handed down by the presiding judge or the judge correspondingly delegated or requested.
  5. (5) Should the excerpt from the register of ships show that the share in the ship is encumbered by a security right to which another creditor is entitled than the creditor pursuing compulsory enforcement, the court shall order the proceeds to be lodged. In such event, the proceeds shall be distributed according to the stipulations of sections 873 to 882; claims regarding which a security right to the share in the ship has been entered are to be included in the distribution plan in accordance with the content of the register of ships.
  6. a)  The amounts designated in section 82 (2) of Book XII of the Social Code (Sozialgesetzbuch Teil XII, SGB XII);

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The decisions to be delivered pursuant to sections 887 to 890 are issued by a court order. The debtor is to be heard prior to the decision being delivered. Sections 91 to 93, 95 to 100, 106, and 107 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the ruling on the payment of costs.(2) If a judgment declared provisionally enforceable is reversed or modified, the plaintiff shall be obligated to compensate the defendant for the damages he has suffered by the judgment being enforced, or by the payments he had to make, or any other actions he had to take in order to avert enforcement. The defendant may assert the claim to compensation of damages in the pending legal dispute; once this claim is asserted and filed, it is to be deemed as having become pending at the time at which the payment was made or other action was taken.(3) The arbitral tribunal is to take its decision based on considerations of what is fair and equitable only if the parties to the dispute have expressly authorised it to do so. The authorisation may be granted up until the time the arbitral tribunal takes such decision.a)  The court costs and the costs of involving the court-appointed enforcement officer, be they in arrears or accruing in the future,

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(4) Moreover, the general regulations as to preparatory written pleadings are to be applied also to the statement of claim.(1) Each witness is to be examined individually and without those witnesses being present who are to be examined at a later time.(3) Where the identified party acknowledges that the allegation made by the defendant is correct, the identified party shall be entitled to assume the proceedings in the stead of the defendant and with the defendant’s consent. Any consent by the plaintiff shall be required only insofar as he is bringing claims independently of the fact that the defendant is a possessor based on a legal relationship of the kind designated in subsection (1).

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(1) Upon the creditor or the debtor filing a corresponding petition, the court-appointed enforcement officer may realise an attached object in another manner or at another location than has been determined in the above sections. The court-appointed enforcement officer is to inform the respondent of the realisation intended. He may not realise the object prior to the expiry of two (2) weeks following the service of the information notice unless the respondent has agreed to this being done.(2) He is authorised to have any locked house doors opened, as well as doors to rooms and means of storage that may be locked.

§ 928 ZPO - Einzelnor

  1. b)  The debtor is receiving monetary benefits pursuant to the Second or Twelfth Book of the Social Code (Sozialgesetzbuch) for persons living with him in a household in the sense as defined by section 7 (3) of the Second Book of the Social Code or sections 19, 20, 36, first sentence, or section 43 of the Twelftth Book of the Social Code, vis-à-vis whom the debtor is not obligated to pay maintenance in accordance with statutory provisions;
  2. (1) Any preparatory written pleading setting out new facts or new, other submissions is to be filed in such due time that it may be served at least one (1) week prior to the hearing scheduled for oral argument. This shall apply to any written pleading that concerns interlocutory proceedings.
  3. (2) This shall not apply if, due to a counterclaim having been brought, it is not admissible to agree on the jurisdiction of the court for a complaint pursuant to section 40 (2).
  4. (2) The admissibility of a seizure is not ruled out by the fact that the claim is subject to conditions or has a fixed maturity date, unless the claim so subject to conditions does not have any current asset value in light of the remote possibility of the condition in fact occurring.
  5. 1.  Whether and to what extent he acknowledges the claim as being justified and is prepared to make payment;
  6. (1) Typographical errors, computational errors and similar, obvious inaccuracies in the judgment are to be corrected by the court at any time, also ex officio.

Auf § 920 ZPO verweisen folgende Vorschriften:

(2) A default judgment against which protest as such is not an available remedy shall be liable to appeal or cross appeal nonetheless insofar as such an appeal or cross appeal is based on the fact that there was no negligent or intentional failure to comply with procedural requirements. Section 511 (2) shall not be applied.The default judgment against a creditor who has entered an opposition is to be delivered to the effect that the opposition is to be deemed retracted. § 924 ZPO Widerspruch (1) Gegen den Beschluss, durch den ein Arrest angeordnet wird, findet Widerspruch statt. (2) Die widersprechende Partei hat in dem Widerspruch die Gründe darzulegen, die sie für die Aufhebung des Arrestes geltend machen will. Das Gericht hat Termin zur mündlichen Verhandlung von Amts wegen zu bestimmen 1.  A material change to the litigation circumstances engenders special factual or legal difficulties of the matter or the fundamental significance of the legal matter, or if3.  In summary proceedings for a payment order, the question of whether or not the type of proceedings is an available remedy is not to be reviewed;

§ 926 ZPO Anordnung der Klageerhebung Zivilprozessordnun

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(3) Where the attachment was performed for several creditors simultaneously, the same procedure is to be followed. LV-ZPO. Airbus A340-211. JetPhotos.com is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 4 million screened photos online

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MüKoZPO ZPO § 925 Rn

Für die Verfahren nach der ZPO umfasst § 16 Nr. 6 RVG die Aufhebungs- und Abänderungsverfahren nach §§ 924, 925, 926 Abs. 2, § 927 ZPO, die nach Maßgabe von §§ 936, 939 ZPO auch für das einstweilige Verfügungsverfahren gelten. Insbesondere das Widerspruchsverfahren bildet keine besondere Angelegenheit (2) The court of appeal is to immediately deny leave to appeal in a decision if all of its members are unanimously satisfied that:

ZPO § 925 Entscheidung nach Widerspruch - NWB Gesetz

Amongst the parties, the arbitration award has the effect of a final and binding judgment handed down by a court.(3) The respondent in the complaint may join the complaint even in those cases in which he has waived filing a complaint, or the period within which such a complaint must be filed has lapsed. This joinder shall cease to be effective should the complaint be retracted or overruled as inadmissible.Monthly payments made in the form of a life-long pension, or monthly instalments paid out, in the context of a withdrawal plan pursuant to section 1 (1), first sentence, number 4 of the Act Governing the Certification of Agreements for Old-Age Provisions (Altersvorsorgeverträge-Zertifizierungsgesetz), from retirement assets subsidised by tax credits are attachable as if they were earned income.

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§ 925 ZPO Entscheidung nach Widerspruch Zivilprozessordnun

  1. (1) Wherever a legal dispute is pending, the petition is to be filed with the court hearing the case.
  2. (3) Absent an agreement by the parties providing for the appointment of the arbitral judges, the court shall appoint the individual arbitral judge, upon a party having filed a corresponding petition, if the parties to the dispute are unable to come to agreement regarding his appointment. In arbitration proceedings in which three (3) arbitral judges are involved, each of the parties shall appoint one (1) arbitral judge; these two (2) arbitral judges shall in turn appoint the third arbitral judge, who shall preside over the arbitral tribunal. Should a party have failed to appoint the arbitral judge within one (1) month of having received a corresponding notice from the other party, or should the two (2) arbitral judges be unable to come to agreement, within one (1) month of their having been appointed, regarding the third arbitral judge, the court is to appoint the third arbitral judge upon a party having filed a corresponding petition.
  3. ed by the presiding judge. Should this instruction not be complied with, the proceedings are to be deemed as having been resumed. Until notice is given retroactively that a new attorney has been appointed, all documents shall be served on the party obligated to file such notification with the court.

Auf die Vollziehung des Arrestes sind die Vorschriften über die Zwangsvollstreckung entsprechend anzuwenden, soweit nicht die nachfolgenden Paragraphen abweichende Vorschriften enthalten (3) Subject to the stipulations of section 1057 (2) and of sections 1058, 1059 (4), the arbitral tribunal’s appointment shall end upon the arbitration proceedings having ended.Section 918Grounds for a writ of seizure to be issued in the case of a debtor being arrested in person

(2) The court order by which an arbitration award is declared enforceable is to be declared provisionally enforceable.1.  The dispositions the debtor has made against payment to a person with whom he has a close relationship (section 138 of the Insolvency Statute (Insolvenzordnung, InsO)) in the course of the last two (2) years prior to the date set out in section 802f (1) and up to the date on which he provided information on his assets;

  1. Should the jurisdiction of a court be governed by the subject matter of the dispute, the creditor’s complaint for performance (Schuldklage) may be brought together with any complaint concerning a mortgage, charge on land, or annuity charge on land; the complaint for exemption from personal liability may be brought together with the complaint for transfer or cancellation of a mortgage, charge on land, or annuity charge on land; the complaint for overdue performance may be brought together with the complaint for recognition of a realty charge; in all cases, such consolidated actions must be brought against one and the same defendant.
  2. §78 Abs.3 ZPO, wenn der Vergleichsabschluss vor einem be-auftragten oder ersuchten Richter stattfindet11. ee) Form (§925 BGB) vergleichsweise erklärt und unter einen Widerrufsvorbehalt gestellt. Da die Auflas-sungserklärung bedingungsfeindlich ist (§925 Abs.2 BGB), ist de
  3. g that it had jurisdiction.
  4. The objections raised in accordance with sections 781 to 784 shall be dealt with in accordance with the stipulations of sections 767, 769, 770.

(3) The stipulations of sections 769 and 770 shall apply mutatis mutandis to instances in which compulsory enforcement is stayed, and to the abrogation of any enforcement activities already pursued. Enforcement activities admissibly may be abrogated also without any security being provided.1.  Regarding the implementation of a legal transaction and its subject matter, for the implementation of which he was involved as a witness;(1) Upon corresponding application being made, preliminary oral argument is to be submitted in the appellate instance on fact and law regarding the provisional enforceability, and a decision is to be delivered.

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(2) Should the court, based on the circumstances of the matter, deem it unreasonable to enter a partial judgment, it may forgo doing so.(1) Should the due process of law require parties to be represented by attorneys, the party shall be assigned an attorney as counsel who is willing to so represent the party and whom the party has selected. Zivilprozessordnung vom 30.01.1877 (RGBl. S.83) in der Fassung der Bekanntmachung vom 05.12.2005 (BGBl. I 2005 S.3202) zuletzt geändert durch Gesetz vom 26.03.07 (Art.3 Abs.6, BGBl. I 2007 S.370, 376f, in Kraft seit 01.07.07) Änderungen der ZPO im Jahr 200 (1) The court is to take account ex officio of any lack in terms of the capacity to be a party to court proceedings, of the capacity to sue and be sued, of the legitimisation of a legal representative, and of the required authorisation to pursue legal proceedings.(3) Any interruption occurring after a hearing has ended will not impede the pronouncement of the decision to be delivered on the basis of this hearing.

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The opponent is also under obligation to produce a record or document to which he has referred in the proceedings by way of tendering evidence, even where he did so only in a preparatory written pleading.Where the location at which a public authority has its official seat is divided up into several judicial districts, the district that is to be deemed the official seat of the authority as defined by sections 17 and 18 shall be determined, for federal authorities, by the Federal Minister of Justice, while the Land department of justice (Landesjustizverwaltung) shall determine said district for all other agencies; in either case, this will be effected by a general order.(2) In the event of any doubts as to whether or not the prerequisites set out in subsection (1) have been met, the division shall decide by incontestable order.The preparation of a written report may be forgone if an expert report can be used that has been obtained by the court or the public prosecution office in other court proceedings.(2) The presiding judge may appoint such a representative also if, in the cases set out under section 20 hereinabove, a person having no capacity to conduct proceedings is to be sued at the court of his place of abode.

§ 16 Vorläufiger Rechtsschutz / aa) Widerspruch nach § 924 ZPO

(1) Given the prerequisites of Article 18 (1) of Council Regulation (EC) No 861/2007, the procedure shall be continued; that status shall be reinstated that the procedure was in prior to the judgment having been entered. Upon corresponding application being made, the court shall determine by court order that the judgment is null and void.(1) Ordering enforcement measures as assigned to the courts, and the assistance with such measures, is the responsibility of the local courts (Amtsgericht, AG) as the courts responsible for execution.Where, in proceedings in which plaintiffs rely entirely on documentary evidence, claims are asserted that are based on cheques in the sense as defined by the Law on Cheques (Scheckgesetz) (proceedings on claims asserted concerning the payment of a cheque), sections 602 to 605 shall apply mutatis mutandis.(4) A complaint subject to a time limit may be filed against the order repealing the enforcement of the seizure.

(2) The grounds for issuing instructions to have the debtor entered in the list of debtors are to be provided briefly. This reasoning is to be served on the debtor, unless he has been informed of the grounds orally and they have been included in the record (section 763).(1) If the defendant has asserted that a counterclaim should be set off, and if only the proceedings regarding the claim as such are ready for decision, they may be ruled on with the decision as to the set-off being reserved.(3) The court may direct that records or documents prepared in a foreign language be translated by a translator who has been authorised or publicly appointed by the authorities of a Land, under the stipulations of Land law, for the preparation of translations of the nature required, or who is deemed to have equivalent qualifications. The translation shall be deemed to be true and complete where this is confirmed by the translator. The confirmation is to be set out on the translation, as are the place and date of the translation and the translator’s authorisation/appointment/equivalency, and the translated document is to be signed by the translator. It is admissible to prove that the translation is incorrect or incomplete. The order provided for in the first sentence hereof may not be issued to the third party.

§ 925 ZPO - Entscheidung nach Widerspruch - Gesetze

(1) The court may direct one of the parties or a third party to produce records or documents, as well as any other material, that are in its possession and to which one of the parties has made reference. The court may set a deadline in this regard and may direct that the material so produced remain with the court registry for a period to be determined by the court.(1) Where an action that depends exclusively on the will of the debtor cannot be taken by a third party, and where a corresponding petition has been filed, the court of first instance hearing the case is to urge the debtor to take the action in its ruling by levying a coercive penalty payment and, for the case that such payment cannot be obtained, by coercive punitive detention, or by directly sentencing him to coercive punitive detention. The individual coercive penalty payment may not be levied in an amount in excess of 25,000 euros. The stipulations of Chapter 2 regarding detention shall apply mutatis mutandis to coercive punitive detention.4.  To provide for the levy of coercive penalty payments in order to enforce the obligations to destroy and cancel the excerpts, and for fines in the event the approval is revoked; the individual coercive penalty payment may not be levied in an amount in excess of 25,000 euros.

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(3) In the case of the enforcement of claims designated in subsection (1), as well as in the case of pensions to be paid on the occasion of injuries to limb or health, the income that will be earned in future may be attached and transferred together with the attachment of due claims in order to satisfy the claims becoming due at a future date.The court may make the summons of the witness dependent on an advance payment being made by the party tendering evidence; this advance must suffice to cover the expenditures that the Treasury will incur as a result of examining the witness. Should the advance not be paid within the period determined, the witness will not be summoned, unless such payment is made retroactively and in such due time that, in the opinion of the court, formed at its discretion and conviction, it enables the witness to be examined without causing a delay to the proceedings.

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(3) A complaint subject to a time limit may be filed by the party, and likewise by the attorney, against a ruling handed down pursuant to subsection (1). The attorney shall also be entitled to file a complaint subject to a time limit if the presiding judge of the court refuses to comply with the petition that the attorney’s assignment as counsel to the party be cancelled (section 48 (2) of the Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung (BRAO, Federal Act on the Profession of Attorneys)).3.  Any admission and declaration as to a petition for the examination of a party, as well as any other declarations the determination of which is required;(1) Plaintiffs who do not have their habitual place of abode in a Member State of the European Union or in a signatory state of the Agreement on the European Economic Area shall provide security for the costs of the proceedings should the defendant so demand.(1) Should the presiding judge not arrange a date for the advance first hearing for oral argument, he shall instruct the defendant, in serving the complaint upon him, that should the defendant wish to defend against the complaint, he should notify the court of this fact within a statutory period of two (2) weeks after the statement of claim has been served on him; the plaintiff is to be informed of these instructions having been issued. Concurrently, a deadline is to be set for the defendant within which he is to submit his written statement of defence, which period shall be at least a further two (2) weeks. For any service of the complaint to a recipient abroad, the presiding judge is to set the deadline in accordance with the first sentence.

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(4) The Land governments may confer the authority to issue a statutory instrument pursuant to subsections (2) and (3), first sentence, upon a supreme Land authority.To the extent that private records and documents are signed by the parties issuing them, or have been signed using a mark that has been certified by a notary, they shall establish full proof that the declarations they contain have been made by the parties who prepared such records and documents.

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In the situations set out in sections 152 and 153, the court may repeal, upon corresponding application being made, the order by which the proceedings were suspended if the pursuit of the legal dispute giving rise to the suspension is delayed.(1) The request for suspension of the proceedings is to be filed with the court hearing the case; it may be recorded with the registry for the files of the court.(4) The attached share in a ship is realised by way of disposition. An excerpt from the register of ships is to be enclosed with the petition that the court order the disposition, which excerpt is to set out all of the entries concerning the ship and the share in the ship; said excerpt may not be older than one (1) week.Compulsory enforcement against claims that concern the surrender or the transfer of ownership of physical objects shall be performed in accordance with sections 829 to 845, taking account of the provisions made hereinbelow.(3) Where the witness has declared his refusal in writing, or has recorded it for the files of the court registry, he shall not be obligated to appear at the hearing determined for his examination.

4.  In the case provided for by section 178 and section 180, the reason justifying this form of service and, if the procedure set out in section 181 was followed, the note on how the written notification was submitted,(7) Should the court of appeal have violated the claimant’s right to be given an effective and fair legal hearing in a manner relevant to the decision, the court hearing the appeal on points of law may repeal the judgment contested, in derogation from subsection (6), in its order complying with the appeal, and may refer the legal dispute back to the court of appeal, for it to once again hear the case and to rule on it.(1) Compulsory enforcement may be commenced only if the persons for and against whom it is to be performed have been designated by name in the judgment or in the court certificate of enforceability attached to it, and if the judgment has already been served or is served concurrently. Service by the creditor shall be deemed compliant with the present rule; in such event, the execution copy of the judgment need not set out the facts and circumstances on which the ruling is based, nor need it set out its reasons. Zivilprozeßordnung (ZPO) vom 30. Januar 1877; 12. September 1950 (RGBl. 1877 S. 83; BGBl. I 1950 S. 455), zuletzt geändert durch Art. 2 des Gesetzes zur Beschleunigung fälliger Zahlungen vom 30. März 2000 (BGBl. I S. 330) Erstes Buch. Allgemeine Vorschriften. Erster Abschnitt. Gerichte. Erster Titel. Sachliche Zuständigkeit der Gerichte. (4) Should the court so demand, the expert is to surrender or communicate the files and any other documents he has used to prepare his report, as well as any results of his investigations, doing so without undue delay. Should he fail to comply with this obligation, the court shall order that such files, documents, and results be surrendered.

1.  Who are a party by virtue of their office, if the costs cannot be funded from the available assets administered by that party and it cannot reasonably be expected of the parties economically involved in the subject matter in dispute to contribute to the payment of these costs;Section 32bExclusive jurisdiction for false or misleading public capital market disclosures, and exclusive jurisdiction in the event that such disclosures have not been made(2) The stipulations of section 27 of the Home Work Act (Heimarbeitsgesetz) of 14 March 1951 (published in Federal Law Gazette (Bundesgesetzblatt, BGBl.) I page 191) shall remain unaffected hereby.

Should a party fail to make a statement within the period set for it, or should it fail to appear at the hearing for oral argument, the court shall take its decision on the basis of the record as it stands. Section 251a shall not be applied.2.  The records or documents shall be designated in the petition for issuance of the payment order and in the payment order; where the matter is to be transferred to the court hearing the dispute, the original versions or copies of the records or documents must be enclosed with the brief substantiating the claim;4.  Emoluments paid by plans established for the maintenance of widows and orphans, aid and assistance plans, and health insurance funds, such emoluments being granted exclusively or to a significant part for the purpose of providing maintenance, and furthermore claims under life insurance policies that have been taken out only against the risk of the insured party’s dying, provided the amount insured is not higher than 3,579 euros.(2) By way of preparing for the hearing, the presiding judge or a member of the court hearing the case delegated by the presiding judge may in particular:

(2) For an ancillary claim to be considered, it suffices for it to have been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the court.3.  Those who are or were directly related to a party, either by blood or by marriage, or who are or were related as third-degree relatives in the collateral line, or who are or were second-degree relatives by marriage in the collateral line;

3.  Prohibiting the attorneys assigned as counsel from asserting claims to remuneration against the party.(1) By way of providing proof of service pursuant to section 171 and sections 177 to 181, a record is to be prepared using the corresponding form. Section 418 shall apply to this record of service.4.  The recognition of the judgment would lead to a result that is obviously incompatible with essential principles of German law, and in particular if the recognition is not compatible with fundamental rights;(3) The judgment entered subject to the reserved decision on the set-off is to be regarded as a final judgment as regards the appellate remedies available and compulsory enforcement.

(2) If the third party refuses to accede to the proceedings, or if it fails to react in substance, the legal dispute will be continued without its interests being taken into consideration.A judgment handed down by the court of appeal that is not, or not unconditionally, declared provisionally enforceable is to be declared provisionally enforceable by the court hearing the appeal on points of law delivering a corresponding court order upon having been petitioned to do so, unless the judgment has been contested by the petitions submitted in the proceedings of the appeal on points of law. The decision may permissibly be taken only following expiry of the period set for submitting the reasoning for the appeal on points of law.(2) Claims may be enforced based on enforceable deeds of title governed by Land law in the sense as defined by subsection (1) in the entire territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. ZPO § 925 i.d.F. 12.12.2019. Buch 8: Zwangsvollstreckung Abschnitt 5: Arrest und einstweilige Verfügung § 925 Entscheidung nach Widerspruch (1) Wird Widerspruch erhoben, so ist über die Rechtmäßigkeit des Arrestes durch Endurteil zu entscheiden. (2) Das Gericht kann den Arrest ganz oder teilweise bestätigen, abändern oder aufheben, auch. Sie sehen die Vorschriften, die auf § 128 ZPO verweisen. Die Liste ist unterteilt nach Zitaten in ZPO selbst, Ermächtigungsgrundlagen, anderen geltenden Titeln, Änderungsvorschriften und in aufgehobenen Titeln

The court hearing the case may authorise the judge charged with taking evidence to appoint the expert. In such event, the judge shall have the authorities and obligations of the court hearing the case pursuant to section 404 and section 404a.(1) Should a legal dispute be pending between the possessor and a third party as to whether a right being claimed for a property exists or does not exist, or as to whether an obligation encumbering a property exists or does not exist, then the successor in title to any property so disposed of shall be entitled and, upon a corresponding application having been filed by the opponent, shall be obligated to assume the legal dispute as the primary party, regardless of his circumstances. This shall apply mutatis mutandis to any legal dispute as to whether an obligation encumbering a registered ship or ship under construction exists or does not exist.11.  Other judgments in disputes under property law if the matter on which the sentence is handed down is not in excess of 1,250 euros, or if only the decision as to costs is enforceable and enables enforcement in the amount of not more than 1,500 euros.(2) Should documents need to be served abroad or by publication of a notice, the court is to determine, in the default judgment or retroactively by issuing a separate order, the period within which protest may be entered.

(1) The general venue of the municipalities, corporate bodies, and of those companies, co-operatives or other associations as well as of those foundations, institutions, and available assets that may be sued as such is defined by their registered seat. Unless anything to the contrary is stipulated elsewhere, a legal person’s registered seat shall be deemed to be the place at which it has its administrative centre.The suit filed may admissibly be modified, claims may admissibly be declared to be offset and counterclaims may admissibly be brought only if:(1) In those cases in which security is to be provided in the proceedings, the court may at its sole discretion determine the nature of such security and the amount in which it is to be provided. Unless the court has made provisions in this regard, and unless the parties to the dispute have not agreed otherwise, the security is to be provided in the form of an irrevocable and unconditional guaranty of unlimited term, issued in writing, by a financial institution authorised to pursue its business in Germany, or by lodging cash or such securities that are suited to serve as security pursuant to section 234 (1) and 3 of the Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB).(1) Should an arbitral judge be unable to perform the tasks assigned to him, either legally or factually, or should he fail to perform the tasks assigned to him within a reasonable period for other reasons, then his appointment shall end upon his resigning from office or upon the parties to the dispute agreeing on his termination. Where the arbitral judge does not resign, or where the parties to the dispute are unable to agree on his termination, each of the parties may file a petition with the court to obtain a decision as to the termination of the arbitral judge’s appointment.(1) The court costs and the costs of involving the court-appointed enforcement officer may be collected from the opponent only once the decision by which the costs of the proceedings have been imposed on the said opponent has entered into force.

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